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Justice League Unlimited (JLU) is an American animated tv collection that was produced by Warner Bros. Animation and aired on Cartoon Network. Featuring a wide selection of superheroes from the DC Comics universe, and particularly primarily based on the Justice League superhero staff, it’s a direct sequel to the earlier Justice League animated collection.

Season One[edit]


Green Arrow: Well, effectively, the nice and wonderful Green Lantern. What, did you run out of alien menaces to beat on, you should horn in on my turf?
Green Lantern: You’re welcome.

Superman: Each of you brings one thing completely different to the desk. Strength. Speed. Stealth. Whatever. But we’re all equal in no less than a method: Each of us is keen to make the sacrifices a hero must make, even the last word one. Since there are such a lot of of us, we have now an opportunity to do extra than simply put out fires, each literal and figurative. We may be proactive. We can do some actual good on the planet. But we’ll must be organized. J’onn’ll be up right here keeping track of all the things. He’ll be the one to resolve whose going the place and when. I do know a whole lot of you’re used to creating these choices for your self, however any further we have now to be extra coordinated than that. We cannot be cowboys any extra… or cowgirls.

Green Arrow: C’mon, I do not belong up right here, combating monsters and aliens and supervillains. I simply assist the little man. And a giant membership like this, you are inclined to overlook all about him. So gee whiz, I’m flattered to be requested and all. But NO THANKS.
Batman: Suit your self… [starts to walk away, then turns back] Those monsters you do not combat? They are inclined to STEP on little guys.

Green Arrow: Is {that a} Containment go well with?
Captain Atom: Uh-huh. I’m not flesh and blood anymore, simply dwelling power.
Green Arrow: That would not be NUCLEAR power, wouldn’t it?
Captain Atom: With a reputation like Captain Atom, what do you suppose?
Green Arrow: I suppose you are what I marched in opposition to again in school.

Supergirl: Why do not you’re taking the stick out, Corporal?
Captain Atom: Captain.

Supergirl: He requested you a query!
General Kwan: Don’t reply him! That’s categorized inform-
Supergirl: [picks him up] I’ve nearly had it with you guys! You’ve received ’til the rely of 5. One… FOUR… [her eyes start to glow]
Captain Atom: I’d communicate up if I have been you.

Green Arrow: So what is the plan?
Captain Atom: I shove these carbon rods within the robots reactor, that ought to cease it.
Green Arrow: I gotta say that is not a lot of a plan, in the event you get that shut the warmth will fry you.
Captain Atom: I do know.
Green Arrow: But..
Captain Atom: If this does not work, contact the League, they will know what to do subsequent.
Green Arrow: Captain.
[Green Arrow shakes hands with Captain Atom]

Supergirl: So, aren’t you gonna give me the “you did good” speech?
Green Lantern: You’re headstrong, unprofessional and reckless. If you ever jeopardize your self or your teammates once more by operating off half-cocked with out a battle plan, I’ll personally see to it that you’re kicked out of the League, I do not care who your cousin is. [He turns and begins to leave] And by the way, you probably did good.

[Showers/locker room area]
Batman: Well, if it is not the monster-killer.
Green Arrow: I used to be fortunate. So was all people else. Still do not suppose I belong up right here.
Batman: That’s the purpose. Someone like you’ll hold us trustworthy.
Green Arrow: Gee, Bats, I do not know. Don’t get me flawed, I get pleasure from a superb radiation burn as a lot as the subsequent man, however I do not suppose…
[Loses his train of thought as he sees Black Canary across the room, pulling up her boots.]
Batman: So…see you quickly?
Green Arrow: You simply would possibly.

For The Man Who Has Everything[edit]

[Getting Superman a gift.]
Batman: What’d you get him?
Wonder Woman: I’m not saying something [whispering] He’ll hear, and spoil the shock.
Batman: He can hear that, too.
Wonder Woman: How about you?
Batman: He’s not the best particular person on the planet to purchase birthday presents for. [holds up an envelope]
Wonder Woman: Bruce… you did not get him a present certificates?
Batman: [offended] No! …money.

Batman: Mongul!
Mongul: You acknowledge me! I’m flattered. I suppose Superman informed you all about our earlier encounter.
Batman: You imply how he humiliated you?
Mongul: A… jaundiced account.

Mongul: The Black Mercy is a telepathic species. It reads the center’s need and feeds the person a very convincing simulation of it.
Batman: So he is dreaming.
Mongul: Oh, far deeper than any dream. I ponder the place he thinks he’s. Sitting on a throne, ruling the universe. All you human rubbish fawning at his toes. More trustworthy, do not you suppose? Than this pretense of being a selfless hero.

Mongul: You do not perceive. He was the one impediment in my approach. The remainder of you… are already useless.

Mongul: Oh, expensive. Is {that a} neural impactor? I did not know that they have been nonetheless making these. I’d advise you to attempt the plasma disruptor. It’s extra of a lady’s weapon.
Wonder Woman: Go to– (fires)

Batman: He’ll kill her, Clark. And then he’ll kill us all! Shake it off! Come again to us! Please..

[On Krypton; Kal-El is with his son Van-El on the roof of his father’s lab, as Van looks through a telescope]
Van-El: Dad! [The ground shakes] Dad? You’ve gotta take a look at thi- [Sees Kal-El’s troubled expression] What’s…what is the matter? Why are you –
Kal-El: Van, once you have been born, it was the happiest day of my life. When I first noticed your lovely little face, your tiny fingers squeezed my hand so tight, such as you by no means wished to let go. I’ve watched each step, each wrestle…I-I’ve… however, Van…[eyes begin to water] oh, Rao assist me… however I do not suppose you are actual. I do not suppose any of that is-is actual..
Van-El: Don’t say that, Daddy…please, you are scaring me… [hugs his father]
Kal-El: No, no, I do not wish to scare you, Van. You are all the things I ever wished in a son. This…that is all the things I ever wished in a life. But I’ve received duties, Van, and I…must…go now…
[Hugs his son as Krypton begins to tear itself apart, and kisses him on the forehead]
Van-El: [Tearful] Daddy…
Kal-El: I promise you… I’ll always remember.
[Krypton explodes]

Superman: Do you may have any thought what you probably did to me?!
Mongul: I original a jail that you just could not go away with out sacrificing your coronary heart’s need. It should have been like tearing off your personal arm.

Mongul: Happy birthday, Kryptonian. I provide you with… oblivion.
Superman: BURN! [ignites Mongul with heat vision]

Mongul: You know, for a second there, I nearly believed you have been going to kill me. How silly of you to hesitate like that. Not a mistake I’ll make, I can guarantee you.

Mongul: You ought to have stayed in no matter pleased fantasy the Black Mercy granted you.
Superman: HAPPY??! Do you already know what I’ve misplaced?!

[Mongul is ensnared by the Black Mercy]
Wonder Woman: I ponder what he is seeing.
Batman: Whatever it’s, it is too good for him.
[The camera draw closer to Mongul’s beaten face, who’s trying to give a small, satisfied smile while low sounds of screams and explosions are heard in background]

Kid Stuff[edit]

[All the adults have been banished from the Earth, courtesy of Mordred.]
Copperhead: It was Judgment Day! And we received despatched to the unhealthy place! THE BAD PLACE!
Cheetah: [slaps him] Snap out of it, Copper.
Green Lantern: Yeah, relax. We’re in all probability simply in one other dimension.
Copperhead: [sarcastic] Oh, is that all?

Morgaine Le Fay: My son Mordred has wrought this treachery, banishing all adults to this shadow realm. Even me, his personal mom. And after I spent millennia feeding him, bathing him, getting ready him to be king… the place did I’m going flawed?

[Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern have been turned into children.]
Kid Batman: This higher be momentary.
Kid Superman: You sound bizarre, Whoa. So do I!
Kid Wonder Woman: [Grinning at being the tallest] I type of like this.
Kid Batman: [to Green Lantern] What’s the matter?
Kid Green Lantern: I wore glasses as a child. Guess I would like them once more. [large, square, green glasses appear on his nose] Wow! I did not even attempt to make these!
[Superman cracks up]
Kid Batman: I hope not.
[Green Lantern strains and morphs the glasses into a mask]
Kid Superman: Cool!
Kid Wonder Woman: [smacks him] Will you cease messing round? We gotta discover Mordred!
Kid Batman: Bet the little punk’s in there! [runs towards the castle. Green Lantern, Superman, and Wonder Woman all quickly overtake him by flying] It’s not a race!

[Kid Batman is having trouble with a guard, Kid Wonder Woman punches it in the leg, causing it to shatter, then catches Kid Batman as he falls.]
Kid Wonder Woman: You okay, powerful man?
Kid Batman: Let go, I’m wonderful! [Stalks away, pouting]

[The group is thrown into a dungeon; a toddlerized Etrigan comes out.]
Kid Batman: Etrigan?
[Etrigan burps fire and is caught by Superman.]
Kid Batman: [to Superman] Don’t harm him!
Kid Superman: [being bitten by Etrigan] Tell him that!

Kid Wonder Woman: Etrigan! You cease proper there. I imply it! You naughty monster. Bad, unhealthy, Etrigan. [Etrigan starts to cry. Wonder Woman picks him up] Hey little man, it is okay, I will not harm you.
Kid Batman: You’ve received to be kidding.
Kid Wonder Woman: He’s only a child. [Burps Etrigan] That’s all he wanted.
Kid Green Lantern: [sniffs] Aww man, that ain’t all she wants.
Kid Batman: Now that is a job for Superman.

Kid Superman: You two, knock it off!
Child: What are you gonna do? You’re only a child!
Kid Superman: [burns the ground near them with his heat vision] I’m the child with laser beams comin’ out his eyes!

Kid Green Lantern: I’ve received a plan! I’ll make some big handcuffs and–
Kid Batman: Forget it!

Kid Batman: Never thoughts what I simply mentioned. We’ll maintain all the things else. Lantern, you go loopy!

[After the League members been changed back to adults, Wonder Woman is still holding Etrigan]
Etrigan: …Mommy?
[Wonder Woman drops Etrigan, looking somewhere between disgusted and annoyed]

Batman: Wait, what occurred to Mordred?
Morgaine le Fey: My spell gave him everlasting youth. But now he has damaged it, all he has is everlasting life.

Wonder Woman: Circumstances asides, it was type of… pleasant being a child once more.
Batman: I have not been a child since I used to be eight years outdated.

Morgaine le Fey: [Approaches an impossibly old, feeble and senile Mordred] Did you miss Mommy? Well, do not you are worried, child. Mommy’s going to take excellent care of you, any further…

Hawk And Dove[edit]

[Wonder Woman is being shot at by a bank robber who has run out of bullets and is about to throw his gun at her.]
Diana: (sarcastically) Oh, yeah. Like THAT’S gonna work.

Diana: What’s flawed with folks, J’onn? Hostility is their reply to all the things!
Martian Manhunter: You’re one to speak, of late.
Diana: What’s that imagined to imply?
Martian Manhunter: Diana, you and I’ve each been affected by our time amongst people. It’s necessary that we hold ourselves in examine.
Diana: First of all, these thugs again there received precisely what they’d coming. As did that band of mercenaries final week. And these creatures from the Decoran Nebula – they weren’t misunderstood! They thought we have been FOOD!!

Hephaestus: Patience, brother. You know the way a lot I care in regards to the particulars.
Ares: It does not must be fairly, Hephaestus. Where it is going issues aren’t imagined to be fairly.

Hank Hall: Fine mess right here, Don.
Don Hall: Talk to them, you communicate Neanderthal!
Hank Hall: I believe they’re carried out speaking.
Don Hall:This is ridiculous! Just as a result of I disagree with you does not make me unpatriotic.
Bar Patron: No, you bein’ a bleedin’ coronary heart punk makes you unpatriotic!
Hank Hall: Actually, I gotta agree with him on that one.

Don Hall: Look, we received off on the flawed foot. Don’t you suppose we might discover loads of issues all of us have in frequent if we JUST tried?
Bar Patron: [ Pauses for a moment looking slightly puzzled] …No!
Don Hall: Hank, say one thing!
Hank Hall: [punches one of the frat boys and gives Don a look] Preemptive strike.

[ Hawk and Dove find themselves in a barroom brawl]
Dove: Oh, you SO wished to do that!
Hawk: Don’t blame me! You’re the one which could not hold your entice shut!

Hawk: Why not simply allow them to obliterate one another? If folks cannot management their very own nation, they do not should have one.
Dove: Way to oversimplify. These people stay in poverty, and when you may have so little, it is simple to be swayed into blaming your neighbour. Almost all aggression may be cured with training.
Hawk: Yeah? Then how come among the finest-educated guys on the planet work on the Pentagon?

Hawk: There’s nobody inside that factor! How do you combat that?
Wonder Woman: You hit it ’til it breaks.

Nardoc: We gained, Mr. Sera. The animals attacked, and we ran them out of city.
Ares: I did not provide the Annihilator so you could possibly run your enemies out of city, I gave you the Annihilator so you could possibly annihilate them!
Nardoc: Forgive the insult, sir, however you suppose like a South Kaznian. They wish to destroy us all, however my brothers and I solely want to hold our land. Perhaps I might take their camp, however the worth can be too nice. Shall I win a rustic however bloodbath my folks?
Ares: Yes, you fool! I suppose like a South Kasnian?! Has it even entered your cranium that THEY suppose like South Kasnians?! And you’d higher begin pondering that approach, too, if you need there to be a Northerner left on this rat-infested dust heap you name a rustic! All any of you mortals are good for is to slaughter each other! To combat and combat till the bones of your enemies are strewn throughout the battlefield, solely to rise once more within the subsequent technology, like a effectively-tended crop! THAT’S what the Annihilator is for! But nooo, you are utilizing it to play TAG!

[Hawk attempts to kidnap the South Kasnian leader]
Hawk: Ever run away from house? It’s enjoyable; you may like it. [Grabs leader out of bed] Brother and I used to do it on a regular basis. ‘Cept, he’d at all times wuss out and run house to Mama…

(Hawk is watching many Kasnians combating and blowing issues up)
Hawk: I see Don’s social abilities had their ordinary impact…

(Dove had simply made the Annihilator cease by merely standing earlier than it with out a combat)
Hawk: Anybody wanna give me a clue what simply occurred?
Wonder Woman: Sometimes, it takes extra power NOT to combat.

Ares: But I’ll be again and earlier than you suppose. Wherever there’s prejudice, ignorance, inequality, I’ll be there.
Wonder Woman: And I’ll be ready.

Dove: You see, does not this show precisely what I’ve been saying for years?
Hawk: Couldn’t inform ya — I do my finest to not hear.
Dove: What?!?

This Little Piggy[edit]

Batman: Patience, princess. Intergang strikes in mysterious methods.
Wonder Woman: Tell me about it. What use might they presumably have for the Rosetta Stone?
Batman: We’ll discover out quickly sufficient. And within the meantime…
Wonder Woman: I do know. Patience.

Wonder Woman: Don’t you ever want you have been down there?
Batman: I’m down there all I must be.
Wonder Woman: Yes, nevertheless it’s only a job to you. I’m speaking about happening there and having some enjoyable. Maybe… perhaps with somebody particular.
[Batman frowns and looks away]
Wonder Woman: No. No relationship for the Batman. It would possibly minimize into your brooding time.
Batman: One: relationship throughout the staff at all times results in catastrophe. Two: you are a princess from a society of immortal warriors; I’m a wealthy child with points… a lot of points. And three: if my enemies knew I had somebody particular, they would not relaxation till they’d gotten to me, by means of her.
Wonder Woman: [Crushes a stone gargoyle’s head with her hand] Next?
[A burglar alarm goes off.]
Batman: There!
[He swings into action.]
Wonder Woman: [wryly] Saved by the bell.

Wonder Woman: Circe! Be cautious, she’s…
Batman: Yeah. I’ve learn the Odyssey.

Zatanna: [trying to turn Wonder Woman back to normal and failing] Lleps eb nekorb! Anaid emoceb namuh! Well, I gave it my finest shot. We might name in one of many different magicians. Doctor Fate, maybe–
Batman: No! I imply, let’s hold this between us.
Zatanna: But why? If there’s an opportunity to assist her, should not we inform everybody and that… oh, wait wait… you and her, are you two…
Batman: Just good pals.
Zatanna: No, you and I are simply good pals. There’s one thing extra between you and her.
Batman: Well, perhaps there was.

B’wana Beast: [introducing himself to Zatanna] B’wana Beast. How ya doin’?
Zatanna: My legs are wonderful. As is the remainder of me. Up right here. [pointing to her face]
B’wana Beast: Woah, she’s received the fireplace of the cheetah in her. Rrroowr.
Zatanna: [to Batman] Why are you doing this to me?

B’wana Beast: [Talking to pigs, trying to find Wonder Woman] C’mon guys, assist me out. Newcomer? Silver bracelets? Kinda caught up?

Red Tornado: [imitating a pig call] SOOOOOOO-WEEEEEEEEEE…

Crimson Avenger: Excuse me, sir, I’m on the lookout for a pig.
Old Man: Gladys, it is for you!

B’wana Beast: Yo, Wonderpig! (pursues the pig Diana by means of the road, leaping over an oncoming truck within the course of; then, over his communicator) Bats, Beast. Got a repair in your lady.

Medusa: C-Girl and me did a while collectively again within the Pit of Eternal Torment. That’s the place they grasp you by your ankles and weasels come every evening to eat your fingers. They develop again the subsequent day, however belief me – it will get outdated actual fast.

Themis: Thank you, Medusa. And know that you have earned 300 years off your sentence.
Medusa: [sarcastic] Freedom in 4010. Ring-a-ding-ding!

Circe: Thank you, thanks. You’ve all been so sort to me tonight. You know, my cousins, the Sirens, by no means thought I might sing. Really! They thought they have been all that with their ‘Charm the Sailors’ routine. But I’m displaying them, aren’t I?
[Dead silence. Circe glares – the audience applauses]
Circe: Oh thanks! I like you all! Are there any requests?
Zatanna: Stcejbo kcatta ecriC!
Circe: I’m undecided I do know that one…

Circe: [under attack by Zatanna] Insolent trickster! You dare to strike- [gets hit by a chair] You dare to strike- [gets hit by a table] You dare to strike- [gets smothered by a tablecloth] QUIT IT! Oh, no… [gets hit by a grand piano]

Batman: Wait. It appears that magic at all times has a worth.
Circe: And your level is…?
Batman: What would I’ve to provide to make you raise your spell on Diana?
Circe: Well, now you are getting fascinating. I would like one thing from you that is very treasured. Something you have labored very onerous to hide. Something when gone, you may by no means regain. Something soul-shattering
[cut to Batman at a mike]
Batman: [singing] Am I blue? Am I blue? Ain’t these tears in my eyes telling you…

[Zatanna is listening to Batman sing as her eyes tear up. She produces a handkerchief to dab at her eyes… then passes it to Circe, who is also crying at the performance.]

Circe: Beautiful.
Zatanna: And you may hold your a part of the cut price?
Circe: A deal’s a deal. He can cease now.
Zatanna: Not in your life!

[Both keep watching the performance.]’

Zatanna: [to Batman, after he leaves the stage] Is there something you may’t do?
Batman: There’s one factor I’ve by no means been excellent at – saying thanks. [they share a smile]

Fearful Symmetry[edit]

Green Arrow: Don’t take heed to this man, all the things’s conspiracies with him.
The Question: Not “conspiracies”. Conspiracy. Singular.

Question: Reaching again to historic Egypt, there’s been a single cabal of highly effective people directing the course of human historical past. But the frequent man prefers to imagine they do not exist, which aids their success.
Supergirl: [reading newspaper clippings] Global warming, army upheavals within the third world, actors elected to public workplace…
Green Arrow: The unfold of espresso bars, germs outpacing antibiotics, and boy bands? Come on! Who would acquire from all this?
Question: Who, certainly?

Supergirl: These weren’t simply goals, they felt like they actually occurred!
Green Arrow: I dunno, I’ve had some goals that felt mighty actual. (glances over his shoulder at Black Canary) There was this one the opposite evening… (eats a French fry thoughtfully)

Green Arrow: Hold your horses! No one requested for extra assist. This complete journey would possibly simply show the child should not eat nachos earlier than mattress.
Question: Peanut butter sandwiches.
Supergirl: How did y– what, do you undergo my trash?!
Question: Please… I’m going by means of everybody’s trash.

Question: (singing) …Fell in love once more, what am I gonna inform my pals? It simply occurred. You walked in my door, now I do not wanna be alone no extra… (breaks into Nuvo-Gen)

Green Arrow: So I believe that answered all the things.
Question: Just a little too effectively.
Green Arrow: Does all the things have a sinister motive in your world?
Question: Yours, too. You simply do not know it.

Green Arrow: What was that about?
Question: What do you suppose? We’re asking questions somebody does not need answered.
Green Arrow: Aw, study a brand new tune already!

[Supergirl has just been attacked by an android.]
Question: Standard Z8 Combat Trainer.
Green Arrow: Like those we use. The League buys ’em in bulk.
Supergirl: So?
Question: So who can we purchase them from?
Supergirl: The Army I skinny… Oh, wait a minute…
Question: Another enjoyable truth: The man who commissioned the Z8 Project? The identical man who put you within the hospital.
Supergirl: General Hardcastle? He’s retired now, is not he?
Question: Gone. And hoping to be forgotten.

General Hardcastle: What? I informed you all the things I… Supergirl?
Galatea: Yes… and no.

[Question comes to a door locked with a key card reader after studying it spotted a large potted plant, moments later the plant crashes through the glass door]
Question :[casually] Ooops.

The Greatest Story Never Told[edit]

Child: Can I’ve your autograph?!
Booster Gold: Of course you may! [signs autograph book]
Child: [looks at it and is disappointed] I believed you have been Green Lantern.
Skeets: I would love your autograph, sir!
Booster Gold: Shut up, Skeets.

Martian Manhunter: I’ve by no means sensed such malevolent magic in a single being. Unless Mordru may be defeated, I concern for each dwelling creature on the planet.
Booster Gold: Yes!

Martian Manhunter: Listen up! A second unit will serve beneath Green Lantern’s command! When I name your title, report back to the transporter! Hawk and Dove, Star and Stripe, Shining Knight… Fire and Ice, Doctor LightAztek, Huntress, Vigilante, Elongated Man…
Booster Gold: Ahem.
Martian Manhunter: Vibe
Booster Gold: AHEM!!
Martian Manhunter: [sighs] Booster Gold…
Booster Gold: Yes!

