Wed. Dec 1st, 2021
Kamihime PROJECT R - Seraph Patience Lv28 Ultimate "Unleashed" solo (No Deaths)

Eh, simply trigger I wished to see how a lot they get buffed as properly…

Music Used: Bet on Pride (from Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku)

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2 thoughts on “Kamihime PROJECT R – Seraph Patience Lv28 Ultimate "Unleashed" solo (No Deaths)”
  1. For the record, this team is using nothing but 4 shark guns, 4 panel swords, and a Vishnu Glaive. Each shark gun is 10% assault and defender to everyone, each panel sword is 13% assault to everyone, while the Vishnu Glaive is 21% assault with 15% defender and 10.25% vigor to Arthur only. There's a Herc axe too, but it's just a stat stick with this team. Event buffs are the same as previous vids, 100 to atk, HP, burst, and triple.

  2. The music used comes from an anime series (Magical Girl Raising Project is the English title), so I have no clue if it'll eventually have copyright issues… If so, this will get taken down and re-uploaded to a site that doesn't have those sorts of problems…

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