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Lancelot – the primary Soul obtainable to the gamers

Souls act because the leaders of your workforce of Kamihime, and thru their talents and passives dictate the character of the workforce’s efficiency. Souls have 5 capacity varieties:

  • Level Up Bonus – This is gained each 5 ranges and impacts this Soul ONLY.
  • Master Bonus – Unlocked as soon as a soul reaches stage 20. It will have an effect on all Souls completely, however not Kamihime.
  • Assist (Passive) capacity – These are energetic from stage one, and impacts solely the Soul. These don’t enhance in power with stage.
  • Active talents – These are gained at totally different stage thresholds, and are utilized in fight. They have a cooldown.
  • Extra Ability – Each Soul can equip one capacity from one other Soul.

When planning Soul development, different Souls that aren’t required for development to your supposed endgame Soul should still be price buying, as their Master Bonus and Extra Ability will nonetheless be usable by your endgame Soul.

The weapon outfitted within the Main Weapon slot shall be utilized by your Soul and can instantly modify her assault, talent parts and burst results. Thus you will need to possess high-power weapons comparable to your Soul’s weapon kind of a number of parts to allow them to use elemental weaknesses to their most benefit.

As the Burst system offers the ultimate Burst injury on the factor based mostly on the primary to set off the Burst combo, and Souls are all the time the occasion leaders, they are going to are typically those who resolve the factor of Bursts, and they’ll all the time be those who resolve the factor of Full Bursts.

Once a Soul has unlocked a brand new capacity, that capacity can be utilized as an EX by all Souls.

The Soul’s first talent can by no means be set as an EX, and S Class Soul talents can’t be set as an EX.


C – A Class[]

Progression Chart

There are three tiers of Souls – Standard, Elite and Legendary. They are unlocked with both SP (Soul Points) or SSP (Special Soul Points)[1]. Higher tier Souls require two of the Souls of the sooner tier to be Mastered (Level 20) along with the SP or SSP value.

In the absence of Event SP sources, the earliest gamers could unlock the next Legendary Souls are as follows:

For this trigger it’s crucial that the participant decides early which Legendary Souls to intention for as it’s impractical to unlock all of them for probably the most half.

Type Icon Obtained From
Soul Points SoulPoints.jpg
  • 30 SP per Rank (Rank 1 begins with 0 SP)
  • 30 SP from Panel Missions 1
  • 60 SP from Panel Missions 2
  • 30 SP from Panel Missions 3
  • Events may additionally grant SP.
  • Tower Medal Shop
Special Soul Points[1] Special Soul P.jpg
  • “Dawnbreak Combat” (Union) occasions
  • Tower Medal Shop

S Class[]

Extremely Strong Soul Units and is by far the toughest Class to unlock.

extra rationalization/abstract wanted right here (?)

In order to unlock an S Class Soul, you should:

  • You have to be minimal Rank 100 to unlock a S Class Soul
  • The A Class (Legendary) Soul Weapon should be used for exchanging for a S Class Soul Weapon
  • For the A Class (Legendary) Soul Weapon to be selectable in Stage 5, it have to be:
    • MLB (3 Stars)
    • Level 125
    • SL (Skill Level) 20
    • and be unlocked and unequipped from all events
  • The A Class (Legendary) Soul Weapon shall be exchanged for the equal HP (Custom Skill) OR ATK (Vigor Skill)
    weapon of the identical factor for the S Class Soul
  • The S Class Soul Weapon shall be obtained at FLB (4 stars, max LVL 150) however with out ranges nor talent ranges, nonetheless, bonus factors (+1) are retained.
  • The levels should be accomplished so as, and are solely as soon as per stage for unlocking the Soul.
    After the Soul has been unlocked, Stage 5 might be repeated as much as 11 instances to improve all the Soul’s ATK & HP weapons.
  • You could full the levels of a number of S Class Souls on the identical time, nonetheless they need to nonetheless be accomplished so as.


Note that the sub-types beneath are unofficial. Officially talking the sport solely acknowledges Attack, Defense, Healer and Tricky varieties, however as that does a comparatively unhealthy job at describing what the Souls truly do, some extra descriptive, if unofficial, names are used right here.


Offensive Souls have the best injury output amongst every kind. There are 5 sub-types:

  • Attacker – They buff the Attack of allies and/or debuff Defense of foes. Using them results in events with the best potential secure injury over time with regular assaults. They use Swords and Axes.
  • Mage – Mages are Souls which buff their occasion’s capacity assaults. Using them results in having larger capacity injury, which can filter targets extra effectively earlier than the fight flip even begins. Whether Attackers or Mages deal extra general injury is determined by whether or not the Kamihime within the workforce rely extra on buffed base injury or on capacity burst injury. They use Staves and Glaives.
  • Counter-attacker – Counter-attackers are Souls which use the Burst, Raging and Stun mechanics to deal unparalleled burst injury in that part, however deal a lot decrease base injury. Targets which don’t possess the Raging/Stun mechanic should not affected considerably by Counter-attackers talents (and are overkilled by Burst expertise for probably the most half), and thus this class is healthier at coping with bosses than with pre-boss enemies. They use Glaives and Hammers.
  • Gladiator – They have a big selection of self buffs and one highly effective assault. They lack talents that may assist different occasion/raid members in any manner. They use Axes and Bows.
  • Samurai – Masters at managing Burst Gauge. They’re succesful to boost their very own Burst Gauge after which allocate it to their occasion. A workforce with a Samurai as a frontrunner will have the ability to use Full Burst assaults extra usually. Bows and Lances are their weapon of alternative.


Tricky Souls might help management the combat. There are three sub-types:

  • Buffer – Buffers are able to enraging (Berserk.png Rampaging standing) a celebration member, which significantly will increase their their assault, however making talents and burst assault unusable. They may heal a celebration member, whereas buffing their assault and Defense Up.png protection. At larger tier, they get assured Double Attack. None of the Buffer’s talents can have an effect on raid members, making them higher fitted to solo content material. They can use Arcane and Staves.
  • Debuffer – Debuffers are Souls which debuff stats on targets, applies DOT’s (Damage-Over-Time), and deal elevated injury with passives to targets with debuffs. In solo contexts they’re much less highly effective than among the different lessons, however in raids they’re notably potent as their results apply to all the raid’s battle potential. Due to low potential by themselves they’re depending on having extremely succesful Kamihime. They use Swords and Glaives.
  • Outlaw – Outlaws are Souls which average survivability and at larger ranges injury with passives, however their predominant class characteristic is in growing the drop charges of targets with Snatch. Combat-wise they’re the weakest Soul kind and thus are used for farming content material beneath the gamers’ most talents with a greater merchandise fee per AP than another kind. Outlaws are finest used as a assist class, not because the participant’s predominant drive. They use Guns solely.


Souls of Defense kind can decrease the injury taken by allies, and at larger tier additionally impart Regeneration and draw aggro from different targets. Using them results in the bottom likelihood of getting a celebration member worn out by a single highly effective burst, however are solely second finest at survivability over time. They use Swords and Lances.


Healers are Souls able to therapeutic and boosting allies protection, together with raid members. At larger tiers, can also resurrect downed occasion members. Due to sustained heal over time they result in the best occasion survivability in long-drawn engagements, however are much less succesful at stopping burst injury from taking out one of many occasion members in a burst injury scenario. They use Lances and Staves.

Soul Weapons[]

Soul weapons are particular weapons that improve A and S Class Souls. They supply distinctive weapon expertise and likewise improve one of many Soul’s talents. These bonuses are solely energetic when the weapon is provided in the principle weapon slot and the corresponding Soul is main the occasion.

Each Soul has two weapon varieties, one which will increase the occasion’s HP and one other that will increase the occasion’s elemental assault electricity.

Each Soul has two of those weapon varieties in six variations that correspond to every of the totally different parts.

For A Class Souls, their weapons can be found within the Exchange Shop and might be bought for 30 Gem Idea Regalia of the corresponding factor (this quantity doesn’t enhance for every subsequent copy obtained). These supplies might be obtained by clearing raid quests on the Ragnarok problem. Each Soul weapon might be obtained as much as 4 instances per thirty days and the store resets on the primary day of every month.

A Class Soul weapons even have a novel burst development that will increase in electricity every time the participant restrict breaks it. The first restrict break (★ ☆ ☆) provides an impact to the burst, the second restrict break (★ ★ ☆) will increase the burst multiplier from 4.5x to 5x and the ultimate restrict break (★ ★ ★) upgrades the burst impact added throughout the first restrict break.

For S Class Souls, their soul weapon is obtained by exchanging an applicable A Class Soul weapon of the specified kind and factor. As they’re obtained at max restrict break, they can’t be restricted damaged additional, however the burst impact already unlocked

Soul Weapons List[]

Energy Release[]

Energy Release is offered to Legendary Souls who reached max stage. It permits Souls to enhance their stats and acquire new talents.

Master Points (MP) are required to will increase a Soul’s stats and unlock MEX expertise.

MP might be obtained by:

  • Exchanging 100 SP or SSP for 1 MP
  • After reaching the max stage, 50.000 EXP awards 1 MP

Status Enhancement[]

See additionally Souls/Status Enhancement

Energy Release display

MP can be utilized to extend one in all 12 stats per Soul. Each stat enhance prices 1 MP, and every stat might be elevated as much as thrice, and a most of 20 enhancements per Soul.

Status enhancements might be faraway from Souls as soon as they’re utilized, however MP won’t be refunded.

These enhancements solely have an effect on the respective Soul line as soon as that Soul has reached max stage.


See additionally Souls/Mastery Extra Skills

MEX expertise (Mastery Extra Skills) are distinctive EX expertise that may solely be utilized by Souls of the identical line.

Each Legendary (A Class) Soul can study two new MEX expertise by spending 15 MP per capacity. Learnt talents can then be set into the EX capacity slot of Souls, however are solely usable throughout the identical Soul group.

For occasion, Andromeda’s Pure Garden can solely be as an EX for herself, Asclepius, Cassiopeia and Vivian.

Soul List[]

  1. 1.01.1 Previously referred to as Holy Soul Points (HSP)

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