Wed. Oct 20th, 2021
Kamihime PROJECT R - Interesting Exp Grinding Trick with the 12 Party Slots

Now which you could possible spare the house for this, here is a pleasant setup I considered when Exp Grinding…

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  1. Now, some things I need to clarify. So read all of this comment to know the details:

    1) You should try to use as many weapons as you can to match the elements your leveling kamihime. Try to spread those out among your team (for example, 5 elements, 2 weapons to each element. 3 elements, 3 weapons to each element with the 4th being any of those 3).

    2) use all assault weapons, more so if they're high leveled. These enemies may hit hard, but chances are you won't die unless your max HP is hovering around 3-4k

    3) The higher your atk stat, the better. Don't worry too much on HP (unless it's below 5k), cause even dealing roughly 6-9k damage, the enemies die fast

    4) The Phantom Lilim is your best friend. So make sure to have 3 different elements at the very least. Next best thing is Diabolos… Speaking of which…

    5) Don't go out of your way to get SR Break Limit Items for Diabolos. You need 2000 Eidolon Orbs and unless you spend money or don't mind the extra wait, you're better off saving those Orbs for something else (like the Kaisers). Besides, Union Raid events repeat a lot, so just be sure to get all 5 copies of the Phantom Element Lilim and use her since she's far better than Diabolos in this case… (I don't have her cause i've long sold mine)

    6) There will be better Eidolons under Phantom Element to do this with. The future holds Vlad (Event Eidolon) and SSR Diabolos (Gacha Eidolon) for that. But SSR Diabolos is the same case as the Lilims so 3+ elements on your frontlines (not sub slots) is best

    7) While you can still just use normal teams for this, this method opens up far more leveling slots. If I was to use my Light team, I'd have 2 slots (the sub slots) to level up. Having a spare setup for this will speed things up DRASTICALLY, and you might want that given how Tower of Malice (currently future content) will require having a large amount of kamihime (roughly 40-50 to be safe, but I have nearly 150 at the time of this video)

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