Decompile APK To Android Studio Source Code

Decompile APK To Android Studio Source Code

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On this video, I’ve proven how simply you may get the supply code of an APK file.
i’ll recompile apk in android studio

we are able to decompile any apk and may make the Android Studio venture. We’ll retrieve supply code of android utility from apk file.

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32 thoughts on “Decompile APK To Android Studio Source Code

  1. Why are you fooling people? There are many errors in your source code. One thing to remember is that no project ever runs on android studio virtual machine with errors. And you are running your project with errors.
    It's ridiculous …
    Guys, Don't waste your time here better is to learn android studio and develop your own projects instead of doing these time wasting things …

  2. @Coding Tutorial, we have couple of andriod apps which need to fix the bugs, Before that, we need to deploy in server and generate apk. let me know if you can do this.

  3. Ciao! Ti volevo chiedere se è possibile modificare delle applicazioni che funzionano con il perido di prova, trial, ad esempio come WhatsD0g, whatszee, WhatEye 3, family Track ecc

    È possibile allungare/estendere di molto il periodo di prova? Se si quale file o riga di codice si deve modificare?
    Potresti fare una prova con WhatsD0g se è possibile? Grazie mille!

  4. Wow thanks!
    Maybe you can do a video on how to change timers?

    (I want to hack/crack an app which every time you do something you need to wait 30sec. I want to remove this timer and i dont know how)

  5. I want to make a shut down app to live with my own online paying servers to make the alive again for all. But I just don't know the source code. If I do I can change the server link to mine so everyone can use the app again. How do I decompile that

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