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[Free Release] [Open Source] CLEO iOS – Fully featured CLEO modding (and more) for GTA: San Andreas : jailbreak

Hello again.

8 months ago, I made this post about “CSiOS” with the “Beta” tag. There was a very positive response, which was really nice. Much has changed about it since then (for example, it’s no longer in beta), and given how long ago that was, I’ll reintroduce the tweak here.

CLEO is a mod which enables smaller “script mods” to be run in the game. There is an Android version of this mod (made by Alexander Blade of Script Hook V and Native Trainer fame), and CLEO iOS essentially pretends to be that version so that scripts designed for Android can run on iOS devices.

Originally, CLEO iOS was called “CSiOS”, because it facilitated “CLEO Scripts on iOS” but was not officially a part of CLEO. Since then, the original author of CLEO has allowed the iOS version to be a part of the CLEO family, so now it’s actually called CLEO.

How do I use CLEO?

Excellent question.

The way I’ve chosen to release CLEO at the moment is simply through GitHub. New versions are packaged as DEB files and uploaded as releases. Just go to the latest release, download the .deb file, and install it through anything such as Filza or Sileo (or, if you’re cool, dpkg).

Not all mods from Android are supported on iOS, and as of the latest release that is mainly due to differences between how the Android and iOS games are compiled. However, many mods work just fine, including some of the most popular ones.

CLEO will load .csi, .csa and .fxt files, which is the same as the Android version. (At the time of the previous post, .csi files were not supported.)

There are instructions on GitHub that go into greater depth on how to get started once you have acquired your mods.

I am aware of CLEO working on iOS 13 and 14, and I see no reason why it wouldn’t work on iOS 12 or below.

But wait…

there is also more

Since I’m deeply interested in both GTA modding and writing jailbreak tweaks, I thought that it would make sense for me to try to expand CLEO to be a better modding solution for GTA: SA on iOS (since it exists, and other complex mods don’t on iOS).

My ultimate aim with CLEO is to get to the point where it’s not just for script modding but also acts as a modloader of sorts, enabling model and texture modding without the user needing a computer and multiple backups of game files. Unfortunately, it’s not there yet, but we’re getting closer.

CLEO has a cheat menu, which allows you to use cheats without needing to type them in (which doesn’t seem to work). To my knowledge, there is no way to activate cheats in the vanilla game, and even if you did, they wouldn’t work very well because the cheat system has been broken due to the developers adding in some debug cheats but not changing the cheat codes to match. (As a result, the beloved “HESOYAM” cheat gives you a dildo and a minigun instead of $250k, armour and health.)

CLEO does not suffer from these bugs because it uses a custom implementation of the cheat system which is designed to work better with a menu but which doesn’t interfere with the functionality of the cheats.

please use it cos i had to type out a description for every cheat

yeah that’s all really

man writing these is scary

…Reddit is not a good place for trying to fix issues, as was discovered on the previous post.

The Discord server also has a channel where people have shared scripts they have tried and that are known to be working, so if you don’t know where to look for scripts then you can go there as a starting point.

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