Tue. Dec 7th, 2021
Kamihime PROJECT R - 2nd Miracle Ticket Has Arrived!

VERY massive replace given the ability this gacha holds. Get ANY Non-limited Kamihime OF YOUR CHOICE. NO RNG, NO LUCK INVOLVED! Even then, the …

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  1. Again, 1 month to make your decision guys! And if the video isn't enough clarity (I do give my personal opinions on a lot of SSR), this might help your research a bit, cause this is the time to throw money at the game if you ever will…

    Sanathig's KamiPro Guide (lists some great team comps you'll likely want to aim for and includes some high level Miracle Ticket picks:

    SSR List from the JP Kamihime Project Wiki which lists what's to come and gives extensive data on each Kamihime we do have:

  2. Tsukuyomi is a decent light nuker. She not as powerful a direct nuker as Metatron but she isn't a glass cannon either. Odin is ok, can build her burst very quickly at the expense of defense. Mars and Marduk are amazing from what I hear.

  3. I'm thinking about investing into my fire team but not sure. My only decent teams are fire which is my strongest, thunder with my tyr is also pretty legit, and wate rwith aphrodite lasts forever but it's pretty weak. My other stuff is garbage. If theres any fire ssr to get which would you reccommend or should I go for a thunder/water cuz I already have a ssr in those.

  4. Susano-O is strong. She's x20 stronger awakened: because her ability+power booster last 10 turns. That means you can stack the power boost twice! within 10 turns (if the battle last that long). Add that with Ability+Def (or Attk) accessories she'd hit like a nuke every 5 turns. Im only sad Awakened unit tends to get ONE less (plus sign) in their burst dmg output.
    Speaking of abilities: that is the only reason I don't like Titania, she has a skill that increase ability% for three turns, but if you try to synergy that…. A lot of other ally skills tend to have 6-10 cooldowns— so Titania skill that increase ability% makes no sense. Her other two ability are great though.

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