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Kamihime - Medjed Heroic with F2P grid and no SSR

So, it turns on the market’s a sample to this heroic, and as soon as you work it out, you may cheese it actually simply. I’m solely going to cowl the mechanics wanted for this technique to work and ignore all the opposite mechanics (you may learn them on wiki in order for you.)

What you want: Hercules or Parashurama EX-ing Chaos Magic (CM), at the very least 1 abi of each shade, that is it, every thing else is non-compulsory and simply makes the clear sooner.

T1: debuff/buff and natk (be sure to save 1 abi of each shade)
T2-3: natk
T4: use 1 abi of each shade – this may set off the doom cleanse and importantly, override the OD (you will by no means eat an OD on this heroic when you comply with this technique); be aware that when you’re utilizing Hercules as a substitute of Parashu (or utilizing Parashu with out the BG acquire abi, do NOT burst as I did as you will have to FB on T8)
T5-7: natk
T8: FB
T9 onwards: each 4T at full orbs, use CM (it is on 4T CD with Herc or Parashu) and ONLY debuff/burst (burst results have debuffs) at full orbs AFTER you employ CM or at zero orbs when the affliction block is not up

Rinse and repeat till the boss is useless – what occurred right here is that you have now locked the boss right into a repeating sample of set off such that it’ll by no means OD and by no means utilizing one other mechanic for the doom factor and you take natk from boss 2/4T, which is definitely out-healed.

NOTE: somebody identified that I’m utilizing a phantom glaive in a bow grid, that was unintentional – I usually use Bethor glaive grid for dummy, and I forgot to change the glaive for bow after I made this grid. Do NOT use phantom glaive in bow grid until you simply need to enhance the clear time for no purpose.

0:00 – crew
0:48 – weapon grid
0:51 – eido grid
1:16 – T1
2:13 – T4
3:47 – T8
4:08 – T9
4:41 – T12 (I used Flora’s triple debuffs to do away with Dispel, however then I spotted all you want is CM, which is all I used later one within the battle)
36:04 – remaining blow

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