Wed. Oct 27th, 2021
GTA San Andreas-Ped Spawner NEW [HD]

GTA San Andreas-Ped Spawner NEW [HD]

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18 thoughts on “GTA San Andreas-Ped Spawner NEW [HD]”
  1. Spawn recruitable pedestrians and character
    type PED on your keyboard to start the pedspawning
    press right/left to switch through the models
    press [PED SPRINT] to confirm the choice

  2. I don't know really maybe your version of San Andreas is not compatible with this Ped Spawner or maybe it is limited of how much peds you can spawn 🙂


  3. bro when i spawn sweet it work but when i spawn ryder or smoke sweet will disappear 3 of them! spawn smoke then spawn ryder smoke disappear blah blah:D help?

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