Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

the beta of the sport for your cellphone as trustworthy as attainable to the unique and to the PC mods


Beta skins

Beta automobiles (utilizing as leftovers which might be seen within the sport information official screenshots and the strategic information)

Rumpo Dashhound (bus)

Coach Cadrona

Emperor (police and civil) Patriot

Tornado Taxi

Tahoma Bus

Idaho Blista

Kuruma amongst others if you wish to see all of the modifications play it I will not inform you all duh

Beta mechanics

As the adrenaline massacres and the packages of Vice City exit with massive bear skewers of the police amongst others


The gangs with their beta skins and a couple of restored, the motorcyclists and the Russian mafia (gangs that do not seem)

Beta interiors

Now you’ll be able to entry the San fierro police station or have the mullholand residence with the inside of the beta, is not that nice?

Beta mapping

Things that weren’t applied within the state map have been introduced again (watch out to not recreate your entire map)

Beta weapons

Cj beta

And lastly beta audios and animations

Obviously not all content material is mine due to this fact credit




Beta Productions


Vadim M

Wajahat Munir


I hope you prefer to work onerous on this and attempt to be as trustworthy to the unique and the PC mods and including a private contact that units it other than others and as I already stated I base myself on pre-launch video photographs and sport information and the Brady video games information


Los peatones y policías ya no dejan caer dinero y armas al morir pero se puede resolver eliminando los cleos de las masacres la adrenalina y los paquetes secretos

De la misma forma existe posibilidad de que ya no puedas guardar la partida en la casa de mullholand o que al intentar entrar acabes en el inside unique

Esos son todos los Bugs, si descubren uno nuevo comentarlo no está mal


Pedestrians and policemen now not drop cash and weapons after they die however could be solved by eliminating the cleos of the massacres, the adrenaline and the key packages

In the identical method there’s a risk you could now not save the sport within the mullholand home or that once you attempt to enter you find yourself within the unique inside

Those are all of the Bugs, in the event that they uncover a brand new one, commenting on it’s not unhealthy

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