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TOP 50 Best Mods that Make Minecraft Feel Like a Sequel & Next-Gen Game! - Fabric Edition

Hey guys, right here’s a take a look at 50 mods which makes Minecraft really feel like a sequel, or a sport for subsequent-gen! All these mods attempt to hold Minecraft principally the identical, whereas dramatically enhancing in some areas. This might be the primary half, and I’ll probably do a second half to this video sooner or later which is able to cowl one other 50 mods! This video is for Fabric, as I’m going to attend for 1.18 earlier than doing the identical for Forge. But virtually all these mods can be found for Fabric 1.17.1 (which is the newest model on the time of this video), besides from Better Foliage!

If you needed to put in all 50 of those mods, you may, I did have them working collectively, with simply a few incompatibilities. This Rocks doesn’t work with Overhauled Overworld, Immersive Portals doesn’t work with Optifine. I did compile it into a modpack too, which simply consists of the mods, no configurations, and you may get it right here from CurseForge:
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Songs: [Scenic Route – DJ Eely][Pause – Andre Aguado][Mercenary – Jones Meadow][Hoede – Brookii]
Shaders: Complementary Shaders


0:00 – Intro
0:41 – Overhauled Overworld
1:16 – Dual Riders
1:29 – Not Enough Animations
1:46 – Harvest Scythes
2:06 – Interactic
2:34 – Lovely Snails
2:51 – Cherished Worlds
3:09 – Chipped
3:35 – Ignis Fatuus
3:58 – Colytra
4:13 – Lapis Reserve
4:27 – Animal Feeding Trough
4:45 – Presence Footsteps
4:58 – Clear (*50*)
5:16 – Realistic Fire Spread
5:28 – Herds Panic
5:45 – Straw Dummies
6:01 – Particle Rain
6:19 – Illuminations
6:44 – This Rocks
7:07 – Immersive Portals
7:23 – Gilded Armor
7:38 – Grims Transportables
8:04 – Doggo Mod
8:35 – Puddles
8:49 – Ruined Equipment
9:09 – Automatic Path
9:23 – Boats & Beeps
9:45 – Graveyard
10:12 – Fruitful
10:31 – Grizzly Bears
10:48 – Couplings
11:05 – Better Mineshafts
11:30 – Better Caves
11:49 – Better Strongholds
12:14 – Better Foliage
12:41 – Repurposed Structures
13:06 – Better Nether
13:38 – Better End
14:04 – Charm
14:28 – Skinned Lanterns
14:44 – Carrier
15:04 – Antique Atlas
15:25 – Adorn
15:43 – Untitled Duck Mod
16:08 – Enchantment Descriptions
16:21 – Incantationem
16:47 – Croptopia
17:09 – More Villagers
17:35 – XP Storage
17:59 – Outro

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31 thoughts on “TOP 50 Best Mods that Make Minecraft Feel Like a Sequel & Next-Gen Game! – Fabric Edition”
  1. mods similar to:
    -Ambient Sounds "(improves ambient sound)
    -MoCreatures / Animalia (add creatures)
    -Comes Alive (better villagers)
    -Waystones (teleport)
    -Bountiful (missions)
    but for this version (1.16.5 fabric iris)

  2. Very nice list. Is there any way to provide a "mod pack" the doesn't require the Forge installer. Some of us really really don't want to install Overwolf on our system.

    Also – how did you manage to get Better Caves to run with 1.17? It seems there's only a 1.16 version available.

  3. Could you make a video on mods that dont make the game laggy? My pc isn't great, but id love to try modding more. I have optifine, which helped some.

  4. I like this. It doesn't change the game only the appearance of structures and other things. In other words, it would be a quality of life update which Minecraft needs to bring back players.

  5. 5:00 Clear despawn should also make items flash every 5 seconds when the item has 1 minute left because 20 seconds is way too close.
    8:45 If you leave the game on for a week, will snow accumulate to the world height limit?

  6. There is a problem with the modpack, you cant get saplings, you cant craft them nor get them normaly, because all leaves drop as leaves, hopefully you see this and manage to fix this

  7. These mods are so awesome that at least 90% of them can literally convince you to find some more mods, a couple datapacks from Vanilla Tweaks alongside them and start a new letsplay/roleplay the same day you found them.

  8. hey, I have a problem when I am entering the server. it says "Registry remapping failed: Recived ID map for minecraft:entity_type contains IDs unknown to the reciver! – minecraft:wolf" anyone know how am I supposed to fix that?

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