Mon. Nov 29th, 2021
How to Install (Sideload) APPS on Mi TV STICK without Pen Drive, Laptop or Mobile

Mi TV Stick vs Mi Box 4K vs Amazon Fire TV Stick – COMPARISON – The Biggest Streaming Device Battle. Watch the total video.

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Mi TV Stick: Mi TV Stick:!gsNNNN

Mi Box 4K:
Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K:
Amazon Fire TV Stick HD:

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Comparison: Mi television Stick vs Mi Box 4k vs Fire TV Stick:
Mi TV Stick Full assessment:
Mi Box 4k Full assessment:
Mi Box 4k vs Amazon Fire TV Stick Comparison:

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38 thoughts on “How to Install (Sideload) APPS on Mi TV STICK without Pen Drive, Laptop or Mobile”
  1. Hi. Thank you for this! I just want to know what you were deleting after you’d installed Aptoide and Downloader and clicked Done….. you go a bit too quickly for me. After I clicked Done, I didn’t get another window like that.

  2. Mr Singh, you make very good video's that are easy to understand. Good job. One question, I have been looking for a source for Soccer games live. I have regular Sky TV but they sold off a lot of the games and now we get only 30% or so. The rest are available in the US, Australia New Zealand etc but I can't get them live. Any suggestions?

  3. Hi, i have followed all instructions all went well until i try to install cinema hub. It simply wont do it. What am i doing wrong? Does install but then sends it to the files section of the downloader. It does not go to the my apps at all and wont open eventhough it says installed. Please help

  4. Mmmm, I got the Aptoide app to work just fine, but with the Movie HD APK, it's saying problem with Parsing the package, I wanted to use that app too lol 🤣

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