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Steam Workshop::A RimWorld of Magic
This mod provides courses with distinctive skills.
There are presently 12 magic courses and 6 fighter courses. Each class has a set of distinctive skills and fills particular roles (healer, offensive caster, utility, and so on) and every class has a singular improvement tree to enhance their skills as they degree up their class.

Magic courses: hearth mage, ice mage, lightning mage, arcane mage, druid, paladin, priest, necromancer, summoner, warlock/succubus, bard, blood mage, geomancer, chronomancer, technomancer, enchanter, and chaos mage
Fighter courses: gladiator, bladedancer, sniper, faceless, psionic, ranger, demise knight, monk and tremendous soldier

Additional options embrace distinctive attire/gear choices, gem crafting and enchantments, magical buildings similar to portals, a number of occasions, a singular analysis tree, and a “magic” faction.

To add to the problem, AI courses are in a position to make use of skills.

Mod choices are additionally included that permit you to tailor many mod associated options such AI problem, how frequent mages/fighters are, and how briskly mages develop.

The mod will be added to an present save, however works and performs greatest when beginning with a brand new recreation.

Self put in .zip file or older variations will be discovered right here:
Suggestions, suggestions, and feedback are welcome
More particulars will be discovered right here:
Mod Discord channel:

This mod has been up to date for 1.0, for people who want to proceed a recreation on an older model, you could find archived model releases right here
Download and extract the mod into your rimworld mods listing
GitHub hyperlink:

All mod variations will be discovered on moddb.

**You should have Hugslib and Jecstools loaded earlier than this mod for it to work!**

(中文翻译) Available in Chinese courtesy of KuanKuan
(Español) Available in Spanish courtesy of Caferino

Felinoel – Wiki
DrMrEd – Elemental Art
SihvMan – writable scrolls and books
Draegon – Wand Art
Diannetea – Poppi Art
Angry Wizard – UI Icons
Trisscar – Gemcutting workbench, Succubus wings
Crustypeanut – uncooked magicyte, class icons, and world icon artwork
Rebelrot(AvP) – Staff of the Defender, Staff of Blazing Power, and magic wands Art
ZE – Testing
Bendigeidfran – Various sound results
Kasmex Forever – Royal Armor Art, World icons, books and scrolls, Thrumbo weapons, varied spell results
Control Assuming Director – Minion Art

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