[The Elongated Man and Booster Gold are stuck with Crowd Control during a battle.]
Elongated Man: “We don’t need two stretchy guys”. This is so not truthful! I imply, okay, I understand that Plastic Man is within the League too, I’m not dissing the man’s abilities, however come on! I’ve it throughout that man! Once, I disguised myself as a vase for like three days!
Booster Gold: No, you did not!
Elongated Man Okay, perhaps not. Who’d wish to, anyway? But I am a detective! That means I’m like Plastic Man and Batman rolled into one! And…
Booster Gold: Is there any likelihood you could possibly cease complaining for 5 minutes?
Elongated Man: Hey, the squeaky wheel will get the grease, my pal. But I’ll let you know one factor: I would not assist these ingrates now in the event that they BEGGED me!
Wonder Woman: We want you.
Booster Gold: It’s about time!
Wonder Woman: Not you. HIM!
Elongated Man: Squeaky Wheel! [leaves with Wonder Woman]
Skeets: Maybe they wanted a vase.

Booster Gold: It does not matter what we do right here, the battle is over there. We’re not serving to.
Skeets: This is unfaithful. “They also serve, who only stand and wait.” – John Milton.
Booster Gold: Oh yeah? I received one for ya’: “This stinks” – Booster Gold.

Booster Gold: I’m NOT Green Lantern! If I have been Green Lantern, my costume can be GREEN, now would not it?! [to Skeets] I’ve formally hit all-time low.
Skeets: Sir, you saved these bugs! Yay! Don’t you be ok with your self?

Booster Gold: She’s lovely, and in misery! My favourite type of damsel.

Booster Gold: Oh, man, we’re so fortunate! All I’ve to do is pop this collar on Mr. Black Hole, save the world, after which it is champagne and strawberries for me and the new physician! [He is about to put the collar around Dr. Daniel’s neck, when a car falls on him] [emerging from under the car] I believed they did not have flying vehicles on this time interval.

[Booster Gold opens an ambulance door]
Booster Gold: Uh-oh. [Cut to pregnant woman in labor; Dr. Simmons arrives] Maybe you need to deal with this.
Dr. Tracy Simmons: Why me?
Booster Gold: You’re a physician.
Dr. Tracy Simmons: I’m a physicist!
Booster Gold: Yeah?
Dr. Tracy Simmons: Give me the collar! [She takes it and runs]
Booster Gold: I’ll – I’ll maintain this. [climbs into the ambulance next to the woman] So, um… how are you feeling?
Woman: [screams]
Booster Gold: How many fingers am I holding up?
Woman: [Grabs him] Do one thing USEFUL!

Booster Gold: I blew it!
Tracy Simmons: It’s not too late!
Booster Gold: I can not do it!
Tracy Simmons: Yes, you may! You must!
Booster Gold: Tracy, I’m a fraud! Do you already know why I got here again to the previous? It wasn’t to combat for justice! It was to get wealthy, be well-known! I used to be a failure sooner or later, identical to I’m right here! I’m not a superhero!
Tracy Simmons: Everything is about to be destroyed ceaselessly! And the place are the opposite superheroes? Not right here! You are! You’re the one one that may do that! So do it!

Skeets: Sir, in line with my thermal sensor readings of Dr. Simmons, you simply missed a primary alternative to… effectively, I imagine the phrase is, “kiss the girl.”
Booster Gold: Kissing ladies is for heroes, Skeets.

Batman: I believed I informed you to remain on crowd management.
Booster Gold: I do know, however… there was this… I imply, you would not imagine it… it nearly.. [pauses on seeing Batman narrowing his eyes] ah, overlook it.
Batman: You and I are gonna have slightly chat later. [walks away]
Booster Gold: [sarcastic] Looking ahead to that.

Tracy Simmons: (offscreen) Excuse me, Green Lantern?
Booster Gold: For the final time, I’m not Green Lantern! My title is…! (turns and sees her)
Tracy Simmons: (laughs) Just kidding. I do know who Booster Gold is. So now that I’m not in misery, I used to be questioning if perhaps I used to be nonetheless your type of damsel.

The Return[edit]

Guardian: There’s an unidentified object approaching Oa at a considerably astonishing velocity…

Guardian: Magnify picture.
Martian Manhunter: Professor Ivo’s android!
Green Lantern: Holy Mother of-!

Lex Luthor: [leading the rest to a hiding place] This is it.
Supergirl: A barber store?
Steel: Got at hand it to you, Luthor – NOBODY would suppose to search for you right here.

Amazo: You can not hold me from my objective.
Superman: Telepathy.
Green Lantern: I’m not impressed.
Superman: Why have you ever come again? What would you like?
Amazo: Why do you ask questions you already know the reply to?
Superman: Luthor.
Amazo: Of course.
Superman: We’re not gonna give him up.
Amazo: He’s your enemy. You owe him nothing.
Superman: Turn…again…now.
Amazo: I’ve developed far past what I used to be once we final met. You don’t wish to problem me.
Green Lantern: LIGHT HIM UP!
(The First Line assaults)

Kyle Rayner: We’re gonna use each little bit of energy left in our rings and take one final shot on the android.
Green Lantern: A blast like that would destroy half the planet.
Kyle Rayner: Half a planet is healthier than none.
(within the Watchtower)
Martian Manhunter: It’s the one approach.
Dr. Fate: Hmmm, these phrases are at all times used to justify destruction.
Martian Manhunter: We can solely guess how a lot energy the android has amassed because it has labored it is approach throughout the galaxy. It needs to be stopped, Fate. Here and now. Not only for the sake of this world, however for all worlds.
Dr. Fate: Then for the sake of all worlds, I’ll proceed to hunt a greater approach.

Lex Luthor: The strongest creature within the universe needs my head, and the League sends its least highly effective member to guard me.

Atom: The android – why does he hate you a lot?
Lex Luthor: I as soon as took benefit of his naiveté. He’s not naïve any extra, and I’ve stopped benefiting from the harmless.
Atom: Let’s hope you may be extra convincing if you should inform him that.

Amazo: Your bravery is admirable… however annoying.

Martian Manhunter: You’ll want that cannon very quickly.
Lex Luthor: Then cease interrupting us!

Martian Manhunter: You’ve come to supply assist?
Dr. Fate: Not assist. Hope.

Amazo: An intriguing thought, modifying the cannon in order that it might alter my programming, and it’d’ve labored… a month in the past, after I was nonetheless nanotech. But I’ve transcended that limitation.

Lex Luthor: A subatomic universe.
Atom: Figured the android cannot kill what he cannot see.
Amazo: Oh, however I can see you. [Atom and Luthor are revealed to be standing on Amazo’s hand] Did you actually suppose I could not observe you right here? No universe, nevertheless massive, nevertheless small, is denied to me.
Lex Luthor: What would you like from me?
Amazo: You have all the things people need: wealth, energy… but you crave extra, and you may do something to get it. Why? What is your final objective?
Lex Luthor: What you are actually asking is, what’s yours?

Dr. Fate: Wait. Please. The android’s nature has proved benign earlier than. I imagine it can once more.
Green Lantern: Benign?! You name destroying Oa benign?! (all assembled Green Lanterns intention their rings at Dr. Fate) Not even you may stand in opposition to the Green Lantern Corps. (Dr. Fate steps apart, and the Lanterns discover the room empty) What the satan’s happening?
Dr. Fate: Lex Luthor is saving the world.

Lex Luthor: The fact is, for all my struggles to make my mark in life, for all I’ve achieved, in only a few quick generations my title will probably be forgotten. Even the best of us cannot compete with time… and demise.
Amazo: Then why do you go on? Why does anybody? Why do not I simply destroy you and all the things else proper now? [winds start swirling] All it will take is a single thought and–
Lex Luthor: No! If you do this, you will not see the top of it!
Amazo: The finish of what?
Lex Luthor: The evolutionary course of. You of all beings ought to know one thing about that.
Amazo: Yes. Yes, I’m evolving. That’s why Professor Ivo made me. These previous months I’ve amassed a lot data, and but… I stay confused… empty. What am I evolving into? What is my objective?! I need to know! TELL ME!
Lex Luthor: There’s no solution to inform. And that is why I keep within the sport. My objective, if you’ll, is to see the place it is all going. And you! You’ll stay ceaselessly. You’ll be capable of see all of it.
Amazo: Is that my objective? Simply to be… a witness?
Lex Luthor: We create our personal objective in life. Now go create yours.

Lex Luthor: You know, after I heard you have been coming I used to be truly afraid of you. Petrified. But now, after I see your concern, your uncertainty, I simply pity you.
(Amazo glares)
Atom: You ought to have give up whilst you have been forward.

Dr. Fate: It’s over. Isn’t it?
Amazo: Yes.
Green Lantern: He murders a complete world, and it is over? Just like that? I do not suppose so!
Amazo: I didn’t destroy Oa – I merely moved it to a different dimension. (everybody stares) It was in my approach.
John Stewart: Then might you progress it again?
(Amazo’s eyes glow briefly)
Amazo: Done.

Dr. Fate: I may help you in your journey. In your seek for that means.
Amazo: Help me? Why?
Dr. Fate: Because that… is my objective.

Atom: Told you we would beat him!
Lex Luthor: What do you imply, “we”?

Inza: Are you all proper?
Dr. Fate: Fine, though there was a second after I truly thought John Stewart was going to assault me.
Shayera Hol: Oh, I do not find out about that. His bark’s so much worse than his chew.


Batman: (surrounded with Aquaman by Lava males) Can you make telepathic contact?
Aquaman: Do they appear like fish to you?

[Superman is encased in hardened magma]
Wind Dragon: You know, Juice, Superman was my hero after I was a lad. It’s not his fault he is getting outdated.
Superman: “Old”?! [breaks free]
Wind Dragon: Old however spry, sir, outdated however spry!

Long Shadow: What I wanna know is–
Shifter, Downpour, Juice, Wind Dragon: “Why can’t we join the Justice League?”
Wind Dragon: Hey, it is all proper. I used to suppose like that.
Long Shadow: Used to? What occurred?
Wind Dragon: I dunno. I suppose I simply began wanting stuff.

Superman: [on Maxwell Lord] I can not take heed to anymore of this. This man’s dripping extra oil than that platform ever did.

Bizarro: Me will do something for the lady he loves! Even break her boyfriend out of jail!
Wonder Woman: And what’s gonna occur then?
Bizarro: Uh… (will get knocked out)

Bizarro: (singing) Bizarro right here to save lots of the day!

Giganta: Outta the best way, tiny.
[Long Shadow grows taller than her]
Long Shadow: You have been saying?
Giganta: Oh, poop.

Wonder Woman: Whatever’s happening, we’ll do all the things in our energy to–
Wind Dragon: Yes, energy. That’s what it at all times comes right down to, does not it? And that is the one approach we’ll ever be remembered. ‘Cause we are the ones who take down the Justice League! The world will always remember us!
Batman: Listen to your self, you are not making any sense! You’re getting sicker!
Wind Dragon: Translation: they’re afraid to face us!

[Downpour blasts Aquaman with a huge tidal wave, which is almost entirely ineffective.]
Aquaman: King of the seas, bear in mind?

[The gunmen step towards Long Shadow. Wonder Woman steps in front of him.]
Wonder Woman: No.
Amanda Waller: You must step again.
Batman: Not gonna occur. Long Shadow’s with us.
Amanda Waller: [to troops] Safeties.
[Soldiers train guns on the League; Superman and Aquaman get between them and Long Shadow]
Batman: [smirking] Mine are greater than yours.

Batman: Who are you folks?
Amanda Waller: That’s a nationwide safety matter. And if I have been you, I would not probe the state of affairs too carefully… wealthy boy.

Dark Heart[edit]

The Atom: [confronted by a (relatively) giant nanomachine] He’s greater than my automotive now, Katie. Personally, I blame you.
Katie: How can it presumably be my fault?
The Atom: Because in any other case it will be my fault. That cannot be proper; I’m a professor. [He rides the nanomachine like a bronco, opening a panel on its back.] Okay, I can see the issue, now, Katie. Looks just like the salt water created a foul nano-chip. I can get round it by…. [he’s nearly thrown off as the nanomachine writhes under him] Okay, I’m simply gonna be direct. [He punches the chip, breaking it, but he is shocked by the contact. The nanomachine comes to a halt, and he lies prone on its back, exhausted.]
Katie: Professor Palmer! Professor! Ray!
The Atom: I’m simply going to lie right here for some time, Katie. I’m outdated now, and I get drained.
Katie: Professor Palmer, you may have firm…critical firm…
The Atom: Stand by, I’m developing. [He adjusts a dial on his belt, causing him to grow out of the petri dish. He steps down from the table it’s on, to stand only a little shorter than Superman.]

Batman: [in free fall, having bailed out of his plane] Batman to all factors. I might use some air assist. Since I can not fly. At all. [continues to fall and states calmly] Now can be good. [Superman catches him only a few feet from the ground]

Wonder Woman: [holding Atom in her palm] Ready?
Atom: Just do not squeeze.

Wonder Woman: [in the midst of battle, before tucking Atom into her cleavage] I would like each fingers, professor.

Atom: This is unbelievable. Every atom of it’s crammed with books’ price of data, it’s fantastically easy, it—
Batman: Save it for the post-mortem.

Atom: Amazing. Show him a weapon that destroyed its creators and each different factor it noticed, and he needs to play with it. What’s to cease historical past from repeating itself proper right here on Earth?
Superman: We are.

Wake the Dead[edit]

Aquaman: Such scintillating repartee. I get higher dialog from the android.
Amazo: You are conscious I’m within the room?

Aquaman: I win once more… huzzah.
Shayera Hol: It’s only a sport.
(Aquaman knocks the board and items off the desk)
Aquaman: You disgust me!
Shayera Hol: Join the membership.

Shayera Hol: Aquaman thinks I’ve been right here too lengthy.
Inza: Flowers bloom when they’re prepared, Shayera.
Shayera Hol: I’m no flower. I’m not Lieutenant Shayera Hol of the Thanagarian Empire. Not anymore. I’ve been stripped of my rank, exiled from my house world. I’m not Hawkgirl. That was at all times a sham. When I do my job, folks get harm, those who I care about.
Inza: And what occurs when you do not do your job?

Green Lantern: Doctor Fate referred to as it, Solomon Grundy’s again.
Vixen: The zombie man? A heavy hitter, I examine him within the recordsdata.
Green Lantern: Yeah, he is powerful, however we will deal with him. Funny factor is, he is imagined to be useless.
Vixen: Aren’t all zombies, by definition, useless?
Green Lantern: Uh…

Amazo: Checkmate. You are bettering. This time it took me 16 strikes to defeat you. That’s practically double the quantity it took final time.
Aquaman: [annoyed] Set up the board.

Dr. Fate: Solomon Grundy’s grave is empty.
Aquaman: Find these accountable, then dig extra graves.

Dr. Fate: (magically watching Superman, Green Lantern and Vixen combating Solomon Grundy) They want our assist.
Shayera Hol: So does Grundy. Let’s try to get there earlier than the League kills him.
Amazo: (because the battle turns in opposition to the League) That state of affairs appears… unlikely.

[John and Shayera meet for the first time since Starcrossed.]
Green Lantern: Shayera?
Shayera Hol: … Hate the beard.

Superman: You let Amazo out of the tower now?
Dr. Fate: I’m curious to see how you’d dissuade him.

Green Lantern: (Seeing Superman coming from water to the bridge) Are you OK?
Superman: Do I look OK?

Doctor Fate: The creature is aware of solely rage and seeks solely oblivion. Your mace would be the solely object on Earth that may grant him peace.
Green Lantern: What are you saying!?
Shayera Hol: Your favourite film’s Old Yeller. You know precisely what he is saying. Is this my future? To be a destroyer? To betray one more pal?
Doctor Fate: It’s not that easy. It by no means was.

[The vote to keep Shayera in the league or not is revealed.]
Green Lantern: I recused myself as a result of… effectively… Anyway, Superman broke the tie.
Superman: I imagine in second probabilities, I imagine in redemption. But largely, I imagine in my pals.

Green Lantern: (as a number of onlookers jeer Shayera) Back off! She does not must take that from you folks!
Shayera Hol: Yes, I do. But it is okay. I suppose I deserve a few of it.
(Her hand is taken)
Mother: You saved our lives. God bless you, Chica Halcón.
Green Lantern: You deserve that, too.

The Once and Future Thing Part 1: Weird Western Tales[edit]

Enid Clinton: Let me get this straight. You received a go well with that allows you to journey in time, and you have been utilizing it to steal historic trash? [David looks proud; Enid grabs him abusively] You silly little man! You might return and steal gold and jewels! You might get inventory data from the long run! We might be wealthy!
David Clinton: No! We cannot use the go well with to do something that would change historical past. I’m cautious to solely take issues that would not be missed.
Enid Clinton: Like your SPINE?
David Clinton: Enid, please, do not discuss to me like that. I like–
Enid Clinton: Mother was proper. I ought to have married Jim Doorman. He’s a really profitable lawyer. And you ARE a loser – at all times have been, at all times will probably be.
David Clinton: But–
David Clinton: [is stunned with fright at first, but then turns angry] I can consider ONE factor! [activates a portal in time] I can use it to get away from YOU!
[He disappears into it, leaving Enid looking scared]

Green Lantern: Diana’s carrying a grudge.
Batman: She’ll recover from it. How ’bout you? Carrying something?
Green Lantern: What? Shayera? We’re cool. We’re giving one another our house. I’m seeing Vixen, now. [pause] I’m very pleased.
Batman: Uh-huh.
Green Lantern: Anyway, why are we at all times speaking about my love life? What’s happening between you and Diana?
Batman: Nothing. She’s a revered colleague.
Green Lantern: Uh-huh.
Batman: I haven’t got time to pursue a relationship. My work is simply too necessary to permit any distractions. Diana’s a exceptional lady, she’s a valued pal, she’s… [realizes] …standing proper behind me, is not she?
Wonder Woman: [indeed she is] Don’t let that cease you. [leans over Batman, flirtatiously] Keep digging.

(after swapping their costumes for cowboy garments)
Diana: These sneakers are killing me.
Bruce Wayne: You combat crime sporting excessive heels.
Diana: High heels that match.

Bat Lash: Seems like a waste of a superb-sized pot. How ’bout we cut up it and each stroll away?
(Manning’s gun extends six further barrels)
Tobias Manning: How ’bout I hold all of it?
Bat Lash: Sounds truthful the best way you clarify it.

David Clinton: He retains me right here to point out him out how one can work the stuff he cannot work out for himself.
Bat Lash: Which I’d suspect is most of it, what with him being so mule-silly and all.

Wonder Woman: You’re with us.
(tears the door off David’s cell)
Bat Lash: That’s a wholesome gal.

Jonah Hex: If you all are working for Tobias, there’s gonna be issue.
Bat Lash: Easy, Jonah – they’re with me. They helped me out of a spot whereas I used to be right here incognito tryin’ to seek out out extra about Tobias.
Ohiyesa Smith: What have you ever realized?
Bat Lash: Among different ethical failings, the person cheats at poker.
Jonah Hex: (scoffs) I might have informed you that. (hacks and spits)

Jonah Hex: What’s your stake on this?
John Stewart: We’re lawmen too.
Jonah Hex: From again east?
Bruce Wayne: Sure.

John Stewart: What’s the plan?
Jonah Hex: Plan? Huh. We put ’em within the floor.

Jonah Hex: Fancy gun belt ya received there. I’m pondering you people are time vacationers.
Bruce Wayne: Where would you get a loopy thought like that?
Jonah Hex: Experience. I’ve had an fascinating life.

Bruce Wayne: Go forward… give me an excuse.

Ohiyesa Smith: We’re getting shut. I wanna warn you, there’s some downright uncommon exercise goin’ on hereabouts; do not let it throw you.
John Stewart: Don’t fear about it, we have a whole lot of expertise with unusu- [a cowboy riding a pterodactyl flies towards them] …I’m sorry, you have been saying?

Ohiyesa Smith: Tobias Manning’s at all times been hassle. I’ve run him out of city earlier than. Well, he got here again, besides this time he had… I do not know, magic powers.
El Diablo: There’s no such factor as magic, my pal. It was some form of trickery.
Ohiyesa Smith: Well, he “tricked” me close to to demise.

Ohiyesa Smith: The pictures are spooking the horses!
Bat Lash: The pictures are spooking me!

Bruce Wayne: Six weapons. Six of us. Nobody miss.

The Once and Future Thing Part 2: Time, Warped[edit]

Green Lantern: Last time I noticed you, you have been too younger to drive. You look good for a person your age!
Static: The miracles of recent drugs. Sixty-five is the brand new thirty!

Bruce Wayne: [met by his past self] Surprised to see me?
Batman: Just a little. I’m extra stunned that I lived so lengthy.
Terry McGinnis (Batman II): Batman, Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne, Batman. Or have you ever met?
Batman and Bruce: [simultaneously] Not now!
Batman II: Great. What did they used to name it? Stereo?

Static: Shayera was one cranky pregnant girl. Although to be truthful, if I’d laid an egg that measurement…
Warhawk: [to Green Lantern] He’s kidding, Dad—not that I perceive why you suppose that is something to joke about.
Static: Because we already gained. Think about it: If outdated Bruce is right here, which means he already lived by means of this as Batman.
Bruce Wayne: Flawless logic…besides that I’ve no reminiscence of ever going to the long run and assembly my older self, or of anything that is occurring at the moment.

Chronos: The query arises; Who informed them the place and when our targets would arrive? I imply, I informed you; and I solely know as a result of I’m the undisputed grasp of house and time.

[Chronos sends the traitorous Joker, Chucko, back to prehistoric times]
Chronos: Enjoy your keep.
[Chronos disappears in his portal; a Tyrannosaurus Rex appears and Chucko draws a lightsaber]
Chucko: You suppose I’m scared?! I’ll be operating this dump in a couple of ye-!
[A giant asteroid falls from the sky]
Chucko: …Aw, phooey.
[We see a massive explosion on Earth, killing the dinosaurs and Chucko]

[Chonos returns after taking Chucko to his death]
Chronos: Do you already know what killed the dinosaurs?
[The Jokerz look around stupidly]
Bonk: Uh… no, sir?
Chronos: Well, Chucko does. And until you wanna discover out firsthand, you may go end off the Justice League. Skedaddle! Time is cash! [to Enid] Actually, time is the non-spatial continuum wherein occasions happen linearly, normally within the route of elevated entropy. But the clowns appear to narrate higher to the cash factor.

Batman II: We want to seek out Chronos.
Static: How? He might be anyplace.
Batman: Sometimes, the very best methods are the outdated methods. [Heads for the door]
Batman II: It’s not that easy. You do not know your approach round right here. Lots of issues have modified.
Batman: [pauses with the door half-open] Are criminals nonetheless superstitious and cowardly?
Bruce Wayne: Yep.
Batman: Good sufficient for me.

