Sun. Oct 24th, 2021
GTA 5 - EUPHORIA RAGDOLL COMPARISON (RAGEuphoria vs Vanilla Euphoria)

I’m very overdue with this video so I thought I should make one now lol.

Here we have RockstarGame’s GTA 5 version of Euphoria vs modified euphoria behaviors by the team behind RAGEuphoria.

As you can see there’s a HUGE difference between reactions, RAGEuphoria uses a blend of behaviors from past games like Max Payne 3, GTA 4 & Red Dead Redemption.

In comparison with Rockstar Games vanilla euphoria physics you can tell how watered down the Euphoria Ragdoll is, one bullet causes the NPC’s to fly or fall down almost instantly after being shot, they don’t stagger like as seen in Max Payne 3 or GTA 4, they drop like a bag of potatoes. The pedestrians feel weightless and bland.

With RAGEuphoria the behaviors are more natural, the peds will grab their wounds and try to balance themselves until they flop over and die, although RAGEuphoria has its flaws it’s nonetheless the best ragdoll mod that’s currently out.

Hopefully they return and release 1.6.

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28 thoughts on “GTA 5 – EUPHORIA RAGDOLL COMPARISON (RAGEuphoria vs Vanilla Euphoria)”
  1. all the gta5 euphoria engine needs is a stronger stumble that can walk more than 5 feet and a longer burn animation and it would be better than any mod could make it

  2. Not nearly as significant of an improvement as I'd have liked to see. The issue is that people do not stumble, catch themselves, or attempt to stay upright when dealing with inertia like they did in GTA4. Euphoria also stops acting on the model too early after they're dead or KO'd.

    Something between the overdramatic Euphoria of GTA4 and the non-engaging, boring Euphoria of GTA5 would be nice.

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