Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021
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First of all i want to thank Cryptiiiic from Discord for his assist and explaining

Guide Pulled and Updated from ;

Now lets dive into it

Thanks to Hydrate from Discord for this superior information to enter DFU, you will have to close down your gadget for this as a result of regular mode DFU exits after 60 seconds on an iPhone X (whyever)

How to enter DFU;

•Press Volume up as soon as •Press Volume down as soon as •Press and maintain energy till display shuts off Don’t let go of energy but •Start holding quantity down for about 5 seconds •Release energy after these 5 seconds

You will want a Mac Or Linux PC to do that, no ipwndfu Windows Support. 1) Get Cryptiiiics fork of ipwndfu A11 right here and unzip it you will have to put in python2 on Linux ( sudo apt set up python2) and run “sudo python2 ipwndfu -p –patch” (Linux) or “sudo ./ipwndfu -p –patch” on Mac. Skip Python set up on Mac, it comes with Python2 Out Of Box. Get Futurerestore GUI and Go into the setting (IMPORTANT) and select to make use of Beta model of Futurerestore as a result of 194 doesn’t help Tsschecker 320. Enable displaying the Command, this can be essential as a result of as of now the GUI model bugs out on “About to send NOR Data” when the ProgressBar is on round 80%. Then allow PWNED restore since you ran ipwndfu to run unsigned Firmwares. Then get your ipsw from and your Blobs (SHSH2) choose them within the GUI. Leave SEP and BB on latest. IMPORTANT: This will BREAK FaceID on iOS 14, and choose begin Futurerestore however Only COPY the command and DO NOT run the Futurerestore script. Open a terminal window and Paste the command and let it do its factor. Thats it for iPhone 8 (+) customers TouchID will work.

iPhone X Only ;

When it begins looping on “No data to read (timeout)” then Force Restart The Device Quickly press Volume Up and Volume Down then Power and Hold Power till The Apple Logo seems and it’ll boot Into Recovery Mode from there open the GUI model and solely press exit restoration mode and press copy and execute. Set it up as regular (FaceID wont work) you possibly can Jailbreak with Checkra1n as regular if it says a couple of lacking RootFS snapshot achieve this and Proceed. BAM Jailbroken.

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