Sun. Oct 24th, 2021
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The Tool Gun

The Tool Gun is a vital device in Garry’s Mod. It permits gamers to govern quite a lot of capabilities to create various things. The gun itself seems like a revolver with a lot of technical wiring and a display on the again, displaying the device getting used. Also, gadgets within the GUI menu will be spawned utilizing this.



  • The Tool Gun makes use of the sounds of the heart beat cannon from the Airboat in Half Life 2.
  • If checked out intently, you may see random textual content written on the LCD display, like “You have not crashed! Click here to crash!”
  • The Tool Gun makes use of the identical viewmodel animations because the Revolver.
  • The Tool Gun seems to be operating Microsoft Pocket PC or Windows Mobile as working system.
  • Also, on the prime of the display of the Tool Gun it reveals ” < Back to Counter-Strike " and " Team Fortress 2 > “, attention-grabbing.

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