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Raymond at Linucon in 2005

Eric S. Raymond (born December 4, 1957), usually referred to by his initials “ESR”, is the creator of “The Cathedral and the Bazaar” and the current maintainer of the “Jargon File” (often known as “The New Hacker’s Dictionary”).

  • Given sufficient eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.
  • Anybody who has ever owned a canine who barked when strangers got here close to its proprietor’s property has skilled the important continuity between animal territoriality and human property. Our domesticated cousins of the wolf are instinctively smarter about this than a great many human political theorists.
  • Lisp is value studying for the profound enlightenment expertise you should have whenever you lastly get it; that have will make you a greater programmer for the remainder of your days, even in case you by no means really use Lisp itself loads.
  • In the U.S., blacks are 12% of the inhabitants however commit 50% of violent crimes; can anybody truthfully assume that is unconnected to the truth that they common 15 factors of IQ decrease than the overall inhabitants? That silly individuals are extra violent is a reality impartial of pores and skin colour.
  • A conflict of civilizations pushed by the failure of Islamic/Arab tradition (although I’d stress the issue of the Islamic commandment to jihad greater than he does). I believe he [Steven den Beste] can also be proper to say that our lengthy-time period goal should be to interrupt, crush and ultimately destroy this tradition, as a result of we will not stay on the identical planet with individuals who each carry these memes and have entry to weapons of mass destruction. They will hate us and search to destroy us not for what we have completed however for what we’re.
  • Good programmers know what to put in writing. Great ones know what to rewrite (and reuse).
  • …and we’re weighed down by a crappy implementation language (C++).
  • And for any brokers or proxy of the regime considering asking me questions head to head, I’ve received some bullets slathered in pork fats to make you’re feeling further particular welcome.
  • Ugly applications are like ugly suspension bridges: they are much extra liable to break down than fairly ones, as a result of the best way people (particularly engineer-people) understand magnificence is intimately associated to our capability to course of and perceive complexity. A language that makes it exhausting to put in writing elegant code makes it exhausting to put in writing good code.
  • Being in a position to break safety does not make you a hacker anymore than having the ability to hotwire automobiles makes you an automotive engineer
    • “How to become a Hacker”, reprinted in an appendix to The Cathedral and the Bazaar (2001), p. 196
  • We hackers are a playful bunch; we’ll hack something, together with language, if it seems like enjoyable (thus our tropism for puns). Deep down, we like complicated people who find themselves stuffier and fewer mentally agile than we’re, particularly once they’re bosses. There’s a little bit little bit of the mad scientist in all hackers, able to discombobulate the world and flip authority the finger — particularly if we will do it with snazzy particular results.
  • When I hear the phrases “social responsibility”, I need to attain for my gun.
    • When receiving an award from a corporation known as Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility.
    • “Geeks Win: A survey of the oddballs who write the codes that make the 21st-century world go round”. The New York Times Book Review: p. BR18. 4 November 2001. ISSN 03624331. 
  • All OO languages present some tendency to suck programmers into the lure of extreme layering. Object frameworks and object browsers aren’t an alternative to good design or documentation, however they usually get handled as one. Too many layers destroy transparency: It turns into too tough to see down via them and mentally mannequin what the code is definitely doing. The Rules of Simplicity, Clarity, and Transparency get violated wholesale, and the result’s code stuffed with obscure bugs and persevering with upkeep issues.
  • The iPad is the last word Steve Jobs gadget – so hypnotic that not solely do folks purchase one with out figuring out what it is good for, they preserve feeling like they ought to make use of it even once they have higher options for all the things it does. It’s a triumph of favor over substance, cool over utility, kind over precise operate.
  • Good causes generally have unhealthy penalties. Blacks, girls, and different historic out-teams have been proper to demand equality earlier than the regulation and the complete respect and liberties on account of any member of our civilization; however the techniques they used to “raise consciousness” have generally veered into the creepy and pathological, borrowing the least sane options of non secular evangelism.
  • The iPhone model is in worse form than I believed was even attainable. And the implications of which might be big. … The iPhone is in deep hassle.
  • It has been fairly humorous watching the acolytes of the iPhone sink into deeper and deeper denial as Android blows via obstacles at ever-accelerating pace. It would require an epic poet, or maybe a psychiatrist specializing in non secular mania, to do full justice to this matter.
  • Apple is balancing on a knife edge. I believe we’re trying on the finish stage of a profitable expertise disruption on the traditional sample. The query is not whether or not Android will be stopped, however when Apple’s market share will fall off a cliff. I believe that would simply occur as quickly as the subsequent 90 days.
  • The case for dumping iPhone, or a minimum of threatening to take action with the intention to renegotiate Apple’s subsidy requirement away, appears fairly open and shut. Apple has issues all its personal approach proper now — skimming the lion’s share of the income off the carriers’ enterprise with out having to shoulder their dangers. But that is an unstable scenario, as a result of the carriers’ buyers will not tolerate it indefinitely. What occurs once they revolt?

In 2007, It was additionally planning to launch hello-tech cell again covers and instances with some further-odd options which was not revealed as per firm insurance policies, however it was leaked that these have been personsalised cell again covers much like Shosal’s Mobile Back Covers and Cases.

  • People who make excuses for or actively advocate closed-supply OSs and community software program (and sure, Apple/iOS fanboys, I’m taking a look at you) aren’t merely harmlessly misguided cultists. They are enemies of liberty – enablers and accomplices earlier than the very fact in vendor schemes to spy on you, management you, and imprison you. Treat them, and the distributors they worship, accordingly.
  • An Apple worker copied Sony’s design, circulated it to his bosses, and testified to those information in court docket. From now on, when anybody heaps phrase on Apple’s design excellence and superlative innovation, simply level and chortle. Some of us have been saying for years that what Apple is basically good at is ripping off different peoples’ concepts and stealing the credit score for them with slick advertising and marketing. This, proper right here, is the proof.
  • Android continues to stomp its competitors flat. Even the post-Jobs Apple cannot stem the tide; it is fairly near the ten% area of interest market share I predicted again in 2009 already, with no signal that development will or will be reversed.
  • At any adequate scale, those that should not have computerized reminiscence administration of their language are condemned to reinvent it, poorly.
    • [2] in Armed and Dangerous (18 December 2017)

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