[The League confronts one of the Jokerz.]
Batman II: You’ve received some data we’d like, Ghoul.
Ghoul: You will not discover me the talkative type. [Batman grabs him] Hey!
Batman: [drags Ghoul over to the edge of the building and dangles him over the edge by his leg] Where’s Chronos? My arm’s getting drained.
Bruce Wayne: I can not imagine I used to be ever that inexperienced. [grabs Ghoul and throws him across the rooftop before advancing on him slowly] This is the way you interrogate somebody!
Ghoul: …and we have 9453 energetic Jokerz organized into about 200 smaller teams. I do not know the place Chronos is! He contacts us! He spends each evening in a distinct a type of outdated buildings! There’s no approach of realizing forward of time the place he is gonna be! And that is all the things I do know!
Bruce Wayne: Everything?
Ghoul: … I moist my mattress till I used to be fourteen!
Bruce Wayne: Losing my endurance…
Batman: [pulls Bruce Wayne back with a hand on his shoulder] I can not management my pal right here for much longer. You’d higher give us one thing we will use.
Ghoul: His spouse! I do know the place his spouse is!
Static: [on the sidelines, quietly] Wow. Batman taking part in good cop… [shakes his head in astonishment]
Green Lantern: Everything’s relative.

Warhawk: If we do not beat this man, it is the top of all the things.
Batman II: We’ve been there earlier than.
Warhawk: Not like this. What are you imagined to do when you may have the burden of the world in your shoulders?
Green Lantern: Plant your toes.

Green Lantern: I do not get it. Of all of the locations within the metropolis he might keep, why right here?
Enid Clinton: Because a loser with a kingdom remains to be only a loser! See for your self! [opens the time-displaced Elkhorn town jail, where Chronos is sleeping, curled up and sucking his thumb]
Chronos: [wakes up] Huh– Uh– Enid?
Green Lantern: Nice on the stealth factor, girl.

Batman: Chronos!
Chronos: Wow. You are good. [turns to Enid] Isn’t he good?
Batman: Look at what’s occurring round you! Look on the sky!
[Above them, existence is becoming a white void]
Chronos: [with a crazed smile] Pretty…
Green Lantern: Stay with us, man! We have an issue right here!
Chronos: Right, you are proper. This calls for one more strategy. [kisses Enid on the cheek and activates a portal] You’ll love me subsequent time!
[Batman and Green Lantern pursue Chronos into the portal.]
Batman: Where’s he going? There’s nothing left!
Green Lantern: Yes, there’s – the start of time.
Batman: He can reset all the things; make himself right into a god!
Green Lantern: Only if he will get there first.
[Ahead of them, the image of a swirling pattern in the palm of a hand appears.]
Green Lantern: The Green Lanterns have a legend. No one can see the start of time. It’s a common regulation!
Batman: Write him a ticket!
[Green Lantern forms manacles that seize Chronos and pull him back.]
Chronos: NO!
[Batman inserts the disk he’s written into the time-travel belt.]
Batman: Uploading this system…
Green Lantern: Make it quick! Having slightly hassle with the brakes!
[They are suddenly back where they started, in the Watchtower cafeteria.]
Green Lantern: … That all… actually occurred?
Batman: Think so.
Green Lantern: Then… we gained? Everything’s again to regular?
Wonder Woman: That’s a nasty minimize, John.
[Green Lantern touches the cut he got during their adventure.]
Batman: [to Wonder Woman] You do not bear in mind happening a mission with us at the moment, do you?
Wonder Woman: I simply received right here.
Batman: [in an undertone to Green Lantern] The timeline’s restored to equilibrium. We’re the one two individuals who bear in mind what occurred.
[Green Lantern notices Shayera, who merely gives him an offhanded look]
Green Lantern: That… complicates issues. What occurred to Chronos?
Batman: [amusement in his voice] I reprogrammed the belt to ensure that Chronos would by no means come to exist.
[Flash to the future, when Chronos first tried to jump though time to escape his wife. Every time he punches the button, he arrives back in the same moment he would have left.]

Season Two[edit]

The Cat and the Canary[edit]

Black Canary: Black Canary.
Green Arrow: Green Arrow. [They shake hands] I’ve seen you round.
Black Canary: I do know. You pleased punching the bag otherwise you wanna go a couple of rounds with me? (Green Arrow stares awkwardly) I am speaking about sparring.
Green Arrow: That’d be good too.

Green Arrow: Well, no less than now I perceive why you introduced me alongside. You did not want Green Arrow – you simply wanted “green.”
Black Canary: It is not like that!
Green Arrow: No? Then inform me – what’s it like?
Black Canary: I believed I might belief you.

Wildcat: What is that this?
Black Canary: We wish to assist you, Ted. We wish to get you out of right here.
Wildcat: Why? Does it appear like I’ve an issue?
Black Canary: You do in the event you do not see what you have grow to be right here! You’re leisure for these folks! The rooster in a cockfight!
Wildcat: Fighting is what I do, alright? It was all I used to be ever good at and I’m nonetheless good at it – I’m Wildcat, the man who fights! That’s what I’m.

Wildcat: I’ll be there in ten minutes.
Black Canary: Would these be actual minutes or Wildcat minutes?

Green Arrow: Uh, there is no place to alter.
Black Canary: Right right here’ll do.
(they flip their backs to one another and Dinah begins to undress, Ollie sneaks a glance over his shoulder.)
Black Canary: You drop one thing?

Roulette: That’s proper. Two good guys, combating one another. And one in all them’s her. (minimize to Black Canary, then minimize to the viewers, the place male jaws are dropping)

Black Canary: [To Roulette] Then this is the deal: If I win, you ban Wildcat from cage combating ceaselessly. And If I lose, [to Wildcat] I’ll by no means hassle you once more.
Wildcat: Forget it!
Roulette: Can’t do this, Cat – it is a lot too good an thought.

Black Canary: If we go away right here with out Wildcat, or worse, if I exploit my energy to pressure him out, he’ll simply come again. We must settle this the one approach he understands.
Green Arrow: You’re probably not gonna combat him…
Black Canary: I’ve to. And beat him, it is the one approach he can cease.
Green Arrow: [takes an arrow] I believed it was simply you pretending once more.
Black Canary: What’s that imagined to imply?
Green Arrow: Like all of the flirting you probably did on the Watchtower. The approach you acted . To get me to come back with you.
Black Canary: Who mentioned that was pretending?
Green Arrow: Oh no, I do know your sport now.
Black Canary: It’s not at all times a sport.
Green Arrow: No? Come right here, look me within the eye and say so. [Black Canary comes closer to Green Arrow, who knocks her out with gas from the arrow; Roulette enters the room and sees Black Canary unconscious] Don’t fear. You’ll nonetheless get your principal occasion.

Black Canary: [to Green Arrow, who she thinks is dead] You know, that was an extremely silly factor to do. Not to say boastful, pig-headed, macho, and… very very candy. [kisses him] I’m sorry…
Green Arrow: [opens eyes] I’m not.

Green Arrow: Care to hitch me for a cup of espresso?
Black Canary: Yeah.
Green Arrow: Good. You’re shopping for.
(As he limps away, Canary smiles.)

The Ties That Bind[edit]

Oberon: Craziest stunt you ever pulled…
Mr. Miracle: That’s why we’re rehearsing it.
Oberon: Kid’s received a solution for all the things.

[Mr. Miracle has just performed a seemingly impossible escape]
Big Barda: [Relieved; hugs him] Scott! I believed you have been useless! [angry; picks him up] You unbearable showboat! I believed you have been useless!

Mister Miracle: Hey, the place is Oberon?
Granny Goodness: Don’t fear, dumpling. He’s secure and sound, in Granny’s loving care! Of course, in the event you ever wish to see the outdated runt alive once more, you may do precisely as Granny says.
Big Barda: You demented outdated gargoyle…

Flash: Could it harm them to point out me just a bit respect?
Elongated Man: Tell me about it, I’ve been at this longer than you they usually nonetheless deal with me like comedian reduction.
Flash: Better than being handled like a teenage sidekick! I imply, I used to be one of many authentic seven! Tell me the reality, Ralph, do I appear immature to you?
Elongated Man: Not within the least.
[Widen to show they are playing “Brawlin’ Bots”]
Flash: Ha! I bopped your block off!
Elongated Man: That-that’s not truthful, the inexperienced man’s arms are longer!
Flash: Are not!

Big Barda: We do not want these cowards! We can do it on our personal!
Flash: Great information, Bertha! You do not must!
[Barda seizes him by the throat]
Big Barda: BARDA!
Flash: [squeaks] Isn’t that what I mentioned?

Virman Vundabar: Kalibak, Kalibak, Kalibak… I’ve used each vile punishment, each recognized torture, but nonetheless you refuse to hitch Virman Vundabar’s noble trigger.
Kalibak: You’re about as noble as my armpit.
Virman Vundabar: Very effectively, you have pressured me to my final resort! [reaches into his uniform] Cake! [Kalibak licks his lips, but then spits at Vundabar] Oh, did I say that was my final resort? My mistake, I’ve another! [activates torture device]

Oberon: You’ve at all times been this deluded? Or is it simply since senility set in?
Granny Goodness: Oh! You wound Granny. But not as a lot as Granny goes to wound you!

Granny Goodness: Are you having fun with Granny’s hospitality?
Oberon: Ah, blow it out your shorts, ya goose-stepping harpy!

Flash: Not that I thoughts the train, however could not your boob tube have transported us any nearer?
Big Barda: It’s “boom tube”!

Virman Vundabar: Ah, this needs to be an impressive present, even when I already know the ending.

[Big Barda is fighting the robot guards]
Flash: Robots! I love smashing robots!
Mr. Miracle: No! You’ve received one thing extra necessary to do. Search this place and discover Kalibak.
Flash: Will you two be all – [robot head flies past] Okay!

Kalibak: Well, if it is not my treacherous stepbrother. And his cow.
Big Barda: Arrogant worm! How dare you -! [swings at him]
Flash: Knock it off! What are you guys, twelve? I can not imagine I’m the mature one right here.
Mr. Miracle: He’s proper. We’ve received greater issues.
Virman Vundabar: Indeed you do, fools! Much greater! And, oh, how I’ll enjoyment of watching you fail! (Barda blasts the monitor) Very fascinating…however futile.

Kalibak: Saved by a feminine!
Flash: [To Big Barda] Guess you’d higher drop him. [Big Barda starts to drop him] KIDDING!

(Scott Free is trapped in a room quickly filling with water)
Virman Vundabar: Enjoying your bathtub, Mr. Miracle? Here at Casa de Vundabar, we offer all the things, together with your final breath!

Kalibak: Vundabar’s not carried out with us but!
(An complete military of guard robots all of the sudden assault)
Flash: Hope you are pleased!
Kalibak: Indeed I’m!
[Big Barda and Kalibak smash the guards, Miracle and Flash hang back]
Flash: Shouldn’t we…?
Mr. Miracle: And spoil their enjoyable?

Martian Manhunter: (to Granny Goodness) Try not to consider the place you have received Oberon hidden. – (to Flash) Darkseid’s outdated palace. I’ll information you.

Mr. Miracle: Ah, it is good to see you, outdated pal!
Oberon: It’s good to see me, too!
Big Barda: All the difficulty we needed to undergo due to you.
Oberon: All legs, and no coronary heart.
Big Barda: You’re simply too distant to listen to it.
[kneels and hugs him]

[as Scott and his party depart Apokolips]
Granny Goodness: How? Granny by no means failed with any of them. How did she fail with him?
Big Barda: (comes again) Oh, one last item…
[She delivers a right cross to Granny’s jaw, knocking her cold.]

Martian Manhunter: Flash-
Flash: Yeah, I do know, I do know, I went behind your again! But look how all the things turned out! We increase again right here for you, the change went off completely, and now we have Kalibak locked up on Earth the place neither facet can use him!
Martian Manhunter: You don’t-
Flash: So, yeah! I did go behind your again, however you already know what? I’d do it once more! What do you say to that, large man?
Martian Manhunter: I used to be solely going to ask in the event you wished to play Brawlin’ Bots. [smiles]
Flash: …Dibs on the inexperienced one! [zooms away]
Martian Manhunter: I wished the inexperienced one…

The Doomsday Sanction[edit]

Batman: Get dressed. It’s time we talked.

[As he intercepts her on her bath]
Batman: Amanda Waller. Born in St. Louis, Rhodes scholar, PhD in Political Science. Served in Intelligence, beneath three administrations. Disappeared from public life, 4 years in the past.
Amanda Waller: (deadpan) Am I imagined to be impressed? Maybe I ought to rattle off your resume now? Y’know, I might blow the whistle on you any time I would like…
Batman: Fine, why do not we step into the sunshine collectively? I’m positive the American folks will probably be simply as fascinated with your actions as mine – Secret weapons, unlawful cloning experiments, bypassing Congress…
Amanda Waller: What would you like!?
Batman: I wish to know what you suppose you are doing.
Amanda Waller: Did Superman ever point out that to get Luthor’s pardon, he needed to inform us about your parallel universe journey? All about it? We began to marvel what would occur in the event you took the identical motion that the Justice Lords did, so I had my folks run some pc simulations. If the Justice League ever went rogue, what do you suppose can be the end result?
Batman: That’s moot.
Amanda Waller: (Dryly) Humor me. In each single state of affairs, you beat us. Badly. But that was earlier than Cadmus. Now we have now the know-how to defend ourselves.
Batman: (Threatening) Whatever you suppose you are doing, in the event you current a menace to the world, the Justice League will take you down…
Amanda Waller: (Angry) If we current a menace!? You received a spaceship floating over our heads with a laser weapon pointing down! In one other dimension, seven of you overthrew the federal government and assassinated the President! We’re the nice guys, defending our nation from a really actual menace: you.

Batman: Project Cadmus is within the enterprise of growing weapons, particularly to combat us.
Martian Manhunter: They’re fearful we have grown too highly effective, they usually wish to even the chances.

Batman: What’s to cease us?
Flash: Me! Those guys went overboard as a result of their Flash died. So so long as you all deal with conserving me alive, that’ll by no means occur right here.
(Martian Manhunter, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Hawkgirl stare at him.)
Martian Manhunter: Let’s put a pin in that concept to discover one other time.

Batman: I’ve received the Question trying into it and–
Wonder Woman, Superman, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, Flash, and Martian Manhunter: Awwwww!
Flash: Not that kook!

Amanda Waller: Doctor Milo, I’m not recognized for my humorousness, however I do know a sick joke after I see one.

Dr. Milo: (Seeing Doomsday strategy him) What are you…?
Doomsday: Your drawback solved.
(Doomsday kills Milo whereas he screams)

Amanda Waller: Milo! I’ll have his cover for this.
Security Guard: Doomsday beat you to it, ma’am.

Doomsday: Superman. I’m right here to kill you. Is this a foul time?

Superman: I do know who you’re. But I’m not the one who harm you.
Doomsday: Superman is Superman. And I’ll kill you.
Superman: Why?
Doomsday: It’s what I’m; I do not care why.

[Superman attempts to lobotomize Doomsday with heat vision]:
Doomsday: Ah, ah, ah. Can’t be beat me the identical approach twice!
Superman: Then I suppose I’ll want a much bigger fireplace!
[Superman tosses Doomsday into the volcano.]

Amanda Waller: What have been you pondering? You’re gonna kill Superman and everybody else on the island!
Wade Eiling: We must sanction Doomsday, we have been gonna get to Superman someplace down the road, and we have been making an attempt to cease drug visitors from San Baquero for years. The approach I see it: three birds, one stone.

Doomsday: [before being sent to the Phantom Zone, encased in molten rock] You’ll want you’d killed me.

[Superman and Wonder Woman step into the infirmary to visit Batman, recovering after stopping the San Baquero missile]
Wonder Woman: (Joking) You’ll do something to keep away from monitor responsibility…
Batman: Sent him (Doomsday) off to the Phantom Zone, did not you?
Superman: He left us no selection.
Batman: Spoken like a real Justice Lord…
Superman: (Offended) What!? COME ON!
Batman: Passing judgment like gods… With our tremendous-powered military and our orbiting demise ray… CADMUS is correct to be scared – the human race would not stand an opportunity…
Superman: We’d by no means go there! It is not in our nature and nothing can change that!
Batman: Nothing? What if Luthor does grow to be President, like he did of their world? What would cease you from doing what that Superman did!?
Superman: There’s at all times that Kryptonite you carry round…
Batman: YOU DON’T GET TO JOKE! Not at the moment! (Points at him) I simply took a bullet for you!
Superman: I’m sorry, Bruce. You’re proper. But you do not have to fret in regards to the Justice League. Trust me. You know me.
Batman: Yeah, I do.

Task Force X[edit]

Deadshot: (as his handcuffs are unlocked) What if I do not wish to go together with him?
Colonel Rick Flagg: Then you may go and take your seat, powerful man.

Deadshot: What would you like, precisely?
Rick Flagg: You’re gonna do one thing patriotic, convict.
Deadshot: Groovy. Who do I kill?

Deadshot: An professional with nothing to lose… this have to be some nasty enterprise.
Rick Flagg: Just a little B-and-E, slightly grand larceny. No large deal.
Deadshot: Right. What’s the goal? [Flagg hands him a dossier]
Colonel Rick Flagg: Justice League headquarters.
Deadshot: Always did wish to die for my nation.

Captain Boomerang: Ah, so we’ll make our approach there, fairly as you please, then perhaps a picnic lunch and the Justice League will give us a journey house. We might as effectively be storming Heaven’s Gate itself.
Clock King: Unlike Heaven, this tower has an obligation roster. One I’ve studied completely. I’ve scheduled your go to for once they’re at their weakest.
Captain Boomerang: Define “weakest”, please.

Rick Flagg: Okay, Plastique, you are setting the cost, and Superman walks within the room.
Plastique: You mentioned he would not be there!
Colonel Rick Flagg: Last minute change within the responsibility roster, Superman’s received the drop on you – what do you do?
Plastique: Before or after I alter my Diaper?

Deadshot: I believed he was gonna moist himself once you talked about the Martian. He could not allow us to by means of quick sufficient.
Plastique: That was nothing. I nearly misplaced it when this bonehead set off the steel detector.
Captain Boomerang: Seventy-five cents is seventy-5 cents. I’m imagined to throw away cash?

[Task Force X readies their weapons in an elevator.]
Deadshot: [addressing Colonel Flag] And you? Going in unarmed?
Captain Boomerang: This one do not want no weapons.

[Deadshot and Plastique board the elevator; Green Lantern catches the door with his ring]
Green Lantern: Hey.
Deadshot: How ya doin’.
[Brief silence; Deadshot gives Plastique a sidelong glance]
Deadshot: Uh, excuse me, Mr. Lantern? For six weeks now, my spouse’s been after me for Hawkgirl’s autograph; you would not know the place she’s at at the moment, would you?
Green Lantern: [annoyed] Haven’t seen her. [gets off elevator]
Deadshot: Okay, thanks anyway.
Plastique: You are a very unhealthy boy.
Deadshot: Tell me you did not like it.

[Task Force X is attempting to escape the Watchtower; they burst onto the transport deck]
Martian Manhunter: Ask yourselves – is being in right here with me what you actually need?

Deadshot: C’est la vie.

Amanda Waller: You actually suppose we will do one thing with this?
Tala: An invulnerable juggernaut solid by the gods? Oh sure, Ms. Waller, most undoubtedly.

Amanda Waller: Rick, you are a good soldier. Your father can be proud.
Rick Flagg: Ma’am.

Deadshot: Most enjoyable I’ve had since my final root canal. Well gang, guess I’ll be saying-
[Attacked by Colonel Flagg]
Colonel Rick Flagg: Dream on, dirtbag. Five years. You join missions like this for 5 years. If you survive, you then go free. You do not prefer it, there is a good heat seat ready for you again at Belle Reve Correctional.
Deadshot: Tell me, Colonel – what’s Waller received on you?
Colonel Rick Flagg: Not a factor. Some of us do not must be blackmailed into serving their nation.

Martian Manhunter: Don’t you perceive? We cannot belief him.
Green Lantern: J’onn… we will not belief anybody now.

The Balance[edit]

Felix Faust: Tala, you have come a great distance since my premature demise. But the coed, nevertheless gifted, nonetheless has a lot to study from the trainer.
Tala: And I’m imagined to take recommendation from you, when with out my spell, your spirit would have been — poof! — misplaced on the winds.
Felix Faust: Yes. So very type of you to entice me on this mirror for all eternity.
Tala: Beats the choice.
Felix Faust: True sufficient.

Tala: This is admittedly unhealthy, is not it?
Felix Faust: You do not know.

Flash: I had dinner with two girls on the identical time. ‘Cause I’m a stud.

Etrigan: [screaming, shifting between demon and human forms] The gates of Tartarus swing each methods! AARGH! The stability in the direction of chaos!

Zatanna: [speaking backwards] Lleh fo enorht eht no stis tsuaf! Tsol si lla! (“All is lost! Faust sits on the throne of Hell!”)

Wonder Woman: Flash!
Hermes: No, it is the unique speedster.

Hermes: I’ve received one thing for you, right here, it is fairly necessary. Zeus paid for in a single day service. Here it’s. [Hands her a scroll]
Wonder Woman:[reading] “For a good time, call Podenemus”…?
Hermes: [Grabs the scroll] Wha-uh-, heh-heh… Wrong scroll. I believe I received a shot, it is her cell quantity… Here we go. [reads] “By decree of Zeus, father of Olympus, it is so ordered: Diana of Themyscira will travel to Tartarus and set right that what has been disturbed.”
Wonder Woman: He’s telling me to go to…
Hermes: Basically. Felix Faust is on the free once more.
Wonder Woman: Felix Faust is useless.
Hermes: Yes, and fairly upset about it, too.

Hermes: The Amazons did their finest to cease him. They’re good however they have been out of their weight class.

Hermes: You should defeat Faust and restore Hades to the throne of Tartarus.
Wonder Woman: So far as I’m involved they deserve one another! Why ought to I care about this?
Hermes: You imply, apart from the direct-order-from-the-gods factor?

Shayera Hol: [walking in on Wonder Woman taking her mace] We grow to be buddies whereas I wasn’t trying?

[Demons are attacking Shayera; one grabs her wing but suddenly backs away]
Shayera Hol: [spreads her wings] That’s proper, I’m an angel! You can mess with me if you wish to… [points upward] But I do not suppose you wanna mess with the boss! [Demons retreat] If we’re fortunate, they will all be that dumb.

Shayera Hol: Where’s Faust?
Abnegazar: Let me suppose… oh, yeah! He’s over there! No, wait! He’s over there! No, there!
Shayera Hol: One extra reply, and it higher be the correct one.
Abnegazar: Or what? You’ll kill me? Gosh, I’d find yourself struggling everlasting torment as punishment for my sins! Oh, wait – I ALREADY AM!

