Thu. Oct 28th, 2021
Kamihime PROJECT R - Miracle Ticket Has Come!!!

So, the coveted Miracle Ticket is right here… This vid is gonna cowl some information on it together with my tackle a number of issues…
Link to SSR web page of JP wiki:

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4 thoughts on “Kamihime PROJECT R – Miracle Ticket Has Come!!!”
  1. Sorry about my voice sounding low… 1 to music volume setting isn't cutting it no more…

    Anyway, I can't stress this enough, this definitely the time to try and get that ticket if you can. it's worth it even more than the guaranteed SSR gachas….

    So, I hope you're able to get the ticket. It'll be a really great help to you if you can.

  2. ye it finally happened though I was surprise that uriel was included in the first miracle ticket. I pick uriel in my ticket to beef up my fire team. All I need left is Mars for my fire team and its all set.

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