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Kotlin vs Java for Android Development FAQ

New Android builders wish to know which language they need to study for constructing trendy Android functions. Development groups wish to ensure that Kotlin won’t have a unfavourable affect on their app’s efficiency, their potential to rent certified engineers, or on their total developer productiveness.

To assist inform your choices, we’ve curated an inventory of a number of the most regularly requested questions concerning Kotlin vs Java for Android improvement.

Which is best for Android improvement – Java or Kotlin?

Kotlin is the most popular language for Android improvement in 2021.  Both Java and Kotlin can be utilized to construct performant, helpful functions, however Google’s libraries, tooling, documentation, and studying assets proceed to embrace a Kotlin-first strategy; making it the higher language for Android right this moment.

When did Google begin supporting Kotlin for Android?

Google introduced official Android assist for Kotlin at Google I/O in 2017.

When did Android turn out to be Kotlin-first?

Google adopted their present Kotlin-first strategy to Android at Google I/O in 2019.

Is Java nonetheless used for Android improvement?

Yes.  Absolutely.  Java continues to be 100% supported by Google for Android improvement.  The majority of Android apps right this moment have some mixture of each Java and Kotlin code.  Developers can construct the identical performance with Java as they’ll with Kotlin.

Will Android cease supporting Java?

It’s unlikely that Android will cease supporting Java any time quickly.  The Android SDK continues to be principally written in Java.  The majority of Android apps nonetheless embody Java.  The Android OS is constructed upon a Java Virtual Machine.  To transfer away from Java fully would symbolize a monumental shift within the Android ecosystem.

Is Kotlin changing Java?

No.  Java won’t get replaced fully by Kotlin.  Java will doubtless proceed to lose some marketshare to Kotlin throughout the Android ecosystem, however Java will stay one of the crucial used programming languages on the planet.

While Java for Android continues to be constrained to Java model 8, past Android, Java is evolving shortly and adopting many options from different trendy programming languages; together with Kotlin.

Is Kotlin sufficient for Android improvement?

Yes.  You can construct Android functions utilizing solely Kotlin, and as documentation, tooling, and libraries turn out to be extra Kotlin-focused, constructing apps solely with Kotlin will turn out to be even simpler.

Should I study Java or Kotlin for Android?

You ought to study Kotlin first.  If you need to decide between studying Java or Kotlin to start out growing Android apps, you’ll have a better time utilizing present instruments and studying assets if Kotlin.

If you already know Java, and wish to concentrate on studying Android, then you may defer studying Kotlin in favor of specializing in the Android SDK.

Can I study Kotlin with out Knowing Java?

Yes.  While figuring out Java, or any programming language, will make it simpler, Kotlin is a superb first language because of issues like static typing, sort inference, and abundance of studying assets, and powerful IDE assist.

Is Kotlin simpler than Java?

Many will discover Kotlin simpler to study and write than Java.  A lot of issues issue into this expertise together with Kotlin’s concise syntax, sort inference, specific nullability, and in depth customary library.

Can I get a job as an Android developer with out figuring out Kotlin?

Yes, however Kotlin is turning into an more and more fascinating ability for hiring managers wanting for certified builders. A LinkedIn search for “kotlin android developer” jobs turns up ~7,700 job postings whereas a search for “java android developer” returns ~7,800 ends in the US. The relative variety of postings is similaraly balanced in India with ~11,100 outcomes for “java android developer” and ~11,000 for “kotlin android developer.

As codebases, groups, libraries, and Google proceed to maneuver extra in the direction of Kotlin, anticipate Kotlin to turn out to be an much more essential skillset for Android developer jobs.

Is Kotlin quicker than Java?

No; though the true reply will depend on what efficiency metrics you have an interest in.  At runtime, the efficiency of the languages may be very comparable.  At compile time nonetheless, Kotlin is measurably slower than Java.  The extent of the slowdown will depend on quite a few components such because the utilization of annotation processors, and the presence of blended Java + Kotlin supply units

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