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Order: Harmony – Core – Humanoid alien races – Android Tiers

This mod does work with previous saves however won’t spawn the brand new android faction until a brand new recreation is began. Otherwise ought to work as regular

This mod merged with Android Tiers++ made by ARandomKiwi, as such – all of the options from that growth have been added into the bottom recreation.

This mod goals so as to add a number of tiers of sentient android colonists, robots, mechs and different options. In an try to vastly lengthen late-game colonies.

  • 2 New Android Factions
  • 70 Android backstories
  • 5 Tiers of android
  • Mech and 5 Mech Weapons
  • 5 Robotic animals
  • AI Skycloud
  • New Crafting Material
  • New kind of mortar shell
  • Over 70+ Different elements / implants for androids
  • 5 Android Dog particular implants / elements
  • 4 Android particular ailments
  • Lots of high-end analysis
  • Custom physique layouts for androids and animals
  • Artificial mind implants that alter talents
  • Ai Persona Fabrication
  • 2 New Incidents
  • 5 Android particular “drugs”
  • Android particular capacities

Surgery on androids works otherwise than that of people, requiring excessive crafting. The probability of success may be discovered inside the stats of each pawn. Under the “work” part.

Mech-Fall Transmitter: This is the orbital targetter wanted to spawn the M7 Mech. It may be obtained from merchandise stash quests and merchants, much like the best way different orbital weapons are gained.

The Fractal Enhancement: A particular capsule developed by historic archotech societies, when consumed by an android it can improve virtually each helpful stat per every use. However if a human consumes it they’ll convert right into a fractal mutant.

Android Assembly Kits: These kits are helpful for organising colonies as they’re solely a fraction the burden of the android they are often assembled into, in a position to arrange wherever and at any time when.

Swarm Mortar: A Mortar full of a number of small drones that may assault any hostiles on sight, may be made as soon as T2 Android analysis is completed.

Mechanite Storage Upgrades: Each tier of Mechanite storage improve will increase or decreases well being regen velocity, with an archotech mechanite storage improve halving the time it takes an android to get well from accidents.

SkyCloud: Allow to digitize and retailer your colonists minds in supercomputers, from which you’ll be able to management your complete colony.

(T5 Can solely be obtained through the [A Strange Crash] Event)


Summary: a really fast, sturdy cybernetic canine even with out upgrades. Useful for shortly taking down attackers with out sending colonists out.

M.U.F.F Unit

Summary: a really sturdy robotic hauler that may be very helpful for caravan journeys however not very helpful for anything.

Phytomining Unit

Summary: Named after the method that this machine performs; extracting the small quantities of steel absorbed by vegetation, refining it and expelling it within the type of lengthy, spindly strands on it is again and neck.
This fake wool can then be used to make resistant clothes or be refined into metal at an electrical smelter.

N.Solution Unit

Summary: produces nutrient answer, a type of manmade milk that holds twice as a lot diet because it’s counterpart; precise milk.

Chemical processing unit

Summary: each 2 days will dispense as much as 5 capsules directly, these capsules comprise semi-refined assets inside them that may both be additional developed into chemfuel or neutroamine at a drug lab or refinery.

GitHub (Latest for 1.3) hyperlink : https://github.com/Atla55/Android-Tiers-Core/archive/refs/heads/master.zip
B18 Download hyperlink: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ww373VWEq5K3nbDUIOjhLGvxfQreEbFr
B19 Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AVONZQDdTWuyzSkh0w63lPvN4-Jybqg1
Non-Steam 1.0 Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1h8yYpMsNspdfKPYupab3ydU78FSyrNuz

All elements require improve kits to put in

Android elements / upgrades are made on the android elements desk
Androids medication may be made on the elements desk or drug lab.
Androids / k-9 models are made on the Robotics manufacturing casket

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Special due to:
Uplinked for serving to write backstories. More information on him may be seen HERE [uplinked.portfoliobox.net]
Trunken for making the workshop web page look lovely along with his preview pictures.
Hohen for assist with 1.2 Patches

aRandomKiwi’s donation Page (Author of Android Tiers++ growth)


To profit from the newest fixes, obtain Android immediately from Github: https://github.com/Atla55/Android-Tiers-Core/archive/refs/heads/master.zip

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