Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021
Kamihime PROJECT R - Pre Fortress Event Info and Strategy

I’ll attempt to make this a factor. Bringing up information concerning the occasion, BEFORE the occasion…

Music Used: Fluid Air (from Sonic: Before the Sequel)
Link to the JP Wiki:

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3 thoughts on “Kamihime PROJECT R – Pre Fortress Event Info and Strategy”
  1. Link to the JP wiki's event page in the description. Also decided on using some music in the background for this vid.

    I'm welcoming any music requests for use in vids too, so long as they aren't copyrighted (cause some will flat out mute vids at times…)

  2. Yeah it was rather distressing seeing so many people in that last raid not carrying CM but ah well. Anyways hope this event goes well considering my painful lack of Thunder kamihime and weapons.

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