Sun. Dec 5th, 2021
Client Customization - Page 3 - PokeMMO

Hi ! i am enjoying on Android model, the icons mod works completely when i import it from a zipper file, however the theme mod appears to not work… or I do it dangerous.

When I attempt to import it (i extracted the information, then zipped solely the android half and tried to put in it on my app as a result of I am unable to import a folder (or I do not understand how we may do that)) and it tells me one thing like (i am french so sorry if the interpretation just isn’t excellent) “error of mod importation. Make sure this is a valid PokeMMO mod and that he is compatible with your client”.

Does anybody have an answer please ?


EDIT : Ok I feel I figured it out ! So I ought to root my telephone then comply with this tutorial ? 



Can anybody please verify me that it’s the proper technique to set up the eighth gen theme on Android and that there isn’t any different means ?

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