Wed. Oct 20th, 2021
V.33 | Roblox Mod Menu/LuaC Exploit | S.P.D.M. Team | Arceus X | RELEASE!

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26 thoughts on “V.33 | Roblox Mod Menu/LuaC Exploit | S.P.D.M. Team | Arceus X | RELEASE!”
  1. Getglobal game get field – 1 get service pushvalue – 2 pushstring players pcall 2 1 0 get field – 1 local player getfield – 1 backpack getglobal instance…

  2. How do i fix cuz when i execute a script it just crashes and even if i put a single letter like v it will crash its ok if u cannot help i can still use the other menus you added in it

  3. Getglobal game
    Getfield -1Getservice
    Pushvalue -2
    Pushstring players
    Pcall 2 1 0
    Getfield -1Localplayer
    Getfield -1 character
    Getfield -1Humanoid
    Pushnumber 150
    Setfield -2 walkspeed

  4. This channel has a 6 hours slowmotion.

    Use the following format for suggest something or the message will be deleted. You have one try only.

    .mod (Game) (Features)

    .mod Roblox Add Rotation Speed, God Mode.

    For requesting something on the menu:
    .mod (Feature)

    .mod Add in the Game Fucker menu something that let us see what the mods do.

    Good luck!

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