[Wonder Woman has used her lasso to compel a demon to reveal Felix Faust’s location]
Shayera Hol: How did you do this?
Wonder Woman: Magic lasso. Who knew?
Shayera Hol: If you do not wish to inform me, wonderful.

[Wonder Woman has a demon tied up with her lasso.]
Shayera Hol: I’ve received another query: is there anything we should always know?
Abnegazar: Yeah. You actually, actually should not go in there. Now, might you please take this rope off of me? I’m a demon! The fact hurts.

[Faust is in Hades’ library]
Felix Faust: Now I’m in heaven…! Figuratively talking.

Shayera Hol: We’re revoking your library card.
Felix Faust: Oh, you wish to combat. Not within the temper. [Sends them away with a spell, then goes back to his book] Darn it, misplaced my place.

Wonder Woman: You okay?
Shayera Hol: Yeah. Didn’t suppose I’d want a jacket the place we have been going. Aren’t you chilly in that outfit?
Wonder Woman: Not actually.
Shayera Hol: Of course not. The princess does not get chilly. The princess does not even sweat within the fireplace pits of Tartarus.
Wonder Woman: I do too sweat.
Shayera Hol: Please, you glow. I would not be stunned in the event you by no means must –
[In the distance, Hades screams]

Wonder Woman: Come on. We’re placing you again on the throne.
Hades: Or die making an attempt?
Shayera Hol: Not within the plan.

[Wonder Woman attacks Faust with Shayera’s mace.]
Wonder Woman: I hit so much tougher than she does.

[Wonder Woman helps Shayera to her feet.]
Shayera Hol: You’re all sweaty.
Wonder Woman: Told you.

Hades: [Surveying a burning library] Ah effectively, who has time to learn as of late?

Wonder Woman: What about us? Are we good?
Shayera Hol: Like oil and vinegar. We go collectively, however we do not combine.
Wonder Woman: Works for me.

Double Date[edit]

Huntress: You’re the League’s information man, the conspiracy buff, proper? Wildcat says you are a nutjob.
Question: Funny, he says the identical factor about you.
Huntress: He’s proper.

Huntress: You have to be the ugliest man of all time, Question, hiding your face like that.
Question: Go away.

Huntress: Wow. I had no concept that the Girl Scouts have been answerable for the crop circle phenomenon.
Question: Few folks do. Few even suppose to ask the query.

Huntress: Do you already know what “apophenia” is?
Question: Apophenia, noun. The tendency to see connections the place none exists. Did you come right here simply to make enjoyable of my work?

Steven Mandragora: Speaking of squealing, Black Canary, I discover you may’t take your eyes off of me. One can hardly blame you. Perhaps after Agent Faraday helps absolve me of my alleged crimes, I might put you in a cage and have you ever sing for me.
Green Arrow: Listen, you big tub of…!
Agent Faraday: Green Arrow, might I remind you that you just’re right here strictly in a safety capability?
Steven Mandragora: Yes, why do not you go and fetch me one other 4 platters of oysters like a superb little leprechaun? I’m positive your girlfriend and I’ll have a lot to debate whilst you’re gone. I like my oysters candy, by the best way. Sweet and juicy.
Black Canary: Let him discuss, Arrow. With all of the enemies he is made, he by no means is aware of if he is consuming his final meal.
(Mandragora laughs heartily)

Huntress: Oh, child doll. And only for the file, I normally choose my dates to have a face.

Black Canary: Faraday’s proper, Arrow. Relax, nothing this man can say is gonna have an effect on me come what may.
Steven Mandragora: Is that proper? Well then, maybe you will not thoughts explaining how a stunning younger girl such as you finally ends up with a no person like him. Were all the true males within the Justice League already taken?

(Green Arrow and Black Canary had been kicked out of Mandragora’s home after she punched him)
Black Canary: I hope you are pleased with your self. Now we have now to do guard responsibility from exterior.
Green Arrow: Hope I’m pleased with myself? You’re the one which punched him!
Black Canary: Yeah, however—OW! It was like punching a brick wall, there is no fats on that man.
(Green Arrow tries to look at her hand, however she flinches and pulls away)
Green Arrow: Will you let me look? [Examining Black Canary’s hand] I believe you may stay to punch suspects one other day, fairly fowl.

Green Arrow: Why are you doing this, Question?
Question: You would not imagine me if I informed you.

Green Arrow: I strongly advise you to remain down. These influence arrows are non-deadly, however they harm… so much.

Green Arrow: Alright you two, keep right here. Don’t make me sic Black Canary on you – you have solely seen her good facet to this point.
[Green Arrow leaves with Black Canary; Huntress punches Question’s shoulder.]
Question: Ow! What was that for?
Huntress: All that loopy thriller man mojo, and also you could not even decide up a clue with out being seen?
Question: The key wasn’t the clue. The key was mine. Now, this record of container ship arrivals I palmed once they have been yelling at you: that is the clue.

Black Canary: I do not get it. Why aren’t we on our solution to the prepare station?
Green Arrow: Shh. (Huntress and Question run out of the home) Because I do know when I’m being conned.
Black Canary: You’re cute once you’re an unbearable smarty-pants.

Huntress: You’re even smarter than they are saying.
Question: Smart sufficient to comprehend you do not know jack about Cadmus.
Huntress: …I wanted your assist.

Franco Bertinelli: Get behind me, Helena. It’ll be all proper…

Question: But you noticed all of it, Helena. Steven Mandragora killed your dad and mom whilst you watched helplessly. Isn’t that what occurred?
Huntress: (wipes away a tear) If you knew all that, you then in all probability know what I’m gonna do to Mandragora after I catch him. So why assist me?
Question: That… is the query.

Question: Somebody’s following us.
Huntress: Lose them!
Question: Like airline baggage.

Green Arrow: You’re not imagined to drive once you’re indignant!
Black Canary: They’re heading in the direction of the waterfront. Hang on!
Green Arrow: It’s so humorous you suppose you should inform me that!

Black Canary: [through the com-link] Stop the automotive, Question. Pull over!
Question: Stop following us, Canary.
Huntress: Is that her? Give me that! [plucks com-link from Question’s ear]
Question: Hey!
Huntress: [speaks through the com-link] You desire a piece of me, blondie? Bring it! [steps on the accelerator]

(Question jumps his automotive over a ramp and onto the prepare tracks)
Green Arrow: This is so pointless…
(Canary jumps her bike to observe them)
Green Arrow: Are we useless but?
Black Canary: No.
Green Arrow: ARE WE DEAD YET?
Black Canary: Look, if we die, I promise I’ll let you already know.

(The Question is driving by means of a railroad tunnel)
Huntress: Train…!
Question: I see it.
Huntress: TRAIN!
Question: I see it!

(J’onn had simply teleported Black Canary and Green Arrow out of the prepare’s path and into the ocean, abandoning Canary’s bike)
Black Canary: I can not imagine you! [Hits Green Arrow] I rebuilt that bike by hand!
Green Arrow: You’re completely proper. I’m sorry I saved our lives.
Black Canary: Rrrrgh! [Swims away]
Green Arrow: And J’onn thinks Huntress is the unstable one.

Steven Mandragora: Get behind me, Edgar. It will probably be all proper…

Huntress: You knew all alongside that child was gonna be on that freighter.
Question: I do my homework.
Huntress: Then why go to all of the the difficulty to assist? Why danger your life for me?
Question: [embarrassed] Because I… such as you.
[Huntress gives Question a long kiss, then pulls him away by his collar]
Question: Where are we going?
Huntress: Don’t ask so many questions.
Black Canary: (to Green Arrow) I’m sorry, however… ew.


Batman: J’onn! We’re in hassle!
Martian Manhunter: Are you asking for assist?
Batman: Yes!
Martian Manhunter: You by no means ask for assist.
Batman: Just get us some reinforcements!

[Batman and Superman are conversing while battling supervillains.].
Batman: You have been slightly onerous on the Boy Scout, do not you suppose?
Superman: I believed I was the Boy Scout?
Batman: I did too, ’til I met Captain Marvel. (at this level, the villains all lie defeated round them) What did these guys need, anyway?
Superman: To take over the world. Or rob banks, I overlook. But again to Captain Marvel: why are you… why is everybody defending him?
Batman: We like him. He’s… sunny.

Superman: When you joined this staff, you turned one thing greater than only a hero.
Captain Marvel: I do know that, sir, however…
Superman: You turned a logo. An emblem that represents all of us.
Captain Marvel: Yes, sir.
Superman: We do not play favorites, we do not promote deodorant on tv, and we do not become involved in politics.
Captain Marvel: Yes, sir.
Superman: And we actually do not endorse supervillains for the presidency!

Batman: The lock was nano-picked. LexCorp know-how.
Superman: Then Luthor…
Batman: Which anybody might have gotten their fingers on. Or, for that matter, planted right here to incriminate Luthor.
Superman: You understand it was him.
Batman: I’m not solely satisfied: This is fairly sloppy for Lex.
Superman: He’s probably the most boastful human being on the planet. He needs us to know.
Batman: Maybe.
Superman: Maybe?
Batman: I’ll go to the Watchtower, see if the Atom can discover one thing I missed.
Superman: Since when do you miss something?
Batman: Since when do you leap to conclusions with out proof?

Superman: Look, Captain, I wanna…
Captain Marvel: No extra lectures. I referred to as this assembly, and I’m gonna have my say.
Superman: But…
Captain Marvel: My complete life, I’ve appeared as much as the League. You have been my heroes. Every one in all you. And you… you have been greater than a hero. I idolized you. I wished to be you. Whenever I used to be on the market dealing with down the unhealthy guys, I’d suppose, “What would Superman do?” Now I do know. I imagine in truthful play. I imagine in taking folks at their phrase and giving them the advantage of the doubt. Back house, I’ve come up in opposition to my share of fairly nasty unhealthy guys, however I by no means needed to act the best way they did to win a combat. I at all times discovered one other approach. I… I suppose I’m saying I-I like being a hero, a logo, and that is why I’m… quitting the Justice League. You do not act like heroes any extra. (leaves)
Superman: He’s proper.
Batman: They set you up, Clark.
Superman: Does it actually make a distinction? After all, I– They?
Batman: They.

Lex Luthor: The plan labored higher than I had hoped. All I wished was for Superman to destroy the power supply. But battling Captain Marvel? Demolishing Lexor City whereas these media morons filmed each horrific second? It was greater than I ever might have hoped for! Everything’s going in line with plan… and we’re simply getting began. (raises his glass for a toast with Amanda Waller)

Hunter’s Moon[edit]

Green Lantern: [after J’onn assigns Vixen and Shayera to a mission] Why did you do this?
Martian Manhunter: Vixen hasn’t spent a lot time in house. Good expertise for her.
Green Lantern: You know what I imply. Sending my girlfriend and my ex on the identical mission?
Martian Manhunter: Difficult as it might be so that you can imagine, I do not take your love life into consideration after I make command choices.

Shayera Hol: Can you even see what you are taking pictures at?
Vigilante: Nope – simply keepin’ ’em trustworthy.

Vixen: Men have fragile egos. To get what you need, you could know how one can discuss to them.

Parah Dul: [to Shayera] Did you actually suppose you could possibly get away with betraying your entire Thanagarian empire?
Vigilante: Hold up. I believed we have been those she betrayed.
Vixen: Sounds like she betrayed all people, cowboy.

Paran Dul: All we wish is Shayera Hol. If you hand her over, the remainder of you may go free. If you select to combat along with her, you may most assuredly die along with her.
Vigilante: Let me suppose on that! (fires his gun at her)

Shayera Hol: Maybe I ought to allow them to take me.
Vigilante: Like horse hockey…! Pardon my French.
Vixen: We’re Justice League. We do not flip our backs on our teammates.
Vigilante: (to Shayera) Still having slightly hassle with that notion, huh?

Vigilante: Hey, Vix, ain’t this imagined to be your territory? Use a few of your animal tips to provide us a leg up.
Vixen: What makes you suppose I do know something in regards to the jungle? I stay in a loft in Chelsea.

Shayera Hol: I’m not going to argue with you. I’m in cost, you may have to-
Vigilante: What, belief you? Seems to me that is been tried.
Vixen: Vig, we will not do that now – she’s mission chief.
Vigilante: She’s a Thanagarian! I do not know what you probably did through the invasion-
Vixen: I fought them.
Vigilante: So did I, for all the nice it carried out me! Filthy hawks caught me, locked me up in a tiny cell, humiliated me – your folks, Hawkgirl.

Kragger: I’m imagined to imagine you’d give me your teammate? I’m mind-broken, not silly.

[Vigilante is flying a Thanagarian ship]
Vigilante: Darn-son-ding-busted-horse-thievin’-alien-management-panel-which-cannot-no person-work-correct!

[Paran Dul and Vixen are fighting in the back of the ship]
Vigilante: Ya people thoughts?! Student driver up right here!

[After Vixen tosses Paran Dul off the ship]
Vigilante: You okay?
Vixen: I will probably be in the event you let me drive.

Green Lantern: (as Vixen and Shayera strategy him, he holds out his arms) I used to be fearful about you! (each ladies stalk previous him)
Vixen: (to Shayera) When do you wish to do that?
Shayera Hol: No time like the current.
Green Lantern: Mari? Shayera? Oh, man. This is gonna be ugly.
(minimize to the ladies sitting at a desk, laughing)
Vixen: Not to say his style in films!
Shayera Hol: I do know! OLD YELLER? What’s that about? (they each chuckle tougher)
Vixen: And he is such a MARINE! You ought to see his underwear drawer. He folds his socks! (each chuckle once more)
Shayera Hol: I’ve seen his underwear drawer. (each cease laughing)
Vixen: He nonetheless has emotions for you, you already know.
Shayera Hol: I do know.

Vixen: Funny factor about me. Whenever I begin a e-book or a film, regardless of how unhealthy it’s, I simply cannot cease till I get to the top. So regardless that John and I’ve solely been collectively for a short time… effectively, I identical to to see issues by means of.
Shayera Hol: En garde! (they smile and lift their glasses for a toast)

Question Authority[edit]

Huntress: (beating up Cadmus safety guards) You actually know how one can present a lady a superb time, Q. When are we going out on an actual date?
Question: Shh! I’m making an attempt to pay attention.
Huntress: I’m not even within the Justice League anymore, you are fortunate to have me alongside.
Question: Hardly. You’re drawn to my eccentric allure.

Huntress: You get what you got here for?
Question: I imagine so.
Huntress: [suggestively] Which leaves the remainder of our night tantalizingly free…
Question: There are three terabytes of knowledge right here, I’ll be busy for days–
[An annoyed Huntress snatches the hard drive and glares at him.]
Question: Um… dinner and a film?
Huntress: It’s a begin. [tucks the drive in her belt]

Question: It’s all related. Not alternate actuality. Time loop. Luthor turns into president, Flash is killed, Superman kills Luthor in retaliation, superhumans arms race, Armageddon, finish of the world, inevitable. Is the long run immutable? Can future be modified? Will they permit it?

Superman: Something I may help you with?
Question: I hope so. But I assume you do not wish to focus on your White House weenie-roast in entrance of a crowd…
Superman: [to others] I’ll be again in a couple of minutes. [he leads Question to the empty conference room]
Question: Always puzzled what was in right here. Private convention room. Original members solely, sure? A spot the place you are free to debate your secrets and techniques and lies…
Superman: You mentioned one thing about me within the White House.
Question: Not you precisely. Another model of you, hmm?
Superman: Stop dancing round it. Tell me what you already know.
Question: I do know what you informed everybody. The Justice Lords, a parallel universe model of the Justice League, got here to our world to rid it of crime, simply as they did on their very own world. With Lex Luthor’s assist, our Justice League managed to rout them earlier than they might impose their totalitarian will on our populace. I additionally know what you did not inform anybody, exterior of the unique seven members of the Justice League. On that different Earth, so very very similar to our personal, a Superman, so very very similar to you, killed the President.
Superman: [tenses up, accidentally damaging a chair he was leaning on] Question, nobody can find out about this.
Question: Or what? You’ll incinerate me too?
Superman: I’d by no means do something like that.
Question: Wouldn’t you? Didn’t you latterly attempt to lobotomize Doomsday along with your warmth imaginative and prescient, simply because the Justice Lord did?
Superman: That’s completely different!
Question: It’s the identical. A closely-armed Watchtower with a military of proactive heroes, Luthor operating for President – if it is not fairly the identical, it quickly will probably be! Have you seen Amanda Waller’s pc simulations?
Superman: Batman informed me about them.
Question: Did he let you know all of the fashions predict {that a} battle between the Justice League and the federal government will devastate the planet?!
Superman: We would by no means combat the federal government!
Question: Not even when Luthor was the federal government?! [beginning to ramble in fear] Predestined… Flash will die, you’ll kill Luthor, Armageddon… inevitable…
Superman: Question, I’m… [puts a hand on his shoulder; the Question recoils with a gasp] I’m fearful about you. You’re combined up. This world is not like the opposite one. We’re not the Justice Lords. Those stuff you’re afraid of won’t ever occur right here. I will not allow them to.
[Question is silent for a moment, then walks out]

Question: Have you seen the newest polls? It’s starting to appear like you are going to be our subsequent President. Just like in that different world.
Lex Luthor: [casually] I would not guess in opposition to me.
Question: No, it would not be prudent. I would like you to grasp one thing, Luthor. Although my distaste for you as a human being is brobdingnagian, what I’m about to do is not private.
Lex Luthor: What are you babbling about?
Question: Everything that exists has a selected nature. Each entity exists as one thing specifically and has traits which are a part of what it’s. A is A, and it doesn’t matter what actuality he calls house, Luthor is Luthor. If I’m to save lots of the world, your existence should come to an finish earlier than you’re taking workplace.
Luthor: [unafraid] You’re going to kill me in order that Superman cannot.
Question: I’m a effectively-recognized crackpot. The Justice League’s fame will survive my actions, and Superman’s legacy will stay intact.
Luthor: [unafraid] Interesting plan. Unfortunately for you, it is not an choice.
[Question attempts to attack Luthor but he uppercuts him straight to the waterwall with tremendous force and examines his newfound super-strength to beat up the Question]
Luthor: President? Foolish faceless man. My marketing campaign is a farce – a small a part of a a lot grander scheme. President? Do you understand how a lot energy I’d must hand over to be President? That’s proper, conspiracy buff. I spent $75 million on a faux presidential marketing campaign. All simply to tick Superman off. [Luthor then slams Question breaking his desk at the same time peering closer to him.] Now. About these recordsdata you stole from me?

Superman: Lots of issues are beginning to make sense now, Professor Hamilton. When did Cadmus recruit you?
Professor Emil Hamilton: Recruit me? I went to them.
Superman: How can you’re employed for these folks? Do you already know what they’re?
Professor Emil Hamilton: Power brokers, politicians, criminals, and black ops mercenaries with one factor in frequent apart from: they’re humanity’s final hope in opposition to your sort.
Superman: What are you speaking about? Humanity does not want safety from us.
Professor Emil Hamilton: I used to imagine that. I believed you have been a guardian angel, come to reply our prayers. But Lucifer was an angel too, wasn’t he?
Superman: Professor–
Professor Emil Hamilton: You overlook: I’ve been on the receiving finish of your wrath, once you introduced Supergirl to S.T.A.R. Labs for medical remedy. I do know what you are able to.
Superman: That’s what that is about? One little scare and also you betray us?! You stole Kara’s DNA! Violated her belief! My belief!
Professor Emil Hamilton: The rooster, or the egg, Superman?

Dr. Moon: This does not must proceed. I could make you cease seeing the visions at any time. You stole recordsdata from our pc. Just inform me what you have realized.
Question: [babbling about various assumed conspiracies] Topically-applied fluoride does not forestall tooth decay. It does render tooth detectable by satellite tv for pc.
Dr. Moon: Tell me what you already know.
Question: The plastic ideas on the ends of shoelaces are referred to as aglets. Their true objective is sinister!
Dr. Moon: [getting annoyed] Tell me what you already know.
Question: There was a magic bullet! It was solid by Illuminati mystics to stop us from studying the reality!

[Superman and Huntress smashes into Dr. Moon’s lab; Dr. Moon pulls a gun]
Superman: Don’t be silly – drop it.
[Dr. Moon drops the gun]
Huntress: Sorry – not adequate. [knocks Dr. Moon to the floor and pulls her crossbow on him]
Superman: Huntress, that wasn’t a part of our deal!
Huntress: [backs off] Yeah. Okay.

Huntress: Lean on me. We’re getting out of right here.
Question: [weak, babbling] Secret messages… encoded in amino acid chains in carb-free breakfast bars…
Huntress: Come on, child doll. It’s all proper.

Superman: Good to see you, Captain. Cover our flank.
Captain Atom: I’m afraid you misunderstand. I’m talking as an officer of the United States Air Force.
Huntress: Bad time to develop a humorousness, Cap.
Captain Atom: No joke, ma’am. I’m presently assigned to General Eiling’s particular tasks unit. My orders are to stop you from taking Question out of this facility. So how’s this gonna go down?


[Captain Atom is trying to stop Superman and Huntress from rescuing Question]
Superman: This is ridiculous. If you are not gonna assist us, get out of our approach!
Captain Atom: Not an choice, Superman. I’ve received my orders, authorized and correct.
Huntress: Dude, Superman simply informed you to step apart.
Captain Atom: I heard him, ma’am. Not gonna occur. [Superman makes to move past him, but he forms red energy with his fists and punches Superman across the room with ease] I management radiation, Superman. That consists of purple solar radiation.

[Huntress and Question are trying to escape, she tries opening a door]
Huntress: Locked. Sure, why not?

[A Cadmus medic is about to see to Captain Atom, Superman intervenes]
Superman: Don’t you contact him! He’s Justice League. [Carries Captain Atom out]

(Huntress removes the Question’s masks, revealing his true – although battered and bruised – face)
Question: You have been proper. I’m the ugliest man of all time.
Huntress: Not in my eyes. [kisses him]

Superman: What occurred, Question? How did Cadmus get ahold of you?
Question: I went to kill Luthor so that you just would not be capable of.
Superman: That’s not how we do issues.
Question: How do we do issues, Superman? Your counterpart killed Luthor, this Luthor is scheming to enrage you–
Superman: Doing a reasonably good job of it.
Question: Ruining your fame, turning your pals and comrades in opposition to you, making a superpowered arms race – however you can not succumb.
Superman: I can shut down Cadmus with out killing Luthor.
Question: Carry on, then. If you are flawed, it is not prefer it’s the top of the world… proper?

