Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

So yeah, the sport’s VERY BEST gacha makes one other debut… this time with the power to choose Eidolons as effectively! More data within the vid!

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8 thoughts on “Kamihime PROJECT R – 3RD MIRACLE TICKET APPEARS!!!”
  1. So yeah, as promised, this leads to the JP Wiki of Kamihime Project. You might want to plan ahead for picking a kami or eidolon so look through the list, see what interests you on their JP page, and then go from there. YOU. DO. NOT. WANT. TO. MESS. UP.

    SSR Kami List-

    SSR Eidolon List-

  2. Idk why you would ever waste a MT on an eidolon especially now that the eido shop is a thing. Like maybe you could consider getting a dragoon if you have 1 or 2 copies already but even then getting one of the core kamihimes for whatever element you want is so much better.

  3. DFD i want to ask do you have a union? if you have thats ok
    and also visit our union "Halcyon" if you have time
    its nice to have you in our union thanks

  4. I'm kind of annoyed that it's limited to Kamihime released before July as this month had some very good entries. At this point Set is the only one on the list that interests me.

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