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Evolution of Garry's Mod - From 2004 to 2019

Evolution of Garry’s Mod – From 2004 to 2019
This Video is On The Evolution of Garry’s Mod – From 2004 to 2019


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AM — Ikson
Far Away by Declan DP
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Road Trip — Pyrosion
Road Trip by Pyrosion
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Far Away — Declan DP
Far Away by Declan DP
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44 thoughts on “Evolution of Garry's Mod – From 2004 to 2019”
  1. Please Creator of Gmod But All Grabkills and Grabkilss Eat Ate For All Cartoon For All Siren for All Monsters for All Trevor henderson creature Please But Grabkills for They Pleasereeeeee For Old Cartoon Cat Cartoon dov New Cartoons Pleasessssss Creator of Garry s Mod Do I Asked Please Help Me Put This For Me and Everbody and Put Garry s mod for All Plataformas Pleaseeeeeeeeee

  2. First: This is the best game ever it's so much fun
    Now: Welcome to DarkRP with 6 year olds and a game that crashes when u try to load a simple mod map

  3. It would've been nice to see the Gmod9 portion before 2006. That was the last time it was free and it had a big following by then.

  4. The first clip is not actually made in 2004 nor even made by Gary Newman, it’s named go-mod and its a fan game of Gmod based on the gold source engine

  5. I literally just started playing gmod yesterday lol.
    I downloaded a map with a destructible house and I added a fuck ton of npcs then I pretended they were all a bunch of government traitors taking refuge in there and I was a jet sent in by the government to blow the house up.
    It was fun.

  6. Steve:Evolution Of Garry's Mod(Video Gameplay)(PRODUCTION 🇺🇸)2000-2021!!!❤️♥️💘💝💖💗💓💞💕💌💟❣️🙂🙃😎🕶️👍🇬🇷📆📅🗓️🙂🙃😎🕶️👍🇬🇷❤️♥️💘💝💖💗💓💞💕💌💟❣️

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