Wed. Oct 20th, 2021
NEW HD HANK vs TROLLGE! (Garry's Mod)

Banana Joe challenges the brand new and improved HD Hank to a battle vs Trollge creatures in Gmod! The Banana Shop! Subscribe!

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50 thoughts on “NEW HD HANK vs TROLLGE! (Garry's Mod)”
  1. Hank J. Wimbleton (leader is the md series): You may have been looking for an article about Hank from the game. A psychopathic mercenary gunman on a take-no-prisoners mission to wipe out an all-powerful Agency…one which maintains a stranglehold on Nevada with its seemingly unlimited supply of loyal and disposable soldiers. Hank is the primary anti-hero of the series. Madness: Project Nexus 2 Kickstarter Hank J. Wimbleton is the main protagonist and professional fighter of the Madness Combat series. Hank has played a capital role in alm

  2. Speaking of that tricky also need an upgrade we need tricky phase for tricky phase 5 tricky phase 6 and tricky phase 7 tricky phase 4 which is the same size as regular tricky except health of the The controller which is from the troll Pack tricky face for can also spawning clones and a difference you can tell have less health and don’t have halos on them oh yeah and they also have masks tricky phase 5 which returns back to the size of tricky phase 3 But this time yes 5 million health six which I call him head banger tricky it’s tricky face if you know what he looks like he’s also the same size as acid fush and has 50 million health and then there is a tricky phase 7 which has 1 billion health oh yeah also has a scream attack that knocks back enemies five blocks away and tricky face Evan is the same size as a bowling stars and when he is killed he turns back in the tricky phase 3
    I know what I’m saying is a whole lot like a lot but you need to do this now or else tricky and Hank are pretty much useless

  3. Hank needs more phases and basically it starts off as a regular grunt is kills it turns into an injured grunt which is more help in the phase 1 I just realize makes no sense it’s different is the injured one fully regenerate can also jump and then there’s a double damaged one has more health and you’re the one except it’s even faster it is also harder to hit then it turns into hank turns into super Hank which has Double Vie amount of health then the regular hank Gun 50,000 damage it and the sword is 20,000 throw rocks at you

  4. Hank is the god of Mortal Combat but when the person who made the Mortal Combat said " Heh screw Hank we make em weak or NO hank " like :/ (Btw this is a joke no disrespect to the mod maker) But I think he needs a buff in EVERY factor sooooo 😀

  5. The things i just know about my self in the gmod version i actually took damage maybe it was lag that make me look no take damage

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