Tue. Oct 19th, 2021
Kamihime PROJECT R - Gem and Material Grinding

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  1. So here's some stuff I gotta point out:

    The gem quest is by far the best gem grinding method. Second best goes to the sunday quest, "the cave of gold ore" (which also has the best exp gain, more so with a lot of dark/sapphire carbuncles appearing).

    as for the others, they're just like the "Banquet of angels" and the "dance of wild spirits and beasts". Even if those two quests still appear, just try to time the weapon and eidolon enhancement quests cause the baquet/dance quests are sunday only…

    speaking of timing the quests, here's when to find them based on EASTERN (east coast US) time zone (if you're on the west coast of the us, it's 3 hours earlier than what I post):

    Gem Quest (lasts 30 mins)-
    Mon. | 3:00PM~3:30PM | 10:00PM~10:30PM 
    Tue.  | 3:30PM~4:00PM | 10:30PM~11:00PM 
    Wed. | 9:00PM~9:30PM | 1:30AM~2:00AM 
    Thu.  | 10:00PM~10:30PM | 2:00AM~2:30AM 
    Fri.  | 10:30PM~11:00PM | 2:30AM~3:00AM 
    Sat.  | 3:00PM~3:30PM | 9:00PM~9:30PM | 1:00AM~1:30AM
    Sun.  | 3:30PM~4:00PM | 10:00PM~10:30PM | 2:00AM~2:30AM

    Weapon/Eidolon Quest (lasts 1 hour)
    Everyday | 3:00PM~4:00PM | 10:00PM~11:00PM | 1:00AM~2:00AM

    I tell you the best stuff to look for in each quest in the vid… follow that to know if you've got the optimal enemy layouts (except eidolon quest, that's all luck)

    And here's the videos I did before-
    Building/strengthening teams: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fWYrtZOeIg
    weapon skill leveling method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FpICuNWmZw

  2. I've been advised in the past to avoid weapon/Eidolon enhancement quests when possible since there's so much fodder available during advents and raids. But would gem quests be a priority over, say, the regular gold ore ones? Sometimes I find it hard to justify the more consistent 5-6k gem output, especially when rank points plummet down to the 900-1000 range; I'm currently rank 103 right now, and can't help but feel like I'm falling behind those 120+ guys every time I'm not maximizing my xp gain.

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