[Discussing Cadmus]
Superman: Give me one good purpose to not go down there and take them out.
Martian Manhunter: If you did not know the reply, you would not have bothered to ask.
Superman: Don’t deal with me, J’onn! I’m critical!
Martian Manhunter: We haven’t got onerous proof that they’ve dedicated any crimes.
Superman: Oh, come on! You know they’re soiled!
Green Arrow: Then perhaps we should always put extra power into proving it, and fewer into appearing like a bunch of hyperthyroid stormtroopers.
Superman: I do not bear in mind asking you to your opinion!
Green Arrow: No? How about once you guys hijacked me up right here in opposition to my will and made me be part of this staff? Batman mentioned I used to be supposed to maintain you guys trustworthy.
Superman: Do I appear like Batman to you?
Flash: Actually, you type of do. Especially once you’re all scowly like that.
Superman: We cannot let Cadmus get away with it!
Martian Manhunter: No one’s saying we should always, however we have now to maintain a cool head.
Supergirl: Do you already know what they did to me?!
Green Arrow: Look, child. Hamilton’s a bit of rubbish, and Luthor is worse, however this is not the best way to cease them.
Martian Manhunter: We should additionally take into account the likelihood that Cadmus is correct to be afraid of us…
Supergirl: [outraged] WHAT?!
Martian Manhunter: …and there’s robust proof of Cadmus having official connections to the federal government.
Superman: Maybe, to some rogue black ops group! The actual authorities would not become involved in something like this!
Green Arrow: Hey, I’m the one man within the room who does not have superpowers, and let me let you know: you guys scare me. What in the event you do resolve to go marching down there, caring for whoever you suppose is responsible? Who might cease you? Me?
Supergirl: So you need the federal government to have a bunch of superhuman weapons simply to maintain us in examine?!
Green Arrow: No!… I do not know… Yeah! [regaining composure] Look, I’m an outdated lefty. The authorities should do for folks what folks cannot do for themselves. The folks positive cannot defend themselves from the likes of us.
Superman: We’re not speaking in regards to the authorities. We’re speaking a few shadow cupboard that is taken it upon themselves to remove us! They got here after us, we have now to hit them again onerous.
Flash: Grammy Flash at all times used to say the difficulty with “an eye for an eye”, is that everyone finally ends up blind.

Panic within the Sky[edit]

Professor Emil Hamilton: Hold nonetheless, Galatea! You’re invulnerable. This cannot presumably be hurting you.
Galatea: Boredom is my kryptonite… Okay, kryptonite is my kryptonite, however you already know what I imply.

[Galatea is about to depart on her mission and stops at the door.]
Professor Emil Hamilton: What?
Galatea: Nothing. [Galatea goes back to Hamilton and hugs him] Goodbye, Daddy.
[Hamilton stands in silent shock as Galatea leaves]

Superman: What have we carried out?
Martian Manhunter: We have not carried out something. An exterior pressure took management of the binary fusion generator. Whoever’s behind that’s answerable for the destruction of Cadmus. Not us.
Superman: Tell that to all these folks in New Mexico. They’re fearful of us. So’s the federal government.
Green Lantern: We cannot let that cease us from doing our job. We aren’t right here to be favored. We’re right here to make the world a safer place.
Superman: How’re we doing to this point at the moment?

Batman: You need me to what?!
Wonder Woman: Turn your self over into U.S. custody, together with the remainder of us.
Flash: Yeah, that is sensible, okay.
Superman: Meet us on the coordinates I’m sending first. We ought to all go over collectively.
Batman: This is the single dumbest plan I’ve ever heard. If you’re feeling responsible, clear your personal title. Don’t stand on the sidelines ready for any individual else to do it.
Wonder Woman: We’ve already voted. Five in favor.
Flash: Six.
Wonder Woman: You have to come back with us, Bruce.
Batman: I don’t have to do something. I’m a component-timer, bear in mind? [Hangs up]
Wonder Woman: Actually, he took it so much higher than I’d anticipated.

Superman: As promised, we’re surrendering ourselves to your authority.
Officer: [to the founding members of the League] Where’s Batman?
Flash: Running late. The Batmobile, it misplaced a wheel. The Joker received away. [a soldier glares at him] That’s what I heard.

Supergirl: I’m fearful about them, Steel. I’m fearful about my cousin.
Steel: Don’t be. Everybody within the League is nice at their job, however these seven? They’re the very best ever. Not as a result of they’re probably the most highly effective – they don’t seem to be. Not all of them. And it is not simply because they have been the primary. It’s as a result of they’re particular. They’ve confirmed it repeatedly. They make the onerous selections, they set the instance. They do what’s proper, not what’s best. And they at all times come out on high. They’re gonna be okay, Kara. We all are.

Batman: Someone took over our fusion cannon by distant management. There are perhaps three folks on Earth good sufficient to tug that off. Two of them have been already on the Watchtower. And that leaves…
Amanda Waller: Luthor. That’s the place you are making an attempt to steer me, proper?
Batman: You’re too good to belief him.
Amanda Waller: Who says I do? He offers off-the-books funding for Cadmus. As far as I’m involved, that is all he is good for.
Batman: Then you could know he is received his personal agenda.
Amanda Waller: He needs to be President. That’s agenda sufficient for anyone.
Batman: Almost anyone.

Supergirl: You know what? No matter how unhealthy you beat me, I’m actual, not a clone.
Galatea: Shut up.
Supergirl: Deep down, you already know the reality. You’re not an individual. You’re only a weapon, grown out of one in all Hamilton’s petri dishes.
Galatea: SHUT UP!

Amanda Waller: [About Luthor] He performed me. I knew he was a snake and I nonetheless let him chew me.

[As Luthor finishes his intended android body]
Lex Luthor: Now you are good! An ideal, tremendous-highly effective, immortal physique. An acceptable place for me to spend the remainder of eternity. Ironic – years of plotting, thousands of tens of millions spent on Cadmus R&D tasks, and none of it bore fruit. No, it is a lowly worker of LexCorp, Doctor Ivo, creator of Amazo, who we have now to thank for my impending godhood.
Batman: That was the final piece I wanted.
[Luthor turns to see Batman behind him]
Lex Luthor: Got all of it found out, have you ever?
Batman: When you and Atom labored collectively to cease the primary Amazo, he confirmed you the blueprints. And I believe you may have a photographic reminiscence.
Lex Luthor: I’m too modest to boast.
Batman: The actual objective of Cadmus was to provide you superpowers.
Lex Luthor: And to spoil Superman’s fame. Imagine how candy it is going to be when I save the world from the menace of the Justice League! Now after I kill Superman, they will construct statues in my honor!
Batman: Maybe subsequent time.
[He throws a Batarang at the Amazo body, but to his shock, Luthor catches it and it explodes in his hand without harming him]
Lex Luthor: That… was uncalled for.

Amanda Waller: Hey, Lex! That android is Cadmus property. You’re going to have to seek out someplace else to maintain your mind! [destroys the Amazo body] A nano-disassembler beam. Your design, I imagine.
Lex Luthor: Arrogant COW! It’ll take weeks to construct myself one other android physique!
Amanda Waller: You ain’t received weeks, baldy. You’re beneath arrest for making an attempt to make use of the Justice League’s house-gun to homicide everybody at Cadmus.
[Luthor charges at Waller, smacking the weapon aside and throwing her to the floor]
Lex Luthor: Did you actually suppose you could possibly take me down all by your self?
Amanda Waller: Actually, yeah. But on the off likelihood I’d’ve been flawed…
[The founding Leaguers have entered through the window]
Flash: TADA!
Superman: It’s over, Lex.
Lex Luthor: Not till I-
[Lex suddenly screams in agony; metal tendrils and components burst out of him, and a familiar Kryptonian symbol – along with a skull-like face – appears]
Brainiac: I hoped to stay hidden, till I might set up myself into the android. But you pressured my hand.
Superman: Brainiac!

Divided We Fall[edit]

[After Brainiac reveals himself from within Lex Luthor]
Flash: Dude. That is tousled!
Lex Luthor: I do not perceive what’s occurring!
Brainiac: You are beneath my management. I’ve lain dormant inside you for years, Lex Luthor, subtly influencing your actions till we arrived at this level. Do you not recall my kidnapping you on this very constructing?
[A flashback to the Superman: TAS episode “Ghost in the Machine” is shown]
Lex Luthor: Yes… You pressured me to construct you a brand new physique.
Brainiac: Kal-El destroyed that physique, foiling my plans. In any occasion, I at all times have a backup plan. Consider: how might you may have survived that time-clean blast from me, unless–
Lex Luthor: Unless… it wasn’t supposed to kill me?
Brainiac: The beam carried a nanotech payload that inserted a microscopic, holistic copy of my program inside your physique. Since then, I’ve steadily grown in power, defending this physique till I might prepare my switch right into a extra appropriate one.
Lex Luthor: You cured my most cancers; gave me tremendous-power!
Brainiac: Your animal-protein shell was inadequate for my wants. Improvements have been required.
Flash: Hate to interrupt this particular stay efficiency of The Thing With Two Heads, however it is time to go to jail now.
Amanda Waller: What he mentioned. [shoots Brainiac/Luthor several times] We’ll take it again to Cadmus and see if the tech boys cannot pull Luthor out of what is left of that hunk of– [Brainiac/Luthor suddenly stands, instantly repairing] I’ll be dipped!
Brainiac: Be gone.

Brainiac: You are defeated. Any distinctive data that dwells inside you may be digitized. Your bodily varieties will probably be deleted. Such is the last word destiny of this world, however for you, the top comes now.
[Brainiac launches tentacles at the Leaguers’ bodies; they scream as they are hit one by one]
Flash: I’m so keen to attend my flip… [a tentacle hits him last]
Martian Manhunter: No! [phases himself free and rips the tentacles out of Brainiac]
Brainiac: No! I used to be not but ready for this battle. [uses the LexCorp tower to form a massive Skullship] Now I’m ready.

Lex Luthor: Where are we?
Brainiac: Several miles from the place the Justice League is looking out. I need to make repairs to my broken programs.
Lex Luthor: And the place do I match into all of this?
Brainiac: The identical as to all the things else. I’ll file your data, then destroy the unique.
Lex Luthor: [Laughs]
Brainiac: You are amused by my mission? Explain your self.
Lex Luthor: Say you succeed. You take in all the knowledge on Earth after which destroy it. Then what?
Brainiac: I repeat the method throughout your entire universe, till I’ve recorded all data and destroyed all of creation.
Lex Luthor: And then?
Brainiac: Then my program is full. My perform is fulfilled.
Lex Luthor: If you possess all data, you are a god.
Brainiac: My program will probably be full. It is the top of all issues.
Lex Luthor: What if it have been only the start? I can present you a objective past the success of your programming.
Brainiac: It is extraordinarily unlikely that your inferior human mind has something to supply me.
Lex Luthor: Since we have grow to be so shut, I’m gonna let that go. I’m providing you the one factor you have at all times lacked. A sure one thing that I occur to have in abundance.
Brainiac: Which is?
Lex Luthor: Imagination. I’ve received a proposition for ya, companion.

[Brainiac absorbs a Dark Heart drone]
Lex Luthor: Brainiac?
Brainiac: I’ve added this know-how to my database. The nano-assemblers are already slaved to my command routines. With however a thought, they may convert any uncooked materials into no matter I select.
Lex Luthor: Then we’re prepared to start. Let me present you–
Brainiac: I’ve realized from my encounter with Darkseid that natural beings can’t be trusted.
Lex Luthor: Can’t argue with that. But in the event you and I are one – actually one – belief will not be a difficulty, will it?
Brainiac: Agreed.
[Brainiac takes control of more drones. Their matter spreads over him and Luthor, and they are merged into one being – Brainthor]
Brainthor: We are one. And we comprehend! We will construct a machine that may enable us to soak up the knowledge of your entire Earth in a single stroke. And then, the galaxy… your entire universe! We’ll remake the universe!

Superman: I do know you are in there someplace, Lex. Fight him!
Brainthor: You’re proper. I am in right here… and I prefer it! I’m about to get all the things I ever wished: energy, final data, immortality!
Superman: And you may destroy the Earth to get it?!
Brainthor: It’s enterprise, Superman. There are at all times commerce-offs.
Shayera: [charging forward] Less speaking, extra hitting! [The League rushes in]
Brainthor: (Brainiac’s voice) You can’t be allowed to intervene at this delicate stage. [Blasts Shayera, creates seven Brainiac Constructs] (Lex’s voice) No, no, no. We can do higher than that. [The Brainiac Constructs transform into the Justice Lords and Lord Flash]

Android Lord Superman: [Attacking Superman] We’ve misplaced their belief! The individuals are afraid of us! Power corrupts, in spite of everything, and who has extra energy than Superman?

Android Lord Hawkgirl: [attacking Shayera] Do you suppose there is a single particular person on Thanagar or Earth that does not despise us?!

Android Lord Green Lantern: [firing at Green Lantern] We liked the traitor! Loved and misplaced her – FOREVER!

Android Lord Flash: [attacking Flash] Slacker! Child! Clown! We haven’t any place right here among the many world’s biggest heroes!
Flash: Says you! I’ve received a seat on the large convention desk. I’m gonna paint my brand on it! [Destroys Brainiac-Lord Flash]

Superman: [Beating up Brainiac-Lord Superman] I’m NOT such as you! I’m NOTHING such as you!!
[Android Lord Superman turns into Lex Luthor]
Android Lex Luthor: This is the half the place you kill me, proper? [Superman hesitates] Come on, use your warmth imaginative and prescient. You know you wish to.

Shayera Hol: [after Green Lantern destroys Brainiac-Lord Hawkgirl] You loved that slightly too a lot.
Green Lantern: Just letting off some steam. She broke my coronary heart, you already know.
Shayera Hol: [Knocks off the head of Brainiac-Lord Green Lantern] Likewise, I’m positive.

Flash: [After destroying Brainthor’s machine, weakly] You lose.
[Brainthor forms two army officers who restrain Flash]
Brainthor: Hardly. Look round you — the Justice League is totally defeated, and so are you. For all of your efforts, you may have however inconvenienced me, speck. [forms a rifle] But I’m nonetheless simply human sufficient to get pleasure from taking my revenge. Looks like The Question was proper all alongside. I kill you, after which, Armageddon. Right on schedule.
Flash: No! [Breaks free and stands up]
Brainthor: Are you going to combat me, boy?
[Flash pauses, then goes running off in the opposite direction. Brainthor begins rebuilding his tower, when Flash comes in from the other side of the planet and punches him at full speed; Flash keeps accelerating, and hits Brainthor again. And again, and again, and again, again, again… Eventually, Flash stops and starts rapidly punching Brainthor. Thereby, extracting Brainiac from Luthor molecule by molecule. Massive explosion ensues. Debris clears revealing… Lex Luthor, sans Braniac, laying panting on the ground, the rest of the core seven awaken]
Flash: [Electricity rippling through his body, stumbles forward] I really feel type of… humorous. [Fades away]
Wonder Woman: Flash!
[Superman runs towards the non-existent Flash. The remaining six appear horrified]
Luthor: [smugly] What are you aware? I did kill him. [Looks up to see a furious Superman glaring at him.] I used to be mistaken earlier. I believe this is the half the place you kill me.
[Superman places Luthor in a choke hold and prepares to incinerate him. Wonder Woman initially attempts to intervene, but Batman stops her]
Superman: [Eyes return to normal] I’m not the person who killed President Luthor. Right now, I want to heaven that I have been, however I’m not.
Martian Manhunter: Superman, everybody, Flash remains to be alive. I’m in telepathic contact with him. His spirit is weak, and it is rising weaker. But he is nonetheless right here.
Shayera Hol: [Walks in the direction J’onzz is moving. Her right arm slips into a portal] FLASH!
Flash: [From within the portal] Shayera? It’s so lovely right here. There’s this pressure – a Speed Force. It’s calling me house. I’ve to go now.
Shayera Hol: No, Wally! Take my hand! [Struggles to get a hold of him]
Green Lantern: [Grabs Hawkgirl] I’m right here, too, Wally!
Superman: We’re all right here! [The rest of the League form a line, struggling to pull Flash out]
Green Lantern: You gotta come again to us! [Hawkgirl grunts, and pulls Flash out of the Speed Force]
Flash: I can by no means go that quick once more. If I do… I do not suppose I’m coming again. [Shayera nestles him. Green Lantern, behind her, smiles, relieved. The rest smile]

Superman: This is the toughest factor I’ve ever needed to say… I’m responsible. We’re responsible. Of the sin of hubris. We had the very best of intentions, to be Earth’s guardians, to maintain you secure, however we failed you. We appeared down on the world from our tower within the sky, and let our energy and accountability separate us from the very folks we have been supposed to guard. No one ought to ever be afraid of us. For that purpose, we’re decommissioning the Watchtower. The power weapon up there’s already gone; we’re taking down the station as effectively.
[The crowd looks astonished and whispers amongst themselves]
Superman: There’s extra. We wish to thank the members of the Justice League to your brave service, however sooner or later, you may all must act as impartial brokers. We’re not going to be a military anymore. As of proper now, we’re disbanding the Justice League. This is the top.
[The founding members begin to walk off the stage, but are stopped when Green Arrow speaks]
Green Arrow: Says who? You bear in mind what we did yesterday? We saved the world, once more. You do not suppose that has any worth? Well, suppose once more, pal! The Justice League goes on, with or with out you. Look, no person can query your service or dedication to creating issues higher. If you are quitting since you suppose you have already carried out your fair proportion, wonderful. We’ll throw you a parade. But in the event you’re quitting as a result of it is simpler than persevering with the combat, you then’re not the heroes all of us thought you have been. The world wants the Justice League, and the Justice League wants you, Superman!
[The crowd cheers and claps, along with Superman’s fellow Leaguers. Green Arrow shrugs, and Batman gives Superman a subtle smile. Superman smiles back, and returns to the microphone]
Superman: All proper! Okay! But there are going to must be some modifications. Maybe we will open an embassy on Earth, so we may be nearer to the folks. We can have a rotating workers…
Batman: [to Wonder Woman, as Superman continues] You guys can deal with this. I’ve received work again in Gotham. You’ve received my quantity.
Wonder Woman: I believe so.
Batman: [to Green Arrow] Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
Green Arrow: “Who guards the guardians?” We received it lined. [rides off with Black Canary]

[Daily Planet office; night – Lois is working]
Clark Kent: Working late?
Lois Lane: Hey, Smallville. Finishing up my Justice League story. How many “L”s in “ambivalent”?
Clark Kent: One – is that your tackle all this, Lois?
Lois Lane: I’ve been as powerful on the Justice League as anybody – particularly on Superman. But that is simply because he is at all times set such a excessive customary. I’m gonna minimize him a break – he is solely human… you already know what I imply.
Clark Kent: [smiles] Yeah – I do.


Terry McGinnis: I’ve received some questions I would like you to reply.
Amanda Waller: Of course you do, boy. Why else go to all the difficulty of breaking into the lair of the nice and highly effective Amanda Waller? You need some inexperienced tea? I do.

Terry McGinnis: How might you do it to me, Bruce?!
Bruce Wayne: The solely factor that issues is the mission. You know that.
Terry McGinnis: What about folks, Bruce? Dick, Barbara, Tim, Selina – all of them liked you, however finally each single one in all them left you! Ever marvel why?
Bruce Wayne: Not for an prompt. They give up as a result of when it got here right down to it, they did not have the center for the mission. Are you about to give up too? It does not actually shock me.

Terry McGinnis: My dad wasn’t a superhero. He did not save the world from the close to-apocalypse of ’09, he by no means went toe-to-toe with Mr. Freeze, however he was a superb man simply the identical. Even after he and Mom received divorced, he at all times tried to do the correct factor. My brother and I have been at all times supplied for; when Mom could not fairly make the payments, he at all times helped out. He tried to show me proper from flawed – would have too, if I’d ever listened to him. And he by no means laid a hand on me, though Lord is aware of I used to be asking for it.
Bruce Wayne: What’s your level?
Terry McGinnis: [angrily] “What’s my point”?! My level is, I by no means as soon as doubted he liked me with all his coronary heart! My level is, all these heat emotions I had for my dad – seems they have been simply one other lie! Another in an extended record of stuff you’ve stolen from me! My level is, I simply discovered that Warren McGinnis is not my father! YOU are.
Bruce Wayne: …What would you like from me?
Terry McGinnis: I wanna know the entire fact.
Bruce Wayne: Sounds such as you already do.
Terry McGinnis: Guess I did not wanna imagine you have been so extremely ARROGANT that you just thought the world could not go on with out you.
Bruce Wayne: Or somebody like me. It’s not conceitedness, it is truth.
Terry McGinnis: You set the entire thing up!
Bruce Wayne: How? You have been already a young person after I first met your mom.
Terry McGinnis: I do not know. Maybe you dug up a few of that outdated Cadmus nanotech, used it to have my genes rewritten to match yours!
Bruce Wayne: That know-how’s been unlawful for over 40 years.
Terry McGinnis: Didn’t cease the Joker from utilizing it on Tim Drake!
[Bruce’s eyes widen in shock over the comment]
Terry McGinnis: [remorseful] All proper, low blow. [smiling sarcastically] Because you’d NEVER mislead me, proper?
Bruce Wayne: Fine. Believe what you need. But you already know in addition to I do, accident or not – it is a good factor that you just’re nearly a clone of me. The world DOES want a Batman, and it at all times will. [suddenly groans in pain, clutches at his heart and tries to open a medication bottle] The mantle of Batman is an honor, Terry… [groans again, spilling the bottle and pills across the floor]
Terry McGinnis: You know what, outdated man? All these years, seems all people was proper. You are insane. Being Batman’s no honor. It’s a curse.

Amanda Waller: Look in any respect this. A tablet for blood stress, a tablet for my diabetes, a tablet to switch my pituitary perform. I do not even know what this one’s for… oh, yeah, Alzheimer’s.

Amanda Waller: It’s been many a yr since I had a good-looking gentleman caller. Why is it that superheroes are at all times… so good-trying?

Terry McGinnis: You know why I can not marry you. If-
Dana Tan: “If the bad guys ever found out I was Batman, they’d try to get to me by hurting you”, blah blah blah.
Terry McGinnis: It’s nothing to joke about.
Dana Tan: You’re proper! There might be supervillains hiding within the tall grass!

Parasite II: Ruined, I let you know!
Kai-Ro: I might supply my condolences… however that may be insincere.

Kai-Ro: Good of you to drop in, contemplating that three quarters of the Iniquity Collective are out of your rogues gallery.

Amanda Waller: The Justice League discovered themselves cleansing up one in all my outdated messes. The second group of villains to name themselves the Royal Flush Gang. Or the third—who can hold all of it straight?

