Sun. Oct 24th, 2021
I Installed 57 GTA San Andreas Mods

I Installed 57 GTA San Andreas Mods. No graphics mods, but car mods, weapon mods, scripts, and fixes. By the end, I had some amazing GTA SA gameplay that I loved. 4k and subtitles are available!

I Remastered GTA SA:

I’m thinking about making a video on GTA SA graphics mods, like the GTA V ENB graphics mod I showed in the video. Feel free to comment suggestions.

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First Person Mod:
(this causes an offset when aiming in 3rd person, uninstall when not using.)
Manual Driveby Remake:
Wheel Detach:
Real Traffic Fix:
Truck Trailer:
Brazilian Spines:
IV Carjacking Camera Style:
Cars Divert:
Mod Ragdoll Bullet Physics:
Combat FX Upgrade:
Overdose Effects:
Realistic Weapons Settings:
Simple Regeneration:
Low Life Animation:
Improved Default Armory:
Spread Fix:
Real Weapon Sounds:
Realistic Peds Remake:
Peds Buy Food:
Homeless and Trash Bags:
Original Peds Vary:
Beta Gang Skins Added:
Realistic Population:
(requires the “MixSets” mod for having a higher population.)
Enterable Hidden Interiors:
Hangout with Story Characters:
SA Cutscene Characters for gameplay:
Bullet View:
Handshake Mod:
Faster Clothes Changes:
Gang Rider:
24/7 Robbery:
Fair Police:
Wanted Radar Warning:
Graffiti Anywhere:

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  1. Im actually quite tempted to try this out. But how much of a hassle was it to get all these mods to work? Probably took an entire weekend and several reinstalls?

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