Sun. Sep 26th, 2021
XCOM: Enemy Unknown APK + Mod + OBB 1.1.0

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Description

This is a very interesting tactical strategy game. The game describes the story when human beings just faced alien enemies. Therefore, the protagonist in the game not only has to fight with aliens, but also communicates and negotiates with various countries to win support.

The main method of the game is to train soldiers, unlock technology and join the battle at any time according to the passage of time. The battle has various task indicators, such as saving hostages, destroying special enemies, etc. Different battles have different rewards, and Some enemies are also very powerful, and we even have to make choices in multiple tasks at the same time, because players cannot join a battle at the same time, so how to make the best decision for players is also a difficult problem.

Soldiers are professional, and can be highly customized, matching weapons, accessories, choosing skills, and each soldier has different attributes.

Enemies are also diverse, and the ways in which some enemies appear on the battlefield are amazing. Therefore, how to defeat these enemies or avoid being attacked by these enemies is also one of the most important links in the entire game. Different enemies need to be different. Means, so facing the enemy is more about taking the postgraduate entrance examination and adapting to the opportunity, rather than the ability and quality of your team.

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