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GTA V (ERO1.9.3) vs GTA IV Euphoria ragdoll physics comparison

GTA V (ERO1.9.3) vs GTA IV Euphoria ragdoll physics comparison

ERO MOD makes GTA 5 much better however it’s stil not so good as GTA 4 Euphoria

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  1. The worst thing about gta v was people die too easily like how tf can they die in a single punch or get knocked out idk like i loved to do fist fights in gta 4 but in gta 5 its way too hard to get someone to fight you cuz they will just run away or get knocked out

  2. After reading all these comments, can we all agree. GTA4 was left with more advanced rag doll physics due to the gritty not as good as gta5 graphics, and the driving is kinda shit also no planes. And gta 5 looks much nicer in every way and driving is nicer and planes, but due to all this the ragdolls were limited to reduce cpu load

  3. The problem isn't with the physics engine, its with the way how rockstar implemented it into gta 5 vs gta 4. They let the animations control more than the physics system. Gta 4 had almost all things when a npc gets bumped be controlled by the physics, but gta 5 tries to put animations in place of the actual physics system.

  4. Why fix something that wasnt broke. They went backwards in almost every way possibly. Crowbcats video was the best at displaying how IV was better in so many ways not just the Euphoria procedural dynamic animations

  5. If they remaster GTA 4 ( Big IF ) I don’t want them to implement gta 5 physics into it but I would like to see GTA 5 like Graphics in GTA 4 . Also talking about physics, they could tweak 4’s physics and make it much better in terms of collisions.

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