Tue. Dec 7th, 2021
Rune's Pharmacy - Angelic Purity Run Part 1


So yeah, I’m beginning to get pleasure from this recreation trigger it is extraordinarily nicely made. Gonna do a playthrough of it whereas protecting Rune “as pure as possible” for this self-imposed problem.

Music Used: Creature of Nightmare (from Sonic: Before the Sequel)

Link to obtain the sport (you want an Rar extractor to open this): https://tinyurl.com/RunePharm151

Password to open the sport: www/.onlyhgames.com (kind that as is with out the slash, as that is the precise passowrd)

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23 thoughts on “Rune's Pharmacy – Angelic Purity Run Part 1”
  1. So here's the deal with this. It's obviously 18+ so I have to censor parts. I'm also not just avoiding scenes for YouTube's sake (cause I can just edit them out), but I'm also doing it for the challenge. It's an attempt to keep a sweet and innocent (and naive) girl as pure as possible for as long as possible. That said, here's the rules:

    -No increases on Sexual Experience ever. This even includes scenes that wouldn't even involve something or someone else. Also makes it harder cause I now can't lose a single fight or a rape scene happens which will increase this (and eventually Corruption if it happens too much).
    -No Corruption increases. It's not just sexual stuff that increases this too. This increases by disobeying orders as well (like going to the west wing or 2nd floor of the mansion). I have to keep Rune as a "good girl" as well as a pure one too.

    That said, there's gonna be a lot of grinding and item hunting. And while I do know how to use cheat engine (do 4 byte scans for the value you want to change, but it's listed as "itself times itself, plus 1") I won't use cheat engine.

  2. Gonna have to agree, I feel really
    bad for her. So many perverted scrubs wanna do something nasty to her is just sad. She deserves a better life than this

  3. I'm playing a little pink-haired Erunelle Odette themed character over in Solace Crafting. And am looking forward to seeing just how far she can progress as a tiny little budding Alchemist in a great BIG pristine new world…   😀

  4. 6:18 shoot out to the creepy stalker unicorn in the bottom left 😛

    you can also get between 5 -10 chocolate eggs and hp pots from Shalban if you keep spamming talk. he will tell you when hes out 😛

    theres also an ending planned for him

  5. Rune is basically Link from the Zelda franchise, literally no 1 cares that their pots got broken right in front of their faces.

    This indeed JRPG in its finest (h-JRPG thou lol)

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