Thu. Dec 9th, 2021
Kamihime PROJECT R - Mar. 21, 2019 Update (and a BIG one at that!)

We’ve gotten fairly a few good issues with this replace so particulars within the vid.

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9 thoughts on “Kamihime PROJECT R – Mar. 21, 2019 Update (and a BIG one at that!)”
  1. Here's the link to the SSR Kami list as promised. Also helps if you never got your miracle ticket pick yet…

    More so, if you're playing Senshi's Revenge, here's it's JP wiki:

    And for those that want to see the uncensored kamihime CG… that's here:

    As a bonus, links to DOWNLOAD the ENTIRE DMM Kamihime scene CG for both Kami and Eidolons:


    also, that pixiv link leads to a Mirielle search I did (a magical girl character from another game)… if you're curious, that exact page is here. (i'm weak to cuteness so sue me…)

  2. hey DFD i wish you the best luck in life.
    but i have this question:say i finale break limit a ssr weapon okay then i got an extra one (got that wepon 5 times ) what should i do with the extra ones?
    (im sorry im not that good at english)

  3. Just found your channel been playing a few months now.. my dark is the strongest group atm with hades,Thanatos, Amon unleashed and I’m using Dark diana for healing so which would help more for my next Miracle ticket… Osiris or another SSR dark character? Oh also curently useing Joan as my soul but just need 10 more soul points for mordred

  4. Yo DFD, just wanted you to be aware that Unleashed Amon's defense down is bugged at the moment, or so they say. She still has the same frame as Satan, but it's a much better aoe. I don't know if they'll fix it, but maybe don't discard thanatos just yet.

  5. about aw satan's skills :
    – dead end ++ (lvl65) is usable every 6 turns and adds an additional dark rst debuff to the def debuff
    – ffh++ (lvl75) the buff's percentage is increased from 25% to 35% i think and is usable every 6 turns

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