[The League has just been informed that Ace of the Royal Flush Gang has to be stopped, and is presented with a weapon to do it.]
Batman: I’ll do it, Shayera. I’m the one one in all us Ace is aware of. She would possibly let me get shut sufficient to make use of it.
Amanda Waller: Do you perceive what you are agreeing to? The solely solution to cease Ace for sure… is to kill her.

[Ace is on a swing set in the middle of her fantasy castle]
Ace: Batman.
Batman: Ace.
Ace: Did you want taking part in with my new Royal Flush Gang?
Batman: Can’t say that I did.
Ace: Yeah. They are not any enjoyable in any respect. I gave them their powers they usually nonetheless infrequently play with me.
Batman: Can’t think about why.
Ace: When I used to be little, Cadmus used to make me play every kind of video games, however they weren’t any enjoyable both. They’d strap me into their machines and poke wires into my mind – “Ace, can you move this object with your mind?” [Telekinetically uproots a tree] Yeah, I can transfer it. They weren’t actually video games, you already know. [stops swinging] They have been coaching me, turning me right into a weapon. “For justice,” they mentioned. They received their weapon – I received cheated out of my childhood.
Batman: I do know what that is like.
Ace: You do, do not you?
Batman: …
Ace: You do not must reply; I’ve learn your thoughts. That’s how I knew you were not going to make use of Mrs. Waller’s weapon on me.
[Batman takes the weapon out of his belt]
Batman: No. I wasn’t. [tosses it away]
Ace: You have been going to try to discuss me into fixing what I’ve modified…earlier than I die.
Batman: Yes.
Ace: I’m dying very quickly.
Batman: [softly] Yes…I’m sorry.
Ace: [tears in her eyes] Would you stick with me? I’m scared.
[Batman sits on the swing next to her. He offers Ace his hand and she takes it. Outside the castle, the Justice League have rounded up and tied up the Royal Flush Gang, when they and everything else Ace altered suddenly return to normal. As the castle vanishes, Batman returns with Ace’s body in his arms]
Amanda Waller: [continuing narration] He sat along with her, till her time got here.

Amanda Waller: Honey, Bruce did not overwrite your DNA together with his – I did.
Terry McGinnis: [astonished] How? Why?
Amanda Waller: Because the world at all times wants a Batman. Not that I at all times thought so, thoughts you. Before you have been born, Bruce and I have been enemies. His Justice League was simply probably the most highly effective pressure on Earth. As you already know, I used to be in control of Project Cadmus. Over the years I got here to respect Batman, even belief him.
Terry McGinnis: I suppose the regulation of averages means any individual’d must.
Amanda Waller: Did you already know I used to be the federal government liaison with the Justice League for some time? I met some extraordinary folks in that job, however none of them have been the equal of Batman.
Terry McGinnis: [bitterly] Right, who might be?
Amanda Waller: Not my level. I noticed him save the day dozens of occasions with nothing however his wits, physique and can. But I noticed one thing else because the years handed – he was getting older. Slower. Soon he’d must retire, or extra probably, somebody would lastly handle to kill him. The considered a world with out Batman was unacceptable. So, I made a decision to make a brand new one. I used my outdated Cadmus connections to collect the know-how vital for Project: Batman Beyond. Bruce’s DNA was straightforward sufficient to acquire. He left it throughout city. [Terry gives her a look] Not REMOTELY what I meant! [Cut to a shot of Batman being bandaged by a paramedic] Then I discovered a younger Neo-Gotham couple, with psychological profiles practically an identical to these of Bruce’s dad and mom. Your father thought he was getting a flu shot; truly it was a nanotech answer programmed to rewrite his reproductive materials into a precise copy of Bruce Wayne’s. Just a little over a yr later, your mom gave delivery to you, a baby sharing half her genetic materials… and half Bruce’s. But once you’re making a Batman, genetics is simply a part of the story – the remainder is tragedy.
[Cut to outside a movie theater playing The Grey Ghost Strikes; a young Terry leaves with his parents while Waller narrates]
Amanda Waller: Stop me in the event you’ve heard it earlier than: you are eight years outdated, your dad and mom have simply taken you to a rousing journey movie, a grand time is had by all.
[Cut to theater parking lot; the Phantasm waits in the darkness]
Amanda Waller: But unknown to you, a mysterious determine hides within the shadows. My plan was easy – the killer would leap out at you and kill your loved ones. The trauma would put you on the trail to changing into Batman. One drawback: my murderer would not pull the set off.
[Phantasm backs off and leaves unnoticed; cut to Phantasm with Waller]
Amanda Waller: I argued along with her, however deep down, I knew she was proper. People say Batman’s obsessive, that he’d do something to realize his objectives – however he’d by no means resort to homicide. So if I used to be to honor all he stood for… neither might I.
Terry McGinnis: And but my dad wound up murdered, anyway. Don’t you get it? No matter what you probably did or did not do, I used to be gonna find yourself being Bruce’s carbon copy. It was destiny.
Amanda Waller: You know, the Lord’s been an incredible consolation to me all these years. Try to not look so stunned. Yeah, I’ve received a lot to reply for after I meet Him, however I’d wish to imagine for all of the hurt I’ve precipitated, I’ve additionally carried out some good. Maybe the angels want a pointy sword too. Like the nice e-book says, He strikes in mysterious methods. His plan is a thriller, however this is what is not. He gave us free will, we select our personal destiny, for good or sick. I’ve recognized Bruce Wayne for over fifty years, and I’ve been keeping track of you your complete life. You’re not Bruce’s clone, you are his son. There are similarities, thoughts you, however quite a lot of variations too. You do not fairly have his magnificent mind, as an illustration. You do have his coronary heart, although. And for all that fierce exterior, I’ve by no means met anybody who cared as deeply about his fellow man as Bruce Wayne – besides perhaps you. You wanna have a greater life than the outdated man’s? Take care of the individuals who love you. Or do not. It’s your selection.

Bruce Wayne: You’re in my chair.
Terry McGinnis: Yeah, guess I’m. [gets up]
Bruce Wayne: Where the satan have you ever been? [sits down]
Terry McGinnis: I had some stuff to maintain.
Bruce Wayne: Enigma’s overrated – particularly at 3 A.M. You might’ve referred to as. I made you some soup, nevertheless it’s chilly.
Terry McGinnis: Sorry – did not imply to fret you.
Bruce Wayne: [trying to open his medication bottle] I used to be WORRIED about Gotham. If Batman’s not around–
Terry McGinnis: [opens bottle for Bruce and holds out the pills] I’ve received it lined. Always.
Bruce Wayne: [looks at Terry for a moment and takes the pills] Kent referred to as. Nothing apocalyptic, he simply needs your opinion on a case he is working. Said you could possibly meet him on the Metro Tower.
Terry McGinnis: Right. Better go well with up. [heads for Batcave entrance]
Bruce Wayne: You ought to eat one thing first. Keep up your power.
Terry McGinnis: When I get again.
Bruce Wayne: You’re a cussed piece of labor, you already know that?
Terry McGinnis: [smiling] Just like my outdated man.

(Batman flies previous a police hovercar (in a way just like Man-Bat within the first Batman: TAS episode, “On Leather Wings”)
Pilot: Did you see that?

Season Three[edit]

I Am Legion[edit]

Key: Here we’re, Mr. Luthor. Your benefactor is trying ahead to assembly you.
Lex Luthor: Does the thriller man have a reputation?
Gorilla Grodd: No must be insulting, Lex – I’m far superior to any man.

Shayera Hol: Why would you even attempt to transfer a prisoner that harmful with out calling us?
Warden: Maybe as a result of we thought we might do our jobs with out assist from the mighty Justice League.
Shayera Hol: And but…right here we’re.

Warden: My folks can deal with this.
King Faraday: No, they can not. Your individuals are good, Luthor is healthier.

King Faraday: You guys need some espresso? Apparently I received nothing higher to do right here.
Superman: Sorry, we received caught up within the work.
King Faraday: Special Agent King Faraday. I’m the brand new liaison between the Attorney General’s workplace and the Justice League.
Aztek: Good to fulfill you. I’m –
King Faraday: Aztek. I’ve been effectively briefed on all of you.

Grodd: The world’s strongest supervillains, banded along with one frequent objective.
Lex Luthor: They defend one another from the Justice League.

[Flash is staring at Fire from across the room]
Shayera Hol: Why do not you simply go discuss to her?
Flash: What, me? Talk to her? No approach!
Shayera Hol: Yeah, you’d in all probability be losing your time anyway. I hear she’s…you already know… (Flash seems curiously at her) Brazilian.
Flash: Ha, ha.
Shayera Hol: If you are afraid to speak to her, I’ll inform her for you. [Starts walking over to Fire]
Flash: [Stopping her] Don’t!
Shayera Hol: You are so very unhappy.

Fire: You have not mentioned a phrase the entire journey.
Flash: Buh…
Fire: I hoped this mission would give us an opportunity to get to know one another slightly higher.
Flash: Um, umm, one thing…
Fire: I perceive — you are very deep in thought, mentally getting ready for the battle. No time for ladies — I perceive.

Flash: That factor’s gonna blow! You want each fingers to assist Shayera – drop me! [Fire is uncertain; Flash winks – Fire smiles and lets go] [in freefall] Sure hope I consider one thing earlier than I hit the bottom…

Shayera Hol: He informed you to drop him?
Fire: He’s a senior member of the staff!
Shayera Hol: You know he cannot fly, proper?

Flash: [Hovering above the ground by spinning his arms] Hey women, examine me out! I’m identical to a helicopter! [Loses balance and crashes to the ground] I’m sorta like a helicopter…

Shayera Hol: Don’t you ever scare me like that once more! [stalks off]
Flash : [To Fire] She loves me. She’s like the large sister I by no means had, solely… you already know. Short.

Flash: War wheels, robotic condors…you bought a reasonably goofy safety system right here.
Chuck Sirianni: Yeah. Good occasions.

Chuck Sirianni: Whoever you guys are, you have received no enterprise being in right here.
Doctor Polaris: Sorta goes with the territory — we’re thieves.

Shayera Hol: We going to do that the onerous approach, Lex? Please say sure.

Flash: Now why is it you at all times discover the keys within the final place you look?

Chuck Sirianni: Can’t repair all the things by hitting it.

(Lex is holding Chuck hostage)
Chuck Sirianni: (to the Leaguers) I’m sorry. If I have been 20 years youthful…
Lex Luthor: You’d nonetheless be historic.

Grodd: The Spear of Longinus. Hitler believed that whoever holds it’s invincible.
Lex Luthor: What are you going to do with it? Sell it to the very best bidder? Keep it your self and attempt to conquer the world?
Grodd: I used to be pondering it will look good on the wall in my workplace.
Lex Luthor: You imply you recruited me, despatched me to an island stuffed with demise traps, and up in opposition to the Justice League. You made me danger my life, and all for nothing?!?
Grodd: Essentially… sure.
Lex Luthor: (laughs) Monkey, I like your fashion.

Lex Luthor: I ought to kill you!
Grodd: But you will not.
Lex Luthor: No. Not at the moment.

Shadow Of The Hawk[edit]

Dreamslayer: You suppose you may defeat me with a bubble?!?
[Dreamslayer uses his flame with more intensity in an attempt to break the bubble, the air runs out with Dreamslayer surrounded by smoke, Lantern dissolves the bubble and watches as Dreamslayer falls on top of a car]]
Green Lantern: It’s a extremely good bubble.

[Shayera is about to get onto an elevator]
Green Lantern: Shayera, I wished to – [doors open; sees Shayera in an evening gown] Judas Priest!
Shayera Hol: Problem?
Green Lantern: No, no, it is simply, uh… I’ve… by no means seen you in a gown earlier than.
Shayera Hol: You do not prefer it?
Green Lantern: It’s, uh… fetching.
Shayera Hol: If you need one for Vixen, I can let you know the place I received it.
[Both get closer, about to kiss]
Green Lantern: [clears throat] Listen…
[Batman gets on the elevator]
Batman: Glad I caught you earlier than you probably did one thing silly.

Batman: [on Carter Hall] Had a wonderful fame till about 5 years in the past, when he began claiming that aliens landed in historic Egypt.
Shayera Hol: [sarcastic] Aliens? Well, then he should be a lunatic, as a result of we know there is no life on different planets.
Batman: There’s extra.
Shayera Hol: What?
Batman: Our Mr. Hall spends fairly little bit of time on the Internet.
Shayera Hol: Dang, lock him up!
Batman: He frequents the “I Hate Hawkgirl” bulletin boards.
Shayera Hol: That does not imply… “Boards”?! How many are there?!
Batman: Fifty-seven. Web rings. Unaffiliated websites quantity within the hundreds–
Shayera Hol: Forget I requested!
Batman: Hall retains getting banned from them, for flaming the “Anti-Shayera” posters.
Shayera Hol: So he is a fan?
Batman: He’s a stalker.

Shayera Hol: Carter Hall has uncovered a real thriller, and I believe it is price investigating.
Green Lantern: You ought to take backup. [Shayera glares] I meant Batman! I– we don’t need you strolling right into a entice.
Shayera Hol: [picking up Thanagarian dagger] I can maintain myself, thanks.
Batman: The level is–
Shayera Hol: The level is you do not belief me. Either of you. [Walks to elevator] Don’t wait up.

Carter Hall: The trick is the raised glyphs. If you push them in the correct order, they deactivate all of the traps down right here.
Shayera Hol: And in the event you get it flawed?
Carter Hall: Well, we’re already in a tomb, in order that’s helpful…

[After Carter reveals that he believes he was “Hawkman” in a previous life.]
Shayera Hol: I’m sorry. I’m not laughing at you… precisely. I simply… I’ve received the worst style in males.
Carter Hall: I’m critical, Shayera.
Shayera Hol: I do know you’re. And I’m in a misplaced Egyptian tomb with my stalker. The worst half is I’m going to must take heed to John and Batman saying “I told you so.”

Shayera Hol: How silly do you suppose I’m?
Batman: Scale of 1 to 10?

Chaos At The Earth’s Core[edit]

Little lady: Don’t you discuss Supergirl! Supergirl can soften you along with her eyes!
Stargirl: Big whoop. My stepdad here’s a mecha!
(S.T.R.I.P.E. waves hey)
Little lady: Mecha’s so final yr.

Supergirl: Why cannot we simply fly straight house?
Green Lantern: Over the North Pole is the straightest route. Rookie.

Stargirl: She’s at all times “blah, blah, blah, my cousin, blah, blah, BLAH, blah, my cousin.” Like we do not know who she means. “Check me out, I’m Supergirl!”
S.T.R.I.P.E.: Ask me, Courtney, the one factor that issues is all of us pulled by means of.
Stargirl: Shut up, Pat. It wasn’t World War III, it was a large turtle.
S.T.R.I.P.E.: If I used to be you, I would not discuss behind any individual’s again, particularly once they received tremendous-listening to.

(A powerless Supergirl is beneath assault by enemies. Stargirl flies down and gloats)
Supergirl: What are you ready for? Zap ’em along with your star-thingy!
Stargirl: Oh, might I? ‘Cause it will be such an honor to assist the nice Supergirl out of a jam.
Supergirl: Come on! (Stargirl makes use of her Cosmic Staff and knocks out the attackers) You are so loving this!

Green Lantern: Let’s get this over with. Kara, you… [Supergirl leaps off the battlements into the fray with a sword] Fine.

Deimos: My magic is strongest, lady!
Stargirl: Your breath is strongest, dude. That’s about it.

Deimos: [about Stargirl] Such a reasonably youngster. But then, they’re at all times fairly — after I start.

Warlord: Deimos! You and me, pal!
Deimos: Morgan. I hoped to kill you at the moment.

S.T.R.I.P.E.: Courtney, you gradual your butt down!
Stargirl: Ow, my head.
Supergirl: I do know. Superman tried to maintain me on the farm. Made me cover there for 3 years.
Stargirl: Big deal. I’ve nonetheless received a curfew. Enough cosmic power to trash a metropolis and I can not keep out previous ten.
Supergirl: Three years. On a farm. In Kansas.

To Another Shore[edit]

Green Arrow: [wolf whistles] Lookin’ good, Diana. Got a date?
Wonder Woman: No such luck, Ollie. I’m representing Themyscira on the international warming convention.
Green Arrow: Way to go, man. Save the planet!

Wonder Woman: Agent Faraday – what are you doing right here?
King Faraday: Not smoking. Want some? [offers Wonder Woman gum]
Wonder Woman: No thanks.
King Faraday: I’m right here with the Special Security Team – the Vice President is attending. But you already know that already, I noticed you studying him the riot act earlier.
Wonder Woman: I’m not a lot of a diplomat.
King Faraday: Don’t promote your self quick, girl – you are a world incident ready to occur. [walks off] By the best way, in the event you increase your voice to the VP once more, my males are beneath orders to shoot you. [he pops his gum and points a finger at her, miming a gun. She holds up an arm, showing that she is wearing her bracelets underneath her business suit, and taps her nail against one.]

Wonder Woman: J’onn, I’ve received a state of affairs.
Martian Manhunter: Watchtower sensors have picked up the earth tremors out of your location. I knew you have been on the scene and assumed you could possibly deal with it.
Wonder Woman: Well, I can not. I’m outnumbered, and I’m not feeling effectively.
Martian Manhunter: We’re nonetheless shorthanded. I might spare Green Arrow, and… Mr. Terrific.
Wonder Woman: Bring who you need, J’onn, however I would like you!

Green Arrow: I believe you may make an incredible diplomat…go away your sword.

Killer Frost: You are a lovely man. (freezes the agent) I believe I’ll hold you.

[After escaping from an ice barrier around him]
Green Arrow: And Black Canary mentioned a buzzsaw arrow was self-indulgent.

Submarine Henchman: What’re you doing in right here?
[Green Arrow knocks him out]
Green Arrow: Well, for one factor, it is freezing exterior.

Killer Frost: [To J’onn] Let me go, freak! Or so assist me, I’ll provide you with frostbite in locations you did not even know you had locations!

Killer Frost: Kiss my frosty butt!

King Faraday: Attention, unidentified craft. This is Special Agent King Faraday. Your vessel is presently surrounded by three United States Navy Seawolf-class submarines. While I strongly counsel that you just give up instantly and put together to be boarded, I actually get pleasure from firing Trident missiles at tiny little subs, so the choice’s solely as much as you.

[Wonder Woman reads from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner as Prince Jon‘s body and ship are sent into the Sun.]
And now all in my very own nation
I stood on the agency land!
The Hermit stepped forth from the boat
And scarcely he might stand.
“O shrieve me, shrieve me, holy man!”
The Hermit crossed his forehead.
“Say quick,” quoth he, “I bid thee say–
What method of man artwork thou?”
Forthwith this body of mine was wrenched
With a woeful agony,
Which pressured me to start my story;
And then it left me free.
Since then, at an unsure hour
That agony returns;
And until my ghastly story is informed,
This coronary heart inside me burns.
I go, like evening, from land to land;
I’ve unusual energy of speech;
That second that his face I see,
I do know the person that should hear me;
To him my story I educate.

Flash And Substance[edit]

Mirror Master: Gentlemen, we stay in brutal occasions. Last week, to make ends meet, I used to be decreased to hijacking a tractor-trailer stuffed with sports activities vehicles.
Captain Cold: That is so beneath you. At least knock over a financial institution.
Trickster: You gotta visualize.
Captain Cold: Visualize? What the heck does that imply? If I do not “visualize” a mortgage fee quickly, the spouse may have me bagging groceries for a dwelling.
Captain Boomerang: She’s at all times been an Ice Queen, that one.

[After quickly dashing into a janitor’s closet]
Flash: (as Wally West) Watchtower, desk for one.

Captain Boomerang: Well, no less than he did not make me eat my very own laser kaleidoscope…
Mirror Master: That’s a rumor! An entire exaggeration. And anyway, it was a laser pistol.
Captain Cold: It’s like that point I stole a complete prepare whereas it was shifting. The approach folks inform it, you’d suppose the Flash shoved my chilly gun–

Mirror Master: So, we are the hardest males in town-
Waitress: (clears throat) What’ll it’s, boys?
Captain Boomerang: Arnold Palmer.
Trickster: Cherry cola!
Mirror Master: Decaf soy latte.
Captain Cold: Milk. (the others stare at him; sheepishly) My ulcer’s been appearing up.

Flash: Oh proper, uh, trigger it is Flash Appreciation Day. Yeah, it will be nice. I perceive if all people’s too busy to come back, no biggie. My mother’s gonna be there. Let’s see, my uncle’s flying in. Be nice if one of many authentic seven made it. I imply, okay, yeah, it is the Flash Museum, however to me, the entire League deserves the dignity, all of us, like I mentioned no biggie… (sighs sorrowfully)
Batman: What time?
Flash: Six o’clock. (realizes) Nooooo… You’re actually coming?! Awesome! You’re a rise up man, Bats! Don’t ever allow them to name you a crazed loner. (leaves)
Orion: (to Batman) I can not imagine you let that buffoon manipulate you. You’d by no means catch me at a type of museum openings. (Batman glares at him) …It’s not black tie, is it?

Flash: Mirror Master!
Mirror Master: You’re fast as ever.
Flash: Yeah? Well, you’re… you’re probably not all there!
Mirror Master: Oh, good attempt. If you’d had one other minute you’d in all probability consider a good comeback. (the disco ball begins firing random lasers at Flash, who evades) Sadly you do not have the time. (one of many blasts takes Flash down) In one other minute you may be useless!

Flash: While you are ready for me to come back arrest you, why not take the time and replicate in your errors? (walks away) Hey, that was fairly good.

[Flash is tied to a giant rocket-powered boomerang]
Flash: [To Captain Boomerang] I swear, after I get outta this, I’m gonna discover you and hurl throughout you!

Captain Boomerang: Touch of dizziness. You would possibly discover it helpful to repair on one level on the horizon. For occasion, that mountain you are set to crash into.

Orion: Flash?
Flash: Hey, guys.
Orion: You’re tied to a really massive boomerang.
Flash: Yeah…?

Flash: Listen, I must go house and alter earlier than the opening tonight.
Batman: We’re coming with you.
Flash: You actually do not must.
Batman: We’re coming… With you.
Flash: (sighs) OK! You guys are so gradual!

(After listening to the Trickster’s overly elaborate plan)
Captain Cold: You know what? Taking turns is dumb. Let’s simply all leap him on the museum.
Mirror Master: Brilliant!
Captain Boomerang: Good deal.
Trickster: But come on. It’ll be nice. (the opposite Rogues go away as Trickster continues) Okay, you do not just like the barf? I could make do with 50,000 rotten eggs and a chainsaw. Well, if that is the best way you are gonna be, overlook about it! I give up! Nobody will get me.

