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Saimon Jirou (Japanese: さいもんろう Saimon Jirou) is an NPC that’s initially present in Jinren Island.

At first, he’s trapped in a cage. After he’s freed, he’ll seem close the Teleport Waypoint on Jinren Island. He asks the Traveler to seek out a number of Old Stone Slates to entry a treasure.

After finishing The Farmer’s Treasure, he can be returned to his household in Konda Village.


Jinren Island
Konda Village


Jirou is the lacking son of Saimon Katsumi and Saimon Eri of Konda Village.

More than a 12 months in the past,[1] Jirou was a part of a bunch of “young gangsters” in Konda Village. One evening, they obtained too drunk and robbed one of many Shogunate’s cargo carts.[2] To cease the affect that this group had on their son, his dad and mom pressured him into enrolling within the Shogun’s Army.[3] He stayed within the military for a while, sometimes sending letters to his dad and mom[1] and making ties along with his brothers-in-arms Ishikawa and Ono. He ultimately abandoned and reduce ties with everybody by doing so, together with his dad and mom and inflicting them nice fear, and wandered for a while. He heard of some treasure and tried to seek out it on Jinren Island, solely to be caught by a band of ronin and detained in a cage.

After many twists and turns, the Traveler ultimately frees him from his captivity and groups up with him to seek out the treasure he was initially searching for. Unfortunately, the treasure doesn’t reside as much as the expectations and this journey all for nothing makes him develop into extra down-to-earth, forgetting his goals of adventuring and desirous to develop into a farmer in his hometown of Konda Village. Despite his worries of being caught as a deserter, his father was capable of purchase a cast doc that acknowledged he was unfit for service, albeit at a excessive price.

Quests and Events

World Quests

Idle Quotes

  • “It feels good to be home…”

Jirou has no idle quote previous to returning to Konda Village.


On Jinren Island

Initially, the cage containing the particular person can be surrounded by Nobushi. Getting near and interacting with the cage will provoke a dialogue sequence.

Once all 4 Old Stone Slates are discovered, speak to Saimon Jirou to provoke The Farmer’s Treasure quest.

At Konda Village

Saimon Jirou: Ahh… I—It’s you… I’m actually sorry in regards to the treasure, and for having triggered you a lot bother. Anyway, I’m very grateful to your assist!
Saimon Jirou: Will you proceed to journey? To be sincere, I by no means wish to depart my home once more after what occurred…
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg How are you doing currently?

Saimon Jirou: Not too dangerous, all because of you.
Saimon Jirou: The Tenryou Commission has been right here asking about my whereabouts as effectively. Good factor dad coated for me.
Saimon Jirou: He one way or the other went and obtained a certificates saying I used to be unfit for service. Of course, the title on it says “Saimon Katsumi”!
Saimon Jirou: Though it was fairly costly, at the very least I haven’t got to fret about being handled as a deserter…
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What are your plans for the longer term?

Saimon Jirou: The future? Hah, do I appear like somebody who has a future to talk of?
Saimon Jirou: …Hey, hey, I’m simply kidding. After that near-death expertise, I’ve develop into extraordinarily optimistic in regards to the future.
Saimon Jirou: I’m finished with the adventuring although. My focus must be my household for now…
Saimon Jirou: It simply so occurs that most of the village fields have gone barren. I’ll spend my time farming and residing life like the remainder of the folks right here.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You’ve develop into extra down-to-earth, I see.

Saimon Jirou: Heh, I suppose so.
Saimon Jirou: My dad and mom are getting previous as effectively, so I am unable to simply sit round and do nothing.
Saimon Jirou: And Konda Village is a spot with historical past. I’ve additionally discovered my lesson from final time…
Saimon Jirou: This time, I plan to remain residence and look ahead to fortune to return to me! Maybe at some point I’ll dig up some previous artifact and I’ll be wealthy!
Saimon Jirou: Ahem… I imply… I’ll have the funds for to supply for my dad and mom…
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Come on, the place’s your ambition?

Saimon Jirou: Shh! You’ll get me yelled at by my father…
Saimon Jirou: I begin trembling at any time when I consider what occurred earlier than… I do not dare to have any concepts at this level…
Saimon Jirou: I’ll simply are likely to the fields, and who is aware of? Maybe at some point luck will come my method.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg See you.

Saimon Jirou: Yup! Good luck to you in your travels!


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