Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

This is my 1st mod, nevertheless it’s mounted a bit of

Ballas Mod


Ballas as your homies

Groves as Ballas

Aztecas as Vagos

Vagos as Aztecas

Grove 4 Life Tags, if you happen to respray it, Ballas 4 Life

Ballas Sweet, Smoke, Smoke with Armor, Ryder, Ryder with out hat, Kendl (simply in cutscenes),

2 Ballas from The Introduction as your homies (fam2 and fam3)

1 Beta Ballas as fam1

Beta Aztecas as Vagos

Vagos as Aztecas, and 1 is particular (vla1)

The spray can now provides purple paint

New Feature – B Dup is now in inexperienced garments, improved beta groves as ballas! More inexperienced garments are actually purple!

Emmet in purple jacket

Purple dope.txd/dff

More garments are purple

And far more!


By admin