Wed. Oct 20th, 2021
Kamihime PROJECT R - Info on S Rank Souls (Batch 1)

Well, 4th tier souls aren’t too far off… Time to speak about them in additional element.

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9 thoughts on “Kamihime PROJECT R – Info on S Rank Souls (Batch 1)”
  1. Hi Dark, currently light is my best team (awakened frey/michael/metatron, sol) and i am deciding between medea and charlemagne. Medea seemed really OP but i realised that charlemagne might fit my burst light team better, do you have any advice on which s class soul i shld get?

    Shld i stick to medea for the better mob clear? (since charlemagne kit seems kinda lack luster)

  2. too much requirements to unlock just one S ranked Soul you want…you literally have to farm and save the materials within a year or so ;o

  3. Hey dark what r exact requirement for these S rank souls, I know that new book and soul weapon require but does it also require all types of element soul weapons of that soul?

  4. My "brains logic" tell me to get Media to deal absurd DMG. But my "boner" says Charlemagne because I've a thing for blondes with nice tits and blue eyes in bad ass sexy armor.

  5. I wish they went with Media's design with Herc. She's too damn adorable. Herc's S design was always kind of underwhelming.

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