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Stone Slate Locations In Tsurumi Island And How To Get

Stone Slate is an merchandise that’s wanted in a puzzle for Genshin Impact model 2.2. Learn the right way to get, places, makes use of, puzzle options and extra about Stone Slate in Tsurumi Island.

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How To Get Stone Slate?

You Need To Use Peculiar Pinion

Peculiar Pinion

Peculiar Pinion is the hunt merchandise obtainable as a reward of Seirai Stormchasers World Quest. This merchandise will flip right into a Gadget through the Octave of Maushiro World Quest. This gadget can be utilized much like Memento Lense and lets you scan Thunderbird Statues and wall carvings.

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Stone Slate Locations & How To Get Stone Slates?

All Stone Slate Maps

All Location Map

Stone Slate Location 1

Arrange The Stones According To The Patterns On The Floor

How To

To end the puzzle, it’s essential to transfer the boulders and place them in response to the mark on the bottom.

Tip: Leave One Stone Of The Same Pattern Outside


Do this with the intention to spin the entire stone units and transfer them to the right placement.

Stone Slate Location 2

Follow The Pattern Below To Unlock Finish The Puzzle

Second Stone Slate Pattern

After scanning the Thunder Bird beneath the mountain, hit the stone within the sample confirmed above to disclose an Exquisite Chest containing the second Stone Slate.

Stone Slate Location 3

Match The Patterns On The Ground And The Boulder To Unlock

Similar to Location number one, you will want to resolve the transferring boulder puzzle upon scanning the Thunder Bird Statue.

Tip: Focus On Stones Outside The Path First

You can simply end the puzzle by beginning on matching the stones and mark exterior the principle path.

Stone Slate Location 4

From The Entrance of Mt. Kanna, Follow The Electro Seelie


This seelie will head to a Thunder Bird Statue. This is positioned behind the central platform of the cave.

Use Peculiar Pinion On The Statue And Follow The Seelies


Examining the Electro Statue would reveal three Seelies. Follow the seelies to get a Mysterious Stone.

Place The Mysterious Stone On The Location Where The Seelie Stands

Upon getting the stone, the Seelies will return to their preliminary location. Place it to disclose one other puzzle.

Hit The Stones According To The Pattern Below To Reveal An Exquisite Chest

Pattern Location 4

This wall mark will seem if you place the stone the place the Seelies are standing.

Stone Slate Location 5

Hit The Slate Following The Pattern Below

Pattern For Loc 5

Using the feather gadget on the Thunder Statue will reveal an Electro Seelie. Following it would lead you to this sample.

Hitting the stones following the sample above from left to proper will reveal the chest containing the Stone Slate.

Stone Slate Location 6

Hit The Stones Around The Statue Following The Pattern Below

Location 6 puzzle

No. Pattern
1 “Y” Symbol
2 “ↄ” with a dot inside it
3 “久” Symbol
4 “A” -like or Inverted V Symbol
5 “O” with a dot inside it.

You can discover this sample by heading to the ruins beside it and utilizing the gadget on one other Thunder Bird Statue.

Stone Slate Location 7

Follow The Pattern Below To Solve

Location 7 ingame puzzle

To reveal the stone slate, hit the statues following the sample within the picture above after scanning the Thunder Bird Statue to activate it.

How To Use Stone Slate?

Used In The Underground Mural Of Shirikoro Peak

You want 7 (seven) Stone Slate Gem to unlock a gimmick within the mural proper beside the Shirikoro Peak. You can simply encounter this place whereas doing the A Particularly Particular Author World Quest.

One Achievement: Seven Letters

You may even get hold of a hidden achievement after you collected all Stone Slate and place it within the pedestal in Shirikoro Peak.

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