Sat. Nov 27th, 2021
Garry's Mod | This SCP Mod Is AMAZING (Over 25 SCPs) | Mod Showcase

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Today is the day we check out this insane scp pack lets try simply how insane this will get that is proper over 25 scps in a single video!

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40 thoughts on “Garry's Mod | This SCP Mod Is AMAZING (Over 25 SCPs) | Mod Showcase”
  1. Sorry if i got some of my info wrong i had so much to go through in so little time but i worked my ass off getting this to 22 mins 🙂 I hope you guys enjoy and feel free to criticize me!

  2. The scp 087-1 in gmod is the masked man and not the actual scp 087-1. To find out about it's full body go to google and search scp 087-1 and some images show his full body

  3. 9:04 scp 087-1 is more of a pale face with no nostrils, pupils or mouth, scp-087-1 and scp-087-b are actually from the game scp-087-b, scp-087-1 is scp-087-b-1 and the gmod scp-087-b is scp-087-b-2

  4. “He is the enemy” he isn’t he is a protector in the game your a escaped prisoner and your breaching some scps and breaking out and they are allowed to tshoot all escaped class da

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