Wed. Oct 27th, 2021
Kamihime PROJECT R - Gluttony Union Event Strategy Discussion

My tackle what to do on this union occasion, and a few stuff concerning the occasion itself (and surprising data about the longer term). Also, no music since I’m kinda lazy proper now. As for the hyperlink to this wiki, that is proper right here:

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  1. What's your strategy about this event? Post it in the comments. But to break down mine further, it's this (at full power):

    Joan's atk down: -20% A frame
    Sniper shot atk and def down: -20% B frame
    Mordred's outrage: -10% atk and def down B frame with tons of Debuffs
    gaia's protective party buff: -40% damage taken and 20% more def against thunder damage
    joan's protective party buff: -40% damage
    Oberon's debuffs: -15% atk/def down A frame
    Zephyrus debuff: -15% atk C frame (this is hardly found as of right now)
    caspiel's debuff: -5% atk per stack (up to 9 stacks for -45%), each stack lasts 3 mins max (only known character to have this as of right now.
    jorg/yata summon debuff: -15% atk eidolon frame (yatagarasu is usable 1 turn sooner than jorgurmandr)

  2. I run union events solo, so I don't really go in with any expectations beyond earning SR fodder (like you stated in the video) and holy soulP. I usually earn between 30-50 cups a day and divvy 15-25 cups into +attack and whatever's left into +regen.

    I have no girls other than event SRs and gem Rs, so minimal decision making when it comes to slotting them in. Are they wind? If yes, then they go in the party. My current lineup is:
    -Front line = Mordred (with CM), Cybele, Aisha
    -Back line = Krampus, Zephy
    -Support = Heimdallr, Boreas

    Fortunately, they're a 40k att team, so I am able to grind my way up to lv30-40 expert before I start struggling a lot.

    There's one thing that I'd appreciate getting your insight on. Over the last few union events, I've been trying to find what the best balance is between expert and ultimate demons that will give the greatest net yield for rewards. If I focus too much on ultimates, then my pp gain really suffers. And if I focus too much on experts, then I miss out on a lot of the holy soulP reward tiers under ultimate.

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