Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

Yo guyz! I’m again with one other model new mod the SA_Remastered Graphics.


-Realistic Graphic Enhancement

-Looks good with regular recreation

-All Weathers in timecyc.dat is reworked(Underwater & Extracolours are included)

-Realistic Sunrise

-Realistic Bright Night

-Realistic Sun Effect(1.08 solely)

-New Cloudy

-New Rainy

-New Foggy(with out SAAExten)

-New Realistic Textures

-New Skybox

-Detailed Reflection

-ENB Reflection

-Remove Sun Reflection(1.08 Users solely)

-Remove Shiny Effects on Peds(1.08 Users solely)

And extra… There are too many 😀


-Gajah Bertelur



-Tikues Marga


for 1.08 customers. If you wanna play all of the missions with this mod I reccomend for you to make use of timecyc and colorcycle solely(the one in timecyc solely folder).

If you do not just like the clouds edit the config.ini(SAAExten) and switch off skybox & skybox rotation.

Known bugs:

(1.08)If you select new recreation on the time 9:00 or 16:00 you’re going to get a white sky. To repair this simply reload the sport or do not select new recreation.

(1.08)(I’m unsure if it’ll happen on all of the gadgets) Crashes on resume when utilizing SAAExten 3.6

(1.08)Can’t full all of the missions. To be capable to full the missions I reccomend you to make use of timecyc solely.

No reuploading of hyperlinks with out my permission

Credit should you wanna assessment into your channel.

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