Wed. Dec 1st, 2021
EP: 124 - Top 15 Android Root Mods/Tweaks! 15 Reasons to Root Your Device!

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49 thoughts on “EP: 124 – Top 15 Android Root Mods/Tweaks! 15 Reasons to Root Your Device!”
  1. I rooted my phone using king root. but the last time I shut my fone off is messed up. If i use these mods and reboot my phone will it mess up again ?

  2. CM Security sent alot of ads, but MInMinGuard stop it. (I know cause MinMinGuard told me by opening the app and CM Security ads blocked) More then 1000!

  3. Hey viva la android did you ever get boot loop on your phone using xposed because when i downloaded it ( from official site ) it said it could cause soft brick or boot loop so i just wonderd if you had problems i got a s6 and if you other guys use it too then please tell me i just want to go sure on it

  4. Man….. You really made my day. I come from iPhone and I was so used to cydia and tweak it's been a year I'm on Android I just learn that there is the same available. Plus all the tweaks you mentioned I was looking for them. Thank you.
    Only concern now : is it all compatible with Android 5.1.1?

  5. Guys , i have a problem . My phone is rooted but when i try to download a tweak on xposed , my phone keeps crashing . Does anyone know how to fix that ?

  6. loads of these are really crap uses for a rooted device e.g. snap save. You could have found way better uses for a rooted device that would be decent reasons to root something

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