Wed. Dec 1st, 2021
Police Officer REACTS to GTA San Andreas | Experts React

Welcome again Chris the Cop reacting to the enduring Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Today Chris talks in regards to the variations and similarities between this installment of GTA and real-life historical past from medication to gangs and the way it barely shines a lightweight on what the 80s and 90s had been like in Los Angeles and the way Hollywood glamorized the drug commerce and its results. Chris additionally talked about how he would need to see a remake of San Andreas too, do you agree with him?

Taking place in an open world, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas options motion and journey parts blended in with stealth parts. Similar to the earlier two titles within the collection, the core gameplay consists of parts like third-person shooters and driving video games, permitting gamers to maneuver round an open world, which is sort of massive. Designed in an open, non-linear setting, this sport permits gamers to discover and choose how they need to play it. It will not be important for taking part in the sport to full storyline missions so as to unlock sure cities and content material. However, the participant can do them at their leisure.

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00:00 Intro
00:26 Introduction
00:33 Crooked cops
02:49 Lost relations and enemy territory
04: 28 Tagging up turf
05:06 Cleaning the hood
06:16 Drive- by on rival gang members
06:49 Hit on the cemetery
08:04 Opinion in regards to the sport, real-life tales
09:32 Conclusion
09:45 Outro
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  3. LOL you know it's a GTA game when you're doing a Drive by and get out the car to collect the money😂🍻🍺 hol on..
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