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Stone Slate is a Quest Item obtained from chests after finishing sure Ishine Script puzzles round Tsurumi Island. Seven are obtainable and are used within the “Ishine Script DecipheringHidden Exploration Objective.


    1. West Tsurumi Island
    2. Inside Mt. Kanna
      • North of the tree stump.
    3. North of Shirikoro Peak
      • At the bottom of the ruins.
    4. South of Chirai Shrine
    5. At Shirikoro Peak
      • Along its inside partitions.
    6. Southeast of Moshiri Ceremonial Site
      • At the tip of the cliff.
    7. At Chirai Shrine
      • East of the Teleport Waypoint.
  1. Insert the Stone Slates within the stone carvings across the room within the ruins underground Chirai Shrine

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Released in Version 2.2

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