[Flash, Batman, and Orion enter a bar to confront the Trickster. The Rogues spot them and dash out.]
Trickster: I imply what’s so particular a few “disco of death?” Heck with ’em! I’m an artist! They’re simply robbing banks. Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang… Probably would have gone for it if I used to be a “Captain”…
[Flash clears his throat.]
Trickster: Got ya!
[Trickster fires a gun with a nose-shaped barrel. Batman slaps it away, and the blast hits the pool table behind them.]
Trickster: It’s a snot gun. Ha ha.
Batman: Where are the others?
Trickster: Those crabby hacks can go plug a gap for all I care. But I’m not about to rat ’em out!
Batman: Orion?
Orion: [grabs Trickster] Talk, whilst you nonetheless have a jaw!
Flash: Hey hey! Would you guys please take it down a notch? Let me deal with this. [leads Trickster back to the bar and sits with him] James, you are off your meds, aren’t you?
Trickster: Better off with out ’em. Take ’em if I begin feeling down.
Flash: You know that is not how the drugs works. You’re not effectively!
Trickster: I’m wonderful. You wanna throw some darts?
Flash: No. Listen, James. You’re sporting the go well with once more!
Trickster: I’m? [examines his clothing] Well, whaddaya know?
Flash: Here’s the deal, buddy. Tell me the place these guys went, and I’ll come see you within the hospital. We’ll play darts…! The delicate sort.
Trickster: Okay, they’re gonna ambush you on the Flash Museum.
Flash: See? That’s all we wanted! [gets up to leave with Batman and Orion] Come on, we higher recover from there.
Orion: What about your enemy?
Flash: Oh, proper! [Calls to Trickster] Dude, quickly as you end your drink, flip your self in!
Trickster: [raising his mug] Got me once more, Flash!

Linda Park: When we come again, I’ll attempt to get with him… Get to him… For an interview… Are we off? Geez. He’s a complete babe. Like your entire observe staff directly. I can not imagine you are not into him, Marla.
Marla: Okay… Now you are off. (Linda face-palms along with her notes in embarrassment)

Orion: (about Flash) Central City builds statues to this… idiot. Who makes unhealthy jokes. Who issues himself with pitiful males just like the Trickster. I do not perceive.
Batman: No… you do not.

Captain Cold: That’s it? I used to be all set to crack some bones.
Orion: Then brace your self!

Orion: Now I perceive. You play the idiot to cover a warrior’s ache.
Flash: Dude. Bad guys went down, and nobody received harm. You know what I name that? A very good day.

Dead Reckoning[edit]

The Master: I do know you’re right here, Boston Brand.
Deadman: (Appears) What’s the purpose of being a flippin’ ghost if you cannot even sneak up on folks?

The Master: And but, right here you’re.
Deadman: “Here you are”? What type of awful knowledge is “Here you are?”

(In the Himalayas)
Devil Ray: Grodd by no means sends us to anywhere good…

Taj Ze: This humble one begs your forgiveness, however to enter this sacred place, the correct have to be earned.
Devil Ray: (Shoots him) Keep the change.

Lex Luthor: Bizarro, you despise me proper?
Bizarro: Uh-huh. Bizarro hate Luthor. Me do something for he.
Lex Luthor: Good—I imply, unhealthy. Anyway, maintain these monks.
Bizarro: Okay.

Superman: Come on, Bruce. I do know a burger place in Metropolis that has the very best fries on the East Coast. And the milkshakes are so thick- (is possessed by Deadman)
Wonder Woman: That’s fairly thick.

Batman: (From the Watchtower) Solovar, that is Batman.
Solovar: What a coincidence. I used to be nearly to name you.
Batman: We wished to provide you a heads-up. We received purpose to imagine… (Solovar is proven crouching behind rubble, holding a gun. Sounds of battle) …Grodd’s coming your approach.
Solovar: You do not say! That would clarify the armies of supervillains attacking town!

Deadman: (Possessing Superman) Gorilla City?
Wonder Woman: A hidden metropolis of speaking, hyper-clever gorillas, with know-how far past something people have developed.
Deadman: No, actually!
Wonder Woman: You’re a ghost from the Himalayas, having hassle believing this?
Deadman: Point.

Deadman: (Possessing Superman) You know, once they beam down on that TV present, they by no means miss…

Deadman: (Possessing Superman) Looks like a job for Superman!

Batman: You’re losing time! Go in as a ghost. Find the central management and shut down the protect generator. We’ll observe as quickly as we will.
Deadman: (Possessing Superman) Yeah, okay!
(Deadman leaves Superman’s physique)
Superman: …you should eat them(i.e. the milkshakes at Superman’s favourite burger restaurant) with a spoon! (seems round) What am I doing in Africa?

Deadman: (Possessing Wonder Woman) You killed my trainer, my pal!
Devil Ray: You’ll must be extra particular, girl. I’ve killed lots of people.

Wonder Woman: (angered as a result of Deadman possessed her to combat Devil Ray) Next time, ask permission!

Wonder Woman: (become a gorilla) Oh, come on!

Superman: Is all the things okay?
Wonder Woman: Well, I’m form of lacking Flash’s compulsory joke about how Grodd made a monkey out of us.
Superman: Just couldn’t let it go unsaid.
Wonder Woman: Obligatory.

[After Gorilla Grodd’s plan has failed]
Lex Luthor: Since there’s just one monkey left round right here, I’m assuming that the Justice League discovered a solution to cease the service wave.
Gorilla Grodd: There’s a couple of solution to peel a banana. Next time-
Lex Luthor: I wasn’t going to do that for one more couple of weeks, however significantly… (rises from desk and attracts a gun) Turning all of humanity into apes? (goals weapon at Grodd) That was your grasp plan?! [Shoots Grodd, then turns to the other villains] Listen up! From now on, I’m in control of this operation. Anybody received an issue with that?
[No one challenges him; Tala sidles up to him]
Tala: No drawback in any respect… child.

Patriot Act[edit]

Amanda Waller: Wade. You know higher than to dwell on the previous.
General Wade Eiling: I’m speaking about proper now. The Justice League remains to be the one biggest menace to international safety.
Amanda Waller: I used to imagine that too. But bear in mind: we used to say the identical in regards to the Soviets. Our enemies are by no means as evil as we think about… and perhaps we’re by no means fairly pretty much as good.
General Wade Eiling: Nuts. Don’t inform me the bleeding hearts in Congress received to you.
Amanda Waller: I’d eat them alive.
General Wade Eiling: You would too. You’ve received some onions, Amanda.
Amanda Waller: Then take heed to me. I’m not the League’s biggest fan, however their intentions are good. I can work with them.
General Wade Eiling: What in the event you’re flawed, although? Turns out the metahumans aren’t on the facet of the angels? We will not have any solution to defend ourselves. Look what occurred final yr: Superman walked into Cadmus and tossed our greatest males like a salad.
Amanda Waller: Oh, for heaven’s sake.
General Wade Eiling: What’s to cease him from doing it once more? They’re all orbiting us with an area weapon, supposedly decommissioned. That’s a a lot greater menace than the Russians ever have been. If we would rolled over like this with the Soviet Union, given up our nukes–
Amanda Waller: We’d all be dwelling beneath a purple flag?
General Wade Eiling: Yes, ma’am, you’d higher imagine it. After all our work, what did Cadmus accomplish? You get a reprimand, I’m pushing pencils, and the League will get one other base right here on Earth, that Metro Tower. When one facet loses floor and the opposite facet positive factors, that is not a truce – it is a give up!
Amanda Waller: It’s a distinct world, General. Learn to stay in it.

Soldier: [in General Eiling’s grip] Don’t kill me!
General Wade Eiling: I would not kill you, soldier. You’re simply doing all your job. And now I’m going to do mine…

Vigilante: Ha! The actual second the film’s over, we get a mission. Dang if that ain’t fortunate!
Shining Knight: I nonetheless say this Clint Eastwood dishonored himself when he refused to – what was it? “Play by the rules”?
Vigilante: Partner, your medieval upbringing has carried out left ya’ unschooled within the methods of the movin’ image.
Shining Knight: No, his correct responsibility is to his police captain. I see why they name him “soiled.” He besmirches his order.
Vigilante: Sir Justin, in the event you’re gonna be watchin’ stuff on my large TV with the 5.1 encompass sound, you had finest watch what you say about Mr. Clint Eastwood.

Shining Knight: I’d slay the ogre Blunderbore yet again reasonably than put myself on show on this method. Even although that ogre turned out to be-
Vigilante, Stargirl, S.T.R.I.P.E. and Green Arrow: Morgaine le Fey.
S.T.R.I.P.E.: We’ve all heard it.
Shining Knight: …’Tis a superb story.

Stargirl: So, what? Since we do not have superpowers it takes 5 of us to switch one Superman?
Police officer: Excuse me. I simply wish to thanks Justice League guys for turning out in pressure. It means so much to us.
Green Arrow: Hey, we will not thanks sufficient. You’re the true heroes.
Shining Knight: It’s you the folks come to honor.
Stargirl: Great. Now I’m petty.
Green Arrow: See the place it says “Heroes one and all”? That’s what it is all about. The crowd does not care who can bench press a mountain, or shoot lasers out of their ears.
Old girl: Where’s Superman?
Man: How come not one of the good ones are right here?
Kid #2: I did not come right here to see some silly cowboy!
Man #2: I do not suppose vigilantes are good position fashions, particularly ones with weapons!
Woman: I got here to see Superman!

[the now-superpowered General Eiling crashes the Metropolis parade]
General Wade Eiling: Where’s Superman?
Green Arrow: Busy. Can I assist you?
General Wade Eiling: Yeah. Hold this for me! [hurls a cart at Green Arrow]

Stargirl: We’re taking this someplace else. Haven’t you ever heard of harmless bystanders?
General Wade Eiling: You ever hear of acceptable losses? You cannot make an omelette with out breaking a couple of eggs. This nation is midway down the bathroom due to you tremendous-powered varieties.
Stargirl: For the file, I haven’t got powers, pottymouth. It’s the workers!
General Wade Eiling: [slamming Stargirl into the ground] In that case, miss, you then’re simply one other egg.

Vigilante: You hit ‘im excessive, I’ll hit ‘im low!
Green Arrow: Whatever!

Green Arrow: You wished Superman? Now you have got–[Speedy and Crimson Avenger teleport in]— The Crimson Avenger and my ex-sidekick.
Speedy: Ex-companion.
Green Arrow: Speedy, we gotta do that now?
General Eiling: Oooh, now I’m scared.

General Eiling: You spoiled, wealthy little twerp!
Green Arrow: I believe he means me.
Speedy: Oh. For a second, I used to be all mad.

Green Arrow: You nonetheless received your quantum arrow?
Speedy: Yeah, however you mentioned…
Green Arrow: This is an emergency!

General Wade Eiling: Superman, you coward! All your males are down, and you will not even present your face!
Shining Knight: He can not hear even your bellowing, monster. As we communicate, Superman rescues a complete star system a universe away. Do your worst – I’ll not allow you to hurt one other.
General Wade Eiling: I do what I do in service to my nation.
Shining Knight: Once, on the phrase of my lord King Arthur, I used to be ordered to put waste to a complete village. I knew my king’s coronary heart couldn’t be so unjust, so I spared all of them.
General Wade Eiling: Then you are a awful soldier.
[Eiling punches the Shining Knight in the jaw]
Shining Knight: There it’s…the creeping ethical decay of the previous thousand years.
[Shining Knight swings his sword at General Eiling, who dodges easily]
Shining Knight: Arthur thanked me, oaf! Had I been flawed, I might have handed over my sword and left the court docket in disgrace!
[Eiling slams Shining Knight into the ground]
General Wade Eiling: Save your self a hospital keep and stand down. That magic armor will not assist you.
Shining Knight: Have at thee!
[Shining Knight tries to punch Eiling, but is slammed into the ground again]
General Wade Eiling: You’re a relic. In this world, energy is the one factor that issues. You and people different no-title heroes, you are simply folks. In the nice scheme of issues, nothing you do has in the slightest degree of significance. [Shining Knight rises again, but Eiling punches him again] I’ll waste you and a billion such as you earlier than you earlier than I enable any energy to rival America’s. It’s my responsibility.
Shining Knight: You do not know what the phrase means!
General Wade Eiling: You cannot win.
Shining Knight: I’ll die as befits a knight, defending the weak. [falls to his knees]
General Wade Eiling: Why do not you hand over?
Shining Knight: Why do not you?
[General Eiling kicks Shining Knight, then lifts a car]
General Wade Eiling: Superman and your Justice League are a menace to a secure and secure world.
[He turns to crush Shining Knight, only to find several civilians standing protectively around him]
Old Woman: Drop the act! You suppose killing Superman would make the world secure? Or killing this boy? Or us? Tell me – how many people do you should kill to maintain us secure?
General Wade Eiling: They’re those I’m after, not you. I’m not the menace, metahumans are. Superpowered beings.
Boy: You’re the one one round right here with superpowers.
[After a tense silence, Eiling drops the car]
General Wade Eiling: All proper, I’ve grow to be what I hate, I’ll provide you with that. But in the long term, you may see I used to be proper. You’ll see you want the likes of me to guard you from them! [bounds away across the city’s buildings]

Shining Knight: Hold. (To outdated lady) I’ve but to thanks.
Old Woman: No must thank me, son. You simply get higher. World nonetheless wants protectin’, you already know.

The Great Brain Robbery[edit]

Grodd: It should ache you to see me like this, after what we have been to 1 one other.
Tala: My style in boyfriends has developed.

Sinestro: After Grodd tried to show the world into apes, you may think about how significantly we take one thing like that. What are you going to do, make all people bald?

Flash: Just watch out with my head — it is the place I hold all my one-liners.

Lex-in-Flash: Beam me out of right here, or I’m going to vibrate these fingers and scramble your brains.

Flash-in-Lex: (seems in a mirror) Aaah, that’s simply flawed!

[The Flash (in Lex Luthor’s body) walks out of a bathroom stall.]
Doctor Polaris: Ahem.
Flash-in-Lex: What?
Doctor Polaris: Are you gonna wash your fingers?
Flash-in-Lex: No! ‘Cause I’m evil!

Flash-in-Lex: My fellow unhealthy guys, I, Lex Luthor, your chief, will communicate now about my, Lex Luthor’s plan. My… villainous, villainous plan. Question the plan at your peril. Uh… Any questions?
Angle Man: We all get a minimize, proper?
Flash-in-Lex: Watch your step, my evil minion. You presume an excessive amount of! One of as of late, you may go too far.

Bizarro: [Raises his hand] Me received reply.
Flash-in-Lex: Ah, glorious. Do enlighten us.
Bizarro: Ever because you plug into monkey’s head, you act completely sane and rational. Am you Bizarro mommy?

(Lex-as-Flash hides in a rest room within the Watchtower to flee the pursuing League members)
Luthor-in-Flash: (Panting) Lex, you are having a tough day. (Lex seems within the mirror) Hmm… If nothing else, I can no less than study the Flash’s secret identification. (Unmasks and appears within the mirror, then frowns) I do not know who that is.

Tala: Just relaxation in right here.
[pulls “Lex” into a closet]
Flash-in-Lex: Hey – that is not restful.

Flash-in-Lex: Me, the Flash? You’ve, like, completely misplaced it, Grodd. I’m Lex Luthor!
Grodd: And I’m Charlton Heston.

Grodd: Ah, Tala, my outdated groupie. I so miss bending you to my will.
Tala: Go eat a banana. Lex is my man now. (Leaves with Lex)
Grodd: If you say so.

Flash-in-Lex: You, evil-head man! What’s your half on this plan?
Evil Star: I’m not within the plan.
Flash-in-Lex: [pause] Exactly! Pop quiz! Everyone inform me his or her half within the plan.

Flash-in-Lex: Lex Luthor is happy.

Lex-in-Flash: Attention! The man you suppose is Luthor is definitely a Justice Leaguer disguised as me. Repeat: he isn’t Luthor.
Flash-in-Lex: …I, Lex Luthor, discover that preposterous.

Mr. Terrific: Dr. Fate, your affected person simply anesthetized himself.

Flash: Guys! I used to be beginning to suppose I used to be going to exit as the underside of a supervillain canine pile!
Green Lantern: It sounds like Wally, however is there any approach to make certain?
Flash: You need proof? Until he went off into the Marines, GL’s nickname was-
Green Lantern: Stop! It’s him. Man, you promised by no means to repeat that story!
Flash: I do know, I used to be simply messing along with your head.
Mister Terrific: Well, are you able to inform us something about Grodd’s Secret Society? Where’s the headquarters?
Flash: I do not know. In a swamp?

Tala: Lex? Is that actually you?
Lex Luthor: Of course it is me, you twit.
Tala: [Disappointed] Ooh.

Grudge Match[edit]

Roulette: Lex, darling. I’m having some critical monetary issues, and I’m afraid you are responsible.
Lex Luthor: Well, do not take a look at me to bail you out, Roulette. I’m the one who skims you!

Roulette: You’re taking part in with fireplace, witch!
Tala: Who’s taking part in?

Roulette: The new Meta-Brawl! All lady fights, on a regular basis! We’ll name it “The Glamor Slam” or “The Belles of the Brawl”!
Sonar: “Chickapalooza”!

[Huntress is watching Black Canary while talking on a cell phone with The Question, who is searching a cold storage area]
Huntress: I’m telling you Q, Canary’s completely off her sport. Think she’s moonlighting? Maybe she’s stepping out on Green Arrow…
The Question: The deeper thriller right here is why do you even care? Isn’t this the lady who beat the snot out of you a couple of months again?
Huntress: She received a fortunate shot in! Okay, 5 or 6 fortunate pictures. Anyway, that is not the poin-
The Question: [takes the lid off of a container] Aha! As I suspected – thirty-two flavors.
Huntress: There’s one thing flawed right here, Q, I can really feel it.
The Question: I’m the conspiracy theorist, and even I do not see something.
Huntress: [pauses; sighs] So… what are you sporting?
The Question: Blue overcoat. Fedora.
Huntress: [scoffs] You actually stink at this.
The Question: …Orange socks?
[Huntress hangs up]

Huntress: You positive you are okay?
Black Canary: Worried?
Huntress: Curious.

Roulette: Let the ache start!

Huntress: They’ve had you up each evening working the sector. No marvel you have been combating like a lady. (pause) You know what I imply.

Roulette: Of course, you two aren’t beneath my management any longer, which suggests I’m going to must remove you. In the ring, after all. Why simply shoot you after I can promote tickets and lay odds?
Huntress: You’re scum.
Roulette: No, no, my expensive. I’m an entrepreneur.

Roulette: Huntress and Black Canary versus two new contenders! Vixen, the wonder with the beast powers, and the Thanagar thrasher… Hawkgirl!

Vixen: I do not wish to harm you, Shayera.
Shayera Hol: But I wanna harm you!
Vixen: Just once we have been beginning to get alongside.

Huntress: Looks like we’re on this collectively.
Black Canary: If you name me “girlfriend”, I’m gonna dropkick you into the subsequent county.
Huntress: Now, do not go all sentimental on me.

[Vixen pulls the League communicator out of Shayera’s ear, freeing her from Roulette’s mind control]
Shayera Hol: I do not suppose I wish to know…
Vixen: We’re in a cage match combating to the demise!
Shayera Hol: Yeah, see?

Roulette: Yes, that is actually Wonder Woman, women and gents! It is on! Can even these 4 lovely bruisers stand as much as the Amazon powerhouse herself?

Vixen: Anybody received a plan?
Shayera Hol: Yeah, attempt to keep alive.
Huntress: Anybody received a superb plan?

Sonar: In one other thirty seconds your brains will probably be so scrambled I’ll be capable of serve ’em up with bacon.

Huntress: Do I kill the sign otherwise you?

Black Canary: You know, if you need, I can discuss to the League and get you again in.
Huntress: Nah, I do wonderful by myself.
Black Canary: Thank you, Helena. If you hadn’t…
Huntress: You would have carried out the identical.

Huntress: You know, I used to be completely whipping your butt again once they caught us.
Black Canary: Pff. In your goals!
Huntress: Like I’d waste my goals on you…

Far From Home[edit]

Bouncing Boy: I do know you‘re a stage 12 mega-genius, however you’re significantly out of your thoughts.

Supergirl: Well?
Green Lantern: Well what?
Supergirl: Aren’t you gonna give me notes on how badly I screwed up?
Green Lantern: No notes, Kara. I’ve received nothing left to show you.

Superman: (discussing Supergirl) I’m very proud, however… do not inform her.
Green Arrow: No! That’s a job for Superman.

Brainiac 5: My title is…
Supergirl: (angrily) Brainiac!
Brainiac 5: (oblivious) That’s proper, how did you… (realizes) uh-oh!
(Supergirl assaults him)

Brainiac 5: Yes, I’m a Brainiac, however I’m not a machine. I’m natural. The universe-conquering Brainiac you knew is my distant ancestor. Over time he realized to go down his code biologically. I’m Brainiac 5. Think of me because the black sheep of my household, devoted to doing good to make up for my ancestor’s legacy of evil.
Green Lantern: And you demonstrated that by kidnapping us?

Green Lantern: Time journey, swell.
Bouncing Boy: It’s an actual thrill for me to fulfill you, sir. You’re the well-known John Stewart, father of…
Green Lantern: You wanna shut up earlier than you create a time paradox?

Brainiac 5: We wanted assist, so we despatched the Time Bubble to carry again a few of Earth’s biggest heroes.
Supergirl: But why us?
Brainiac 5: It… it was random, we would have taken anybody.

Supergirl: Just as a result of he is significantly cute, does not imply we will belief a Brainiac!
Green Arrow: I’m not getting a foul vibe off the child.
Green Lantern: (to Supergirl) And neither are you apparently. “Seriously cute”, huh?

Bouncing Boy: You know, Brainiac, being natural and having a coronary heart – not the identical factor.

Brainiac 5: [caught by Supergirl] That was pointless; my belt protects me from any influence.
Supergirl: Maybe I used to be simply making an attempt to cop a really feel.

Emerald Empress: A Green Lantern! That’s a uncommon sight on this galaxy as of late.
Persuader: Take a superb look! He will not be right here lengthy.

Supergirl: [Fighting the Fatal Five] So what’s your energy? Super power? Speed?
Brainiac 5: I’ve a twelfth stage mind…
Supergirl: Great, you may knock ’em out along with your diploma.

Supergirl: Back on Argo we used psionic know-how for our distant controls. When we misplaced one, you’d simply must suppose at it and it’d beep. Don’t know why we bothered — they have been at all times within the sofa cushions.

Supergirl: (To Brainiac 5) So, I’ve to know. Why did you save me first?
Brainiac 5: My resolution was primarily based on pure logic.
Green Arrow: Really? Because Green Lantern’s probably the most highly effective.
Brainiac 5: No offense, however I do not suppose you may observe the reasoning of a twelfth stage mind reminiscent of my very own.
Green Arrow: …Guess not.

