Wed. Oct 20th, 2021
I Made The Best GTA Game Even Better (with mods)

How I Made The Best GTA Game Even Better (with mods). I experimented with graphics mods, automotive mods, weapon mods, scripts, and fixes. By the tip, I had selected 9 superior GTA 4 mods that I liked. 4k and subtitles can be found!

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I’m occupied with doing this for different GTA video games too, like GTA V and GTA San Andreas. And branching exterior of Grand Theft Auto with Minecraft mods or one thing. Feel free to remark ideas.

I Installed 50 GTA IV Mods:


⚠️ Important Notes & Files:

iCEnhancer 3.0 Natural:
Vanilla Vehicle Addon Pack:
Simple Traffic Loader:
Potential Grim:
Zolika1351’s Trainer/Mod Menu:
Responsive Plus:
Improved Animations Pack:
Bullet Spread/Recoil Fix:
Real Recoil:


0:00 – Intro
0:20 – Realistic Graphics Mod!
1:19 – 51 New Vehicles! (Car Pack)
2:46 – Better Gangs Mod!
5:07 – Mod Menu!
6:42 – Realistic Weapons Mods!

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27 thoughts on “I Made The Best GTA Game Even Better (with mods)”
  1. Hey Rob first of all, really nice video and mods. Is it possible for the Gang Mod, that sometimes rival gangs fight in larger groups? like 3vs3 or 5vs5

  2. i just reinstalled GTA IV and, for the first time am modding it, I've modded GTA V with the Flash mods, and stuff like that so i know how to use OPEN IV, is there a guide, on what to install first, and how to, for a refresher though, i cant just go install these mods without seeing how to lol. its like math for me, once i am learning a certain equation or math problem solving method, i get in rhythm same thing with open iv GTA modding, once i start it again, ill be golden, any vods anyone can point me to, specifically that is relevant to these mods mostly?

  3. Best GTA was San Andreas*.

    GTA 4 was pretty garbage honestly. It was ike a GTA knock off title, missing/lacking cars, guns, character and car customization, gameplay mechanics, planes and bicycles, lack of mini-games, no variety in locations E.G no mountains or countryside and a few other things.

    The story (the ending was trash, The Homie Niko dating a undercover cop, being Honey Trapped. Coooome oooown. He grew up in a war FFS. Anyway, the best atmosphere of probably any other Rockstar game ever made. I had fun with it but I felt the things missing were glaring at me. The gunplay was some of the best in the series so far. Realistic. Plus any game with my gat I own in real life gets a +2 Stars for it's inclusion. The Desert Eagle baby. Cost me 4 grand because I got the parts to switch between .44, .357 and .50 AE.. That Gun's just sexy. I just deleted a off topic couple sentences about it because it's off topic but yeah.

    San Andrea's > 4. 5's even better, even though 5 is kinda trash when you sit down and look/think at it.

  4. Gonna try these out, not a fan of some of them, like the recoil and spread mods that make weapons feel like you're playing csgo, or the mod that makes them do even more dmg, but the rest seem cool.
    Oh and there's a disclaimer on the mod that adds the dlc vehicles to normal gta4, apparently you may corrupt your save file if you save those vehicles in your safe house garages… so that's another nope.

  5. The only problem with this is the animations. Yeah, the game looks and plays better depending on your own needs but animations look so clunky that completely pushes me out of the experience. That's a very personal opinion but I can't take the game that seriously when everyone is shaking their arms like rag dolls.

  6. Hey so I put the Vanilla Vehicle Addon pack in my game but whenever I do so it just crashes while loading into the game. Does it require any other mods to make it work?. Cuz if so I'll add those and see if it works then.

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