Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021
Kamihime PROJECT R - Mastema Ragnarok Clear (w/ commentary)

Went in blind (when you can name it that attributable to Ultimate runs) and that is the way it turned out…
Oh, and this is the JP Wiki Link as promised (Google translate is sufficient to get by on it):

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3 thoughts on “Kamihime PROJECT R – Mastema Ragnarok Clear (w/ commentary)”
  1. Just to show off the effects of using different debuff/buff frames and such, here's the atk downs i can get total all at once if the fight lasted long enough and things was done right:

    Zephyrus: -15% atk
    Iblis: -12% atk
    Caspiel: -45% atk (all 9 stacks up at once, -5% per stack)
    Oberon: -15%
    Yatagarasu: -15% atk

    and since I think (key word, THINK as i don't have confirmation yet) the effects are multiplicative (not cumulative or it'd go past -100%), the boss pretty much does a little under 30% of her regular damage not even factoring in the defense buffs you have…

    needless to say, spread out your buffs and debuffs between "A Frame", "B Frame", "C Frame", "Eidolon", and "Self Stacking" types to make the most of them

    again, that JP wiki helps and the link is here (and in the description):

  2. This one wasn't easy for me. My wind team is a work in progress so had to go with the Lightning team. Did pretty well, but couldn't clear it without elixir help.

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