Sat. Nov 27th, 2021
Smoke Gets in Trouble With The Russians - GTA San Andreas Remastered Episode 22

I remastered GTA San Andreas by putting in 100+ mods, together with graphics mods, automotive mods, weapon mods, scripts, and fixes. At the top, I had GTA SA wanting higher than GTA 5! Who is aware of, perhaps my modded remake would possibly even be higher than Rockstar’s Remastered GTA Trilogy popping out later this 12 months! This modpack options the perfect gta mods accessible and fully remakes the sport. What mods am I utilizing? Well they’re all listed under. More data may be discovered about all of them at this pastebin:

This is a part of a full playthrough I’m doing of this recreation with all these mods put in. Make to you subscribe and activate notifications so you do not miss a single video of this playthrough!

Mods used:
CLEO Library
Mod Loader
Open Limit Adjuster
Effects Loader
Framerate Vigilante
Mix Sets
Largeaddress (4GB Patch)
SA_DirectX 2.0 + Cloudworks
Complex Shadows Culling Fix
Rosa Project Reborn
The Cowgirl Mural
BSOR Vegetation
GTA V Traffic/Street Lights
ELECTRICA Poles’N’Wires Fix
GTA V Electric pole
Electrical Pole Addon
GTA V (*22*) Sign
GTA V (*22*) Tower
GTA V Ferris Wheel
Remastered CJ House:
High Poly Donuts
Z PC Maps + Fixes
Vertex Colour Fixes + Improvements:
The Birds Update
New Fish in Seas
Project Props
Vados Peds Pack:
1024/512 Hi Res Skin Tweak
Mobile Hands
Prop Vehicle Projects
HD GTA Vehicles
GTA V Handling:
Cars Divert
Real Traffic Fix
Spread Fix
Loadscreens 4K Upscale
HD Menu
Radar Icons HQ Remastered
GTA SA HD Movies
Widescreen Fix
GTA V Hud for SA
INSANITY Audio Pack v2.1
Rain Audio Fix(for Insanity Audio Pack)
San Andreas Ambient Sounds
Project 2DFX
RagDoll Physics
Real Peds Overhaul
Air Traffic Realism 1.3
Fair Police v2.0.2
Visible Food
Visible Food Addon
Flying Stuff
Mix Sets: Flipped Cars Don’t Catch Fire
Dense Population
Advanced Aiming
Insult Mod
Facial Animation Fix
Story Mode 2.0
Faster Clothing Changes:
Graffiti Anywhere
Taxi Ride
Clever Trams
Money Truck
Shoes on the Wire
RZL Trainer (I like to recommend having it put in even should you do not use it. It can come in helpful should you get caught wherever, although in my playthrough I solely have used it to vary time/teleport to a save spot)
Peds Buy Food
Homeless and Trash Bags
Realistic Beach
Remastered RC Vehicles

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  1. Wow, one of those mods took out my favorite line (one I still quote to this day): MOTHERFUCKER! (when Smoke calls out for CJ when things get bad). Replacing it with "CJ, get in here!" is just… bleh.

  2. I did like this video, even though that's not the official remastered and simply a heavily modded version of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. You should call it: GTA SanAndreas: Mods.

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