Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021
Tutorial: How to Edit Ped.ifp Files for San Andreas

In this video I’ll present you the way to simply edit and customise your Ped.ifp information for San Andreas and San Andreas: Multiplayer…

GTA Animation Manager:

Ralph’s Animation Pack – Revision VI:

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33 thoughts on “Tutorial: How to Edit Ped.ifp Files for San Andreas”
  1. Apologies for commenting on such an old video, but how would I go about extracting a model to use with the animation manager? I can't find any character models in the img files

  2. dude thanks, there is this LCS/VCS animation mod for gta vice city, the mod has good animations but i wanted to replace the sprint anim with tommy's original sprint. also the open and close doors anim is slow af.

  3. thanks for nothing… i was looking for how to edit or make my OWN animation mod… like editing the standing and other bullshits… and this video was just a waste of god damn internet… thanks again for nothing

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