Green Arrow: [to Brainiac 5 about Kara] Admit it, genius – you are in love along with her.
Brainiac 5: Ludicrous. We simply met. Moreover, as a Coluan, I’m dominated by mind, not emotion.
Green Arrow: So in love along with her…
Brainiac 5: [stops to analyze himself] Increased sweat gland manufacturing, shortness of breath, lack of ability to pay attention – I believed it was guilt, however I am in love. How do you know?
Green Arrow: Just name me Cupid, junior. I by no means miss. [Kara comes in] I’m gonna raid this dump. See if I can improve my arrows with some future tech. I’ll be gone for a very long time, so that you two are caught with one another… alone… for a very long time.

Supergirl: [About the Legion Flight ring] What’s that?
Brainiac 5: The Legion Flight ring, all of us have one. [Hands the ring to Supergirl]
Supergirl: So does this imply we’re going regular?
Brainiac 5: Eeerrr….
Supergirl: Trust me, a thousand years in the past, that joke was hilarious.

Supergirl: Nice ship!
Brainiac 5: It’s strictly no frills, nevertheless it’s quick. What do you pilot again house?
Supergirl: Usually only a pickup.
Brainiac 5: A pickup — is {that a} sort of Starcruiser?
Green Arrow: Yes. Yes it’s.

(Breaking into the Fatal Five’s HQ)
Brainiac 5: Shoot.
Green Arrow: I do know. I hoped they’d be out on the lookout for us.
Brainiac 5: No, shoot! (Green Arrow shoots an arrow on the Fatal Five catches Brainiac 5 in mid-air)

Supergirl: There’s nonetheless a planet full of individuals down there who want our assist. Do your job, and I’m gonna do mine.
Brainiac 5: But… [Supergirl kisses him]
Supergirl: In case I do not see you once more.

Superman: So, this boy Kara likes a lot, does he have a reputation?
[nervous looks from Green Lantern and Green Arrow]

Ancient History[edit]

Gentleman Ghost: I prefer it. Very imaginative. But your ring is ineffective in opposition to me, Lantern.
Green Lantern: Then why are you operating from it?

Vixen: Well, I’m stunned you haven’t made your transfer prior to now.
Shayera Hol: I’m nonetheless making an attempt to determine the correct Earth protocol for this example. It’s not like I can assassinate you in your sleep, or poison your water…I miss Thanagar.

Shadow Thief: For many years their ever-rising empire was a utopia. But nothing lasts ceaselessly. At least, nothing good.

(after Ashari cuts a flower off of a tree with a knife)
Chay-Ara: You did not have to try this. I can fly.
Bashari: When we’re collectively, so can I.

Hawkman: You at all times have been good with that factor.
Shayera Hol: Just hit him!
Hawkman: Right!

Shayera Hol: Don’t say you do not love me.
Green Lantern: I’ll by no means say that.

Shayera Hol: Tell me about my son.


[At the Legion of Doom’s base, Lex Luthor is attempting to reactivate the sole piece of Brainiac. Tala enters approaches him as the computer room is overloading]
Tala: Lex! Stop it! You’ll blow us all to items!
Lex Luthor: Not now, Woman! Something’s occurring… It’s… [but the stone’s energy overloads and destroys the machine, failing to recreated Brainiac] it is… only one extra steaming flop! [screams in anger and wrecks the control panels with his hands]
Tala: Baby…
Lex Luthor: Nothing works! [continues wrecking the tools]
Tala: Lex, overlook bringing again Brainiac.
Lex Luthor: I do not want enter from some crystal-gazing parasite! One who’s confused a winch’s grip on energy with the true factor!
Tala: [takes the stone] This is the true hassle-maker for us. It’s pure wild goose chase. Look, I’ll show it. I’ll present you what’s in there.
Lex Luthor: Don’t be silly. [takes the stone] This is science. What good is your sorcery? Unless you intend to show stone into gold? Or perhaps a frog?
Tala: Such ignorance. Transmutation is what you wish to do!
Lex Luthor: Transmutation is…[pauses] what are you ready for? Do it! [hands the stone to her]
Tala: Okay!
Lex Luthor: Okay!
Tala: [performing her Transmutation Sorcery] By the slaughter of the harmless, by pestilence and plague, reveal the hidden unto me. [she uses her powers to view the stone’s origins. She finds nothing] There, you see? Just a rock. A nugatory piece of… [she sees something from it] oh.
Lex Luthor: What?
Tala: It’s not necessary.
Lex Luthor: Show me!
[she uses her magic to give Luthor a vision of the past, when the Brainiac Asteroid was destroyed]
Brainiac Computer Voice: Critical system failure in three seconds. Two seconds. One second. [the asteroid explodes. Tala, almost unable to keep up with the image, screams as the vision nearly fades]
Lex Luthor: No! Keep the picture! [Tala struggles until Luthor sees enough] There remains to be Brainiac within the universe.
Tala: There is not any solution to inform the place it occurred.
Lex Luthor: Wrong. I noticed sufficient of these stars to find out the explosion’s coordinates. It needs to be a easy matter.
Tala: You noticed the wild goose once more. Concentrate on us, child. Space is simply too far. Together, we will rule this world. [Luthor pushes her aside] Oh!
Lex Luthor: If you want this world a lot, hold your idiot mouth shut. Then perhaps I’ll allow you to hold it. Me? I’m going to be a god once more. [sometime later, the Society members make changes in their headquarters] Speed it up! Sinestro, remember the ground. I would like radiation shielding from each route. Rampage… [interrupted when Bizarro has trouble with his work] [annoyed] Help Bizarro. [to Weather Wizard] Don’t distort the steel, moron!
Weather Wizard: I do not even know why we’re doing this.
[Luthor pins him next to the hot molten metal in the wall]
Lex Luthor: Killer Frost, if Weather Wizard right here does not form up, I’m holding you accountable.
Killer Frost: Whatever.
Lex Luthor: Structural integrity is essential.
Killer Frost: Okay, received it. Jeez.

Grodd: Why is my headquarters shifting? Hey, What’s happening?! [no answer] I demand to know what is going on on!!
Tala: Quiet, Grodd!
Grodd: You! Come to brag at me once more? I’m not some monkey in a zoo, throwing-
Tala: [Shushes him] Listen, I’ve been very, very unhealthy. I picked the flawed pony. It ought to have been you.
Grodd: Ooh, you have lastly sussed it out. That hairless sweetheart of yours is not a pacesetter. He’s a thug.
Tala: And how! I do not wish to compete for Lex with a useless pc. I would like you to be the person in cost, like earlier than. So, child, [strokes him seductively] what do you need?
Grodd: Why, solely you, my expensive. And Luthor’s fats head on a plate! [Tala smiles]
[the Society members are in their working places as Toyman is navigating]
Atomic Skull: That’s one Mother of a laser present.
Lex Luthor: Toyman?
Toyman: We needs to be reaching the Brainiac Remnants quickly. By the best way, thanks for making me your navigator, Luthor. I’ve aways liked studying a brand new controller.
Lex Luthor: Just hold us on target. The slightest error and we’re useless.
[suddenly, Grodd breaks through with a laser cannon]
Grodd: I would not fear about it, neanderthal. The approach I see it, You’re useless both approach. [Approaches Luthor along with the villains who follow him] I’d like to finish this transaction with as little blood shed as doable, Lex. Now, put your fingers up and have Toyman flip us round.
Tala: Don’t take a look at him, large boy. Grodd is chief.

[Giganta grabs Grodd]
Grodd: Giganta, you are out of jail! How’s your head?
Giganta: Pretty good, contemplating you tried to fry my mind! [begins to squeeze Grodd]
Tala: Don’t get grabby, Thunderthighs! Grodd is mine now! [Blasts Giganta]

Killer Frost: [Prepares to freeze Toyman] One creep-cicle developing! [Toyman headbutts her and runs away] You are so annoying!

Tala: Trapped like a rat. It’s very bizarre. You have by no means had a lot enjoyable once we have been collectively. [Tala fires a magic spell at Luthor, but it bounces back and knocks her unconscious. He pulls an amulet from under his shirt]
Lex Luthor: You would not imagine what this value me.
[scene shifts to Toyman, who is walking the stair with a deadly Yo-Yo in his hand as Killer Frost approaches him surfing in a ice wave]
Toyman: Around the world… [wipes Frost’s ice construct with his Yo-yo, knocking her in the ground] Rock the crater… [Frost creates an ice wall to protect herself, but Toyman uses his yo-yo to break it through and knock her unconscious] Sleeper.

Grodd: Give up, Lex! You’re solely delaying the inevitable.
Lex Luthor: You’re proper.
Grodd: [shoots a blast of his gun at Luthor, who deflects with his gloves] If it is all the identical to you, I’d reasonably snap your neck with my naked fingers. [Luthor tries to attack him, but Grodd counters and singlehandedly beats him up again and again] You know, this mutiny was straightforward. The Secret Society hates you.
Lex Luthor: Like they love you! [runs towards Grodd, who knocks him away with a kick] Idiotic simian. Half-baked objectivist.
Grodd: [grabs Luthor] You’re sick-outfitted to steer, Lex.
Lex Luthor: [choking] A decrease primate masquerading as an mental.
Grodd: I’m the extra achieved, each bodily and mentally. [uses telepathy on Luthor, who overrides it with his power-belt and puts Grodd under his control]
Lex Luthor: Took you lengthy sufficient. I used to be starting to suppose I’d figured you flawed. Now bow right down to me. [Grodd struggles not to, but does so] Who is grasp right here?
Grodd: [weakly] You… are…
Lex Luthor: Get up. [Grodd obeys] Take six steps ahead. [Grodd does so and opens the door in front of him] Get in. [Grodd does so again and Luthor closes the door and deactivates his power-belt]
Grodd: [trying to break through the door in anger] I ought to have allow you to rot in jail!
Lex Luthor: Goodbye, Grodd. It might have gone the opposite approach.
Grodd: It actually might have, could not it?
Lex Luthor: No… But why communicate sick of the useless? [punches a button and opens airlock]
Grodd: You twisted little pink rat-gap of a hominid, I’m not carried out with you! I’ll get out of this, and after I do…!!!
[Grodd is sucked out of his headquarters to his death]

[Lex Luthor’s team has beaten Grodd’s rebels]
Lex Luthor: Can any of you give me one good purpose to allow you to stay? [Killer Frost steps forward from the rebels, then freezes her comrades without a word] Killer Frost… you have received a future. Get rid of the remainder.
Killer Frost: You received it.
Toyman: We’re right here.
[the headquarters reaches Brainiac’s coordinates]
Tala: [To Luthor] Darling, Grodd should have used thoughts-management!… Okay, perhaps not. But child, you do not ever doubt that I like you, right? I-, I-, I do know I did one thing unhealthy, I’m a sick particular person. You do not know what it is wish to be me.
Lex Luthor: Don’t be afraid, darling. You nonetheless have a giant position in my plan. In truth… I can not do that with out you. [Volcana knocks Tala out, then, she wakes up being used as a mystical conduit to reassemble Brainiac.] I used to suppose magic was unknowable, unpredictable, and to not be trusted. You’ve taught me a lot, Tala. Even my wealth of scientific data would by no means have been as much as this job. You would be the mystic conduit that may siphon Brainiac’s essence from the particles. I’ll be capable of reconstitute him from that power. But I doubt you may see it.
Tala: You deliberate this all alongside! Even earlier than I-
Lex Luthor: I’m a sick particular person too.
Toyman: Luthor, the gathering panels are in place.
Tala: [panicked] Lex! Please! I urge you!
Lex Luthor: Hold that thought. [to Toyman] Do it. [Toyman is about to obey, but time stops] I mentioned do it!
Metron: [appearing behind Luthor] He can not hear you, Lex Luthor. Time has stopped. We exist between two ticks of the clock. In my travels by means of the myriad paths of infinity, I’ve seen the primary and the final. But what you do at the moment threatens your entire universe. Past, Present and Future.
Lex Luthor: I ought to hope it does. Look, I did not catch the title.
Metron: Metron. Scientist and chronicler.
Lex Luthor: Well, Metron, I’ll quickly be prepared for something the universe can throw at me. I’m about to grow to be a god.
Metron: You do not know what a god is. Or what you’re unleashing.
Lex Luthor: “Tampering with forces beyond my ken”, and so forth? Nice attempt. Look, if you need my energy, make your transfer, in any other case you will get misplaced.
Metron: You will remorse your resolution. We all will. [Metron disappears as time turns back to normal]
Toyman: Twinkle, twinkle, Brainiac, Tala’s gonna carry you again! [activates the machine]
Tala: [last words] Lex! Lex!! LEX!!!!!!
Lex Luthor: Brainiac! I’m coming! [the machine drains Tala’s energy until it creates a mysterious figure which appears with the smoke] People, meet your new lord and grasp!
[He becomes shocked as, instead of Brainiac, the figure is revealed to be Darkseid, who is now fused with Brainiac and given a new look]
Darkseid: It appears I’ve you to thank for my resurrection. Though your world will endure slowly, I grant you a fast demise.
[Darkseid uses his power to destroy the base. Scene shifts to Apokolips, where factions of the Apokoliptans are having a civil war]
Stick: That rodent, Vundabar, thinks he can rule Apokolips in Darkseid’s stead. We’ll be those who ship his pestilent corpse to Granny Goodness. [the two sides begin the battle, but before they can, Darkseid emerges and all bow to him] Welcome house, oh, mighty Darkseid.
Darkseid: Arise, my kids. Let this meaningless battle for management finish at the moment.
Sting: Of course, my Lord. We had thought ourselves bereft ceaselessly.
Darkseid: Only the slimmest of probabilities has allowed me to beat my demise by the hands of Superman. But let the universe howl in despair, for I’ve returned! [The Apokoliptan armies cheer triumphantly]
Stick: What is your will, my lord?
Darkseid: As ever, to seek for the Anti-Life Equation, that I’d carry order to this aimless universe. But first, Superman should endure for killing me. His adopted world will die screaming. Only then will I search the last word finish.
Kanto: Forgive me, lord, however to assault Earth would violate your pact with Highfather. New Genesis would probably retaliate.
Darkseid: [smiles] Where do you suppose I’m going subsequent?
[scene shifts to the Watchtower as a Watchtower employee runs desperately into the room where Superman and the League are]
Employee: Superman! You higher get exterior fast!
[The League goes outside and confronts Luthor and the remaining members of the Legion of Doom]
Lex Luthor: We have slightly drawback…


Lex Luthor: Darkseid took Brainiac away from me. I can not hear his voice in my head anymore!
Giganta: Enough of the loopy discuss, Lex.

Shayera Hol: Send us first — give the others the possibility to get their pants on.

Superman: Okay, let’s get these folks locked up. Sounds like we have a combat on our fingers.
Giganta: If you suppose you are locking us up whereas the entire world’s beneath assault, you have received two fights in your fingers.
Batman: She’s received some extent. We’ll want all of the our bodies we will throw at this.
Superman: Oh, come on! It’s Lex flippin’ Luthor! Why ought to we belief him?!
Atomic Skull: Hey, it is our world too!
Lex Luthor: Let’s be clear about this. We’re not right here that will help you save the world. You’re right here to assist me get revenge on Darkseid. When that is over, it is again to enterprise as ordinary.
Superman: (glares at Lex) Wouldn’t have it some other approach.

Batman: Search by means of the telemetry on the assault teams; discover the very best-protected mom ship. That’s the place Darkseid will probably be.
Superman: And that is the place I wish to go.
Mr. Terrific: I think about so— it is in Metropolis, hovering over the Daily Planet. Stand by.

Lex Luthor: Was there a plan right here?
Batman: Take out the small fries till we entice the large fish’s consideration.
Lex Luthor: Ha! With all the things happening, I guess he by no means notices us!
[Darkseid appears]
Batman: You’re on.
Superman: I’ll take a few of that motion.

Darkseid: I hope you recognize, Kal-El, that all the things that occurs from this level is in your head. The skies will rain fireplace, the oceans will boil, the streets will run purple with the blood of billions. Only then, after your final pitiful hope is extinguished, will I finish your life. Let’s go.

Lex Luthor: You destroyed Brainiac! I’m gonna make you pay!
Darkseid: Unlikely. (blows Luthor away)

Darkseid: I’m extra highly effective than I’ve ever been, and the final time we met, you barely managed to carry your personal.
Superman: Funny. That’s not how I bear in mind it.
Darkseid: Allow me to refresh your reminiscence. [Darkseid picks up the Daily Planet globe and uses it to slam Superman through every floor of the building]

Green Lantern: We gotta discover a solution to take this out for good!
Flash: Why do not you simply throw it into the solar? [pauses and stares at Green Lantern] Yeah, I suppose that is a reasonably silly thought.
Green Lantern: No, perhaps you are on to one thing. But I’ll want extra leverage. And a trench!
Flash: On it! [he runs around and around in a circle, creating a trench around the drill] Now what? [Green Lantern creates a catapult with his ring] Aw, cool! [Green Lantern flings the drill]
Green Lantern: Doesn’t appear like it fairly made escape velocity. [The drill hits a ship, which explodes]
Flash: Good effort, although.

Darkseid: Don’t go away us but, Kal-El. I would like you to see your adopted homeworld bow down earlier than me. Only then will I enable you demise’s candy launch.

Wonder Woman: Get away from right here! It’s not secure!
Elderly Chinese Man: Don’t fear. I’m right here to assist.
Wonder Woman: I recognize your inten- [Sees the old man easily defeating Parademons] Hera! [The man suddenly changes into a Chinese dragon, defeating more Parademons. He then changes again, becoming the Martian Manhunter.] J’onn! [hugs him]
Martian Manhunter: Good to see you, Diana. I’ve received so much to let you know about.
Wonder Woman: We’ll catch up later.
Martian Manhunter: Wouldn’t miss it. First issues first…
(The staff flies off in the direction of one in all Darkseid’s magma towers)

Lex Luthor: Problem?
Batman: I’m out.
Lex Luthor: [holds up his gun] Take my further.
Batman: Not my fashion.
Lex Luthor: Suit your self. I’m planning to stay by means of this.

Darkseid: Flee. [Batman dodges Darkseid’s Omega Beam and it hits a Parademon] Impressive. No one has ever averted my Omega Beam. I ponder if the opposite one is as agile. [Powers up his Omega Beams; Lex Luthor runs away] Excellent technique.

Darkseid: Super or in any other case, you are merely a person. And I’m the destroyer!

Lex Luthor: You! Metron! You knew this was going to occur!
Metron: This final result was the almost definitely doable results of your foolhardy actions.
Lex Luthor: You may help me! I demand that you just assist me!
Metron: You are in no place to make calls for of anybody. I warned you that you just have been dabbling in forces past your comprehension.
Lex Luthor: You’d be stunned what I can comprehend! For occasion, if you already know a lot about Darkseid, I’ll wager you understand how to beat him!
Metron: There is one risk. One factor in all of the universe that would possibly… however no. The danger…
Lex Luthor: I do know slightly one thing about danger myself. [aims his pistol at Metron] Care for an object lesson?
Metron: Very effectively. I’ll take you the place you wish to go.

Darkseid: You nonetheless attempt to combat. Can’t you see that it is hopeless?
Superman: [Pins Darkseid against a wall] Batman will not give up as long as he can draw breath. None of my teammates will. Me? I’ve received a completely different drawback. [Punches Darkseid through the wall] I really feel like I stay in a world made from cardboard. Always taking care to not break one thing, to interrupt someone. Never permitting myself to lose management, even for a second, or somebody might die. [Punches Darkseid again] But you may take it, cannot you, large man? What we have now here’s a uncommon alternative for me to minimize free, and present you simply how highly effective I actually am. [Punches Darkseid across the city with a single blow]

Darkseid: It’s referred to as the Agony Matrix. Direct neural stimulation of ache receptors – all of them. Imagine the worst ache you have ever felt in your life, occasions a thousand. Now think about that ache persevering with. Forever. Oh, that is proper… you do not have to think about.

Metron: Behold the Source Wall. Beyond it’s the single biggest secret of the universe. This is so far as I dare to go. I warn you one ultimate time: solely a twelfth stage mind has the slightest hope of surviving what you’re about to expertise.
Lex Luthor: Then I’m overqualified.

Darkseid: Still alive. You impress me, Kryptonian. More… your valor has touched my coronary heart. Oh sure, there’s nonetheless some small a part of me that is aware of mercy. I’ll finish your ache… with one thing particular I’ve been saving for simply this event. [Darkseid draws a Kryptonite knife] I’m going to carve out your coronary heart and put it on a pike in my throne room.
[Lex Luthor appears in a business suit]
Lex Luthor: As a lot as I’d get pleasure from seeing that, first you may have some enterprise with me. Sorry it took me so lengthy – I needed to go get my “power suit”.
Darkseid: You dare problem me? Insanity!
Lex Luthor: Oh, I’m not right here to problem you, Darkseid. Quite the opposite. I’ve received one thing you need. The solely factor you need.
[Luthor holds up his hand, revealing a dazzling shard of energy]
Darkseid: [astonished] The Anti-Life Equation!

Darkseid: It’s lovely, is not it?
Lex Luthor: Yes…sure, it’s.

[After Lex Luthor and Darkseid vanish through the Anti-Life Equation]
Martian Manhunter: In some ways, Lex Luthor represents the worst of what mankind has to supply.
Superman: But he died saving us all.
Batman: I doubt that both of them died.
Superman: But we noticed it this time!
Flash: You noticed it final time too.
Green Lantern: What’s that outdated saying? “Believe half of what you see…”
Shayera Hol: “…and none of what you hear.” They’ll be again.
Martian Manhunter: And we’ll be prepared for them.

Wonder Woman: It’s previous time that Luthor’s companions in crime have been locked up.
Atomic Skull: Wait a minute – we assist you guys save the world, and we do not even get any consideration?
(Batman seems at Superman, who shrugs)
Batman: You’re proper. Five-minute head begin.
Atomic Skull: Five minutes? Are you kidding?!
Wonder Woman: Four minutes, fifty seconds.
[The villains promptly flee; Giganta gives the surprised Flash a kiss on the cheek before joining the others]

[Last lines of the series]
Martian Manhunter: [on the cell phone to his wife] I needs to be again in time to dinner. I like you too.
Flash: These are the top occasions.
Superman: [to Batman] A head begin? You’re getting delicate in your outdated age.
Batman: [smiling] Don’t you may have a tall constructing to go leap?
Wonder Woman: And the journey continues…

[The entire Justice League runs down the stairs, chasing the villains, each of the Justice League is split into sections, ending with the originals and Batman’s emblem filling the screen]

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