Sun. Oct 24th, 2021
The Top 10 GREATEST Stardew Valley Mods of ALL Time!

The Top 10 GREATEST Stardew Valley Mods of ALL Time!

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30 thoughts on “The Top 10 GREATEST Stardew Valley Mods of ALL Time!”
  1. me downloading the cheat just to walk faster
    Not Gonna Lie t here are those 3 am moments where Im walking home from fishing and IRL fell asleep cause my dudes was takin his sweet ass time going home and it was too asmr

  2. The way you sound and speak is my favorite thing in the world right now. It feels like Phoenix is talking to me. Valorant reference. Also, many thanks for the mods tutorial on the other video <3

    I'm looking very hard but I can't see a very dark academic theme. I just want my town to look like Peaky Blinders

  3. Seeing this video almost two years later and knowing about the changes that came along (ex: now having a list of gift tastes that you learn about/birthdays for the known townsfolk), I feel like we could get something akin to the NPC map mod but keeping the immersion (I don't think knowing where everyone is unless you craft some type of tracking device is realistic, and even then, it still feels weird) by having conversation topics come up about routines, kind of like how some NPCs tell you about other NPC's likes/dislikes. So Lewis, Gus, or Emily would say something like "if you ever want to socialize, you ought to come to the saloon on a Friday night – practically the whole town shows up!", Robin will worry about how Sebastian goes out for a smoke in the evening and she wishes he'd kick the habit, Haley talks about how she likes to spend most of the week at the park when the weather's nice during the Spring, etc. In fact, it might not even warrant a map icon!

  4. They should have mod that w end up getting old and passing away and our kids grow up which we have a choice on which kids to pick from. And pretty much start the game were we left off and do everything again. Get married and continue the cycle.

  5. Tractor mod I wouldn't call cheat, more on progress in the game. So the tractor mod is pretty cool. But for the rest i would do it since it will ruin the game cheating is no fun.

  6. For an in game no mods version of npc map locations it would make more sense to be able to call people using the phone and ask if they know where whoever is or call the person in question if they have a phone.

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