Wed. Oct 27th, 2021
Kamihime - Lindwurm Advent Rag+ AAB using F2P grid with no SSR

I do not usually make these movies, however it has come to my consideration that some folks battle with Rag+ in introduction regardless of having Yori unlocked. That is an indication that your grid merely is not mature sufficient to utilize Yori, and you must simply fall again on Medea and, properly, AAB…

Grid is simply cata/Typhon lance grid with 2 seraph UE glaives and 1 cata arcane for elab. Phaleg principal and all occasion eidos in subs. Team is simply SR and R and I both discover cute or have debuffs or one thing. If you possibly can’t area one thing higher than that, simply AAB at an extended problem – you will not clear Heroic with setup worse than this and the rag+ mission is simply extra occasion mats, so you are not dropping something farming at a decrease problem.

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