Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021
minecraft java edition technical issues - I can't get any mods working!

In addition to the earlier solutions, it’s value noting that some maps or mods have fashions/textures compiled with them. This signifies that whenever you obtain (for instance) a map, regardless that it could have (for instance) HL2 Episode 2 textures/fashions, you’re nonetheless ready to see them correctly with out the sport put in as a result of you might have downloaded them with the map. Some addon/degree creators have even used customized textures and fashions that you simply will not discover in any other recreation.

Note that the majority maps do not use this technique, because it will increase file measurement and (probably) lower optimization of the map, making it run slower.

From my searching of the workshop, I have discovered that normally maps require Counter Strike: Source or Half Life 2: Episode 2.

Without the correct textures/fashions put in, you will (as proven by Timmy Jim) Errors and purple/black checkered patterns, or textures with other “funky” texture points, relating to a HDR skybox.

The other games are usually not required to obtain a map/addon, and upon becoming a member of a server with a map with these items that you simply wouldn’t have put in, you will nonetheless proceed to obtain the map, nevertheless errors will nonetheless come up (and chances are you’ll get script errors, however these normally aren’t something to fear about).

EDIT #1: Here is the “funky” texture factor I was speaking about:
Funky Lighting
Also, there’s a Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) map known as ttt_forest_final. It has HL2 Ep2 fashions (and possibly textures and sounds) compiled with it. Even although I have Ep2 on my pc, when my mates play it they see the identical issues as me. An excellent map that I reccomend for TTT.

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