Wed. Dec 1st, 2021
Kamihime PROJECT R - Quick Typhon Event Overview

Not a full blown dialogue trigger I wasn’t absolutely up for it plus the occasion had already began. But anyway, some fast stuff to learn about this occasion is within the vid.

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4 thoughts on “Kamihime PROJECT R – Quick Typhon Event Overview”
  1. While I can't find an event discussion vid on Typhon (did find a really old vid where I got my ass handed to me on Ultimate and barely lived), the fight is more or less the same as I mentioned. She'll AoE nuke on her raging phase, single target nuke while self atk buffing (apparently for only 30 seconds) in normal phase. There is a chance she'll clear her own debuffs though.

    But yeah, I may not get too much out of this event list given what's offered. Will grind for the tickets, soul points and maybe more weapon copies since my first one wasn't 3 stars, but outside of that… meh…

  2. Man, I wish I got Vohu Manaf. She's looks so good and she's cute. I'm so tempted to miracle ticket her if the opportunity comes. Manaf would have been great for this event.

  3. i guess my thunder team is really getting stronger now because i had no problems dealing with ragnarok typhon
    i'll be getting everything for my fire team since i dont have a backup team and wind events are pure suffering.

  4. I just finded out that my light team does better at Typhon that my water team. I should've figured it out sooner, still cant go anywhere close to ragnarok for now.
    When is the next union event? i need to find a new union since i left my old one because the most active member left and there were maybe two other people that helped at the events so i felt too much presure to no-life the events so if i wanted